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Some people have been asking me why stickman V2a couldn't be downloaded anymore. It is because there is a new version around, and this site is no longer maintained. You can find my new site, and new rigs at


Finally done, after catching dust on my HDD for some time, I've had some time to finish the manual, and now there's a new kitty in town. Her name is Audine. Check her out in the download section, and/or check some images below:

More news, did a quick bugfix on the shoulders for all 3 character rigs, they now have the letter "a" after the version, and can be downloaded at the download section.

More news. made another "mwa, seen better" animation. But what the hell, I'll post it anyway:

News: Maju asked me to post his blog here, since he is also developing a funny character,which he will also release for people to use, I thought why the heck not. Find it here. I might end up animating it along with stickman just for the fun of it.

Welcome, this is my little googlepage area.

This is where I host my rigs, the documentation, and some other bits and pieces. funstuff...

NEW: I made another rig, called MTI_stickman. Image below, download at the download area.

Some fun images of the fella in some poses. Click for a larger version:

Some youtube links:

first one

second one

third one

And now, for something completely different:

Either way, since you're here, have a look around.

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