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Fifth grade practice in all academic areas. Click on what we are working!

5th grade math Practice!

Main math practice page

Obama's Longer School Year (CNN Article)

Writing Examples

Prepositional Phrase

Record what your read! (

Take 30 to 45 minutes to answer these 14 reading questions correctly.

This is the new Texas link. Please scroll down to get to the tests. Practice so you will do well on the California tests!

Illinois test practice

 Homophone test

Test Practice for grades 2 and up! Click on Math or Science. Click on your grade level and amount of questions! If you click on more options you can take tests from 2000 and on. Get 100%

From the Houghton Mifflin Mathematics Book! Pick your grade level for math test practice. When you finish lesson press the back arrow to get to the main page again to continue.

Do you need practice on anything in Language Arts? Here you have lessons and games on everything.

More games for Language! These will help with everything. Go to your grade level.

Do you need help on anything in math? Here you have games to get better. Click on the arrow for your grade.

Go to practice math from our math book. Click on your grade!

AAA math for all math skills! It even teaches you. Click on your grade level.

Practice Your Number Sense by Standard!

Dividing 2 digits numbers by 1 digit numbers: Step-by-Step Lesson

 Multiplying 2 Digit Numbers With Regrouping: Step-by Step Excercise

Virtual Manipulatives: Practice fractions and division

 Practice Area to see cubic units and also check to see what the perimeter is.

Math games sorted by skill. Try factors and Multiples!

Google Docs! Remember Montara 19 and our password!

Another Practice Page: with many links found by Mr. H.! It has practice links for all areas!

Our Health Book

Our Voice Threads!

Class Timer for fluency and multiplication (make sure to anwer 30 multiplication questions in one minute.)

Books On The Internet

Open Court Resources: Use powerpoints to see what we are learning!

Foss web

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