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Summer League

Tidewater Ultimate Summer League 2018

What you need to know:
The season will run on Mondays, from June 4 through August 13.
Games will start at 6pm and end at approximately 8:30pm.

Field location is TBD
We are a USA Ultimate sanctioned event. As such, players will need to complete all paperwork before they are allowed to play any scheduled games.

Bathroom facilities are available, next to the fields.

  • Create an account with USA Ultimate
    • Our league is registered with USA Ultimate, an account is free, and allows you to sign a waiver for insurance purposes for the league
    • Please visit USA Ultimate and select Member Account
    • Join USA Ultimate and follow the steps to create an account

  • Sign your Waiver
    • Once logged into your USA Ultimate account click on Medical Waiver
    • If you agree to the terms then click agree and submit your waiver
    • You are not required to pay for a membership to sign the waiver
    • If you cannot access USA Ultimate or are having troubles here are printable versions (Must bring with you on first day of play):

Registration for league is now closed.

If you still want to play Ultimate with us this summer you may participate by completing the steps above and coming out to fill in on teams.  There is a $5 fee associated with each day of ultimate as a fill.

For Non-USAU members, your event fee has been added to the payment options.  You do not need to send additional money to USA Ultimate.