Propiedades COSTA RICA # dueños venden #

1 Finca : de 40.000m2 con Ojo de Agua Grande. Especial para vender terrenos, Hotel,Agricultura,etc
Descripción de todas las propiedades:
Calle Pavimentada, Teléfono,Internet Banda Ancha, Agua Municipal,Electricidad, todas las propiedades están frente al camino prinicipal que rodea al LAGO DE OROSI. A 5 minutos de Orosi, o 30 minutos de Cartago.




 No.1 40 000 m2
 big waterhole

Property Description:

Water Extraction Permit (15 years license extention)
(We actually have an Government License)

Farm No.1,No2 and No.3 (back-to-nature feel)

Main Road-Access:
paved road

Telephone Service (POTS, national and international calls)
BroadBand Internet Access
Mobile Phone Service

Competitive electricity rates (US$ / KW).
The industrial cost of electricity ranges ]
from $0.07 to $0.10 per Kwh


Valley Orosi
The most beatiful and peaceful place in Costa Rica
The location is fantastic:
near the Reventazon River and Cachi Lake,
with excellent mountain views all around and easy access.

5 minutes from the Cachi Lake (special to Fly Fishing,
Skurfing, Boating,Canoeing,JetSki,

1.5 hours from the Costa Rica´s Main International Airport

1 hour from the San José City
(capital and largest city of Costa Rica)

25 minutes from Cartago City
(colonial capital of Costa Rica)

3 hours from Atlantic Coast
(amazing beaches!!! -drive over the
beautiful landscapes-)

And the climate is PERFECT!!!, with a Spring-like climate
(you don't need heat or air-conditioning ...ever!).
59 to 85 degree Fahrenheit

Potencial Investment Opportunity :

The property has tremendous potential for a wide variety of activities, such as a hotel/resort, condos&apartaments, residential project or even for agricultural use.

The general Orosi Valley is a fantastic area that is rapidly growing in touristic!!!

More about Cachi Lake:
Located in the beautiful and gorgeous Orosi Valley is the
small quaint town of Cachi in Cartago province. This town
sits amid some of the most stunning regions in Costa Rica
with lush green coffee plantations that lie near magnificent
historic ruins that date back to the days when the Spaniards
first colonized the area. Found here are picturesque rivers
and waterfalls, hot springs, a nearly 100 year old sugar mill,
many a religious museum, a national park and the beautiful
Cachi Lake.