Prezi, the Zooming Presentation Editor

Room D4, 1:40-2:30

Prezi, the Zooming Presentation Editor

Michelle Weber
Jefferson, DBQ
Prezi lets you create presentations live and on the web.  Through this session you'll be introduced to using Prezi, a free online tool.
You will be given a brief introduction to the features of Prezi. Then you will be given time to explore the features of this tool by creating your own Prezi as well as the opportunity to collaborate on a group Prezi. If you have a laptop, you will want to bring it to this session. All areas.
Anyone with a education e-mail address receives free access to Prezi. :-)
You can create any prezi and allow up to 10 people to simultaneously edit. What an awesome classroom tool!
If you need assistance with Prezi, use the manual!

World Religions Islam (a sample Prezi I created for my 7th grade social studies class).

I had some problems embedding video from You Tube.  It worked great with my Mac at home, but when I went to school the videos would not play.  If you find that this is also happening to you, I suggest this resource. 

The attachment below is a handout that you can use to help build a Prezi.
Keystone AEA,
Jun 5, 2011, 2:18 PM