00. Tidbits 4 Teachers

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This site contains a list of resources to help teachers include all children in a diverse classroom. The resource lists found within this site include information on IntelliTools Classroom Suite software by Cambium, Boardmaker software by Mayer Johnson, Power Point software by Microsoft, Hyperstudio by Roger Wagner, Apps for the iPad and more. Many of them are free.

This is intended to be a sharing site and is a never-ending effort, so check back from time to time to see what has been added and please share links to activities as you find them. I'll be happy to add them to the list for others to benefit from.
In order to save space, this site does not include the activity itself. Instead, it only includes a list of links and will be a great time saver for teachers.
This wiki was created by Dinell Stuckey. You are welcome to leave any questions or comments at the bottom of this page. If you see anthing that you think may be a mistake, please don't hesitate to point that out to me as well. (Sometimes I work in a sleep-deprived state. Need I say more?)
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