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The Works of Zhang Rinpoche


Tables of Contents to the Collected Works (Bka'-'bum), Partial Works (Bka' 'Thor-bu), and the Sealed Teachings (Bka'-rgya-ma) of Zhang G.yu-brag-pa Brtson-'grus-grags-pa (1123-1193)


Dan Martin, Jerusalem,

January 2012 version.




Important note!  This is a work in progress, released in its present form for purposes of promoting future research, and with the hope that some young person will undertake the efforts necessary to continue it.



Note on the most recent scholarship:


Four weighty studies of great importance connected to the life and heritage of Zhang Rin-po-che have appeared in approximately the first decade of the 21st century.  These works are listed here first of all for the sake of those to whom English or German language sources are more readily readible than those in Tibetan , and secondly just to emphasize their existence and availability, since little or no reference will be made to them in the remainder of this work.


1. Karl-Heinz Everding, Der Gung thang dkar chag: Die Geschichte des tibetischen Herrschergeschlechtes von Tshal Gung thang und der Tshal pa bKa' brgyud pa-Schule, VGH Wissenschaftsverlag (Bonn 2000).


2. Per K. Sørensen & Guntram Hazod, Rulers on the Celestial Plain: Ecclesiastic and Secular Hegemony in Medieval Tibet, a Study of Tshal Gung-thang, Verlag der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften (Vienna 2007), in 2 volumes.


3. Carl S. Yamamoto, Vision and Violence: Lama Zhang and the Dialectics of Political Authority and Religious Charisma in Twelfth-Century Central Tibet, doctoral dissertation, Department of Religious Studies, University of Virginia (May 2009).  This contains as its "Appendix 1," on pages 352-417, a detailed listing of content of the nine-volume edition of the Bka'-'bum as published in Kathmandu in 2004, which is why this edition, while it is now the most widely available complete collection, has not been cataloged here.


4. Gra-bzhi Mig-dmar-tshe-ring (b. 1983), Tshal Gung-thang Gtsug-lag-khang-gi Dkar-chag, Bod-ljongs Mi-dmangs Dpe-skrun-khang (Lhasa 2011), in 383 pages.  This is on the Tshal-pa Bka'-brgyud and more particularly on the Tshal-pa establishments near the Kyichu River, upstream from Lhasa, along with histories of the abbots and secular rulers.  Most pertinent to the present work is a listing of the contents of a 4-volume collected works of Zhang G.yu-brag-pa on pp. 347-355.  Of the four volumes, the first three are the Bka'-'bum, while the 4th is the Bka'-rgya-ma (containing 100 titles).


Table of Contents


Part 1: The Table of Contents to the Published Volume of the Partial Works (Bka' 'Thor-bu).

Part 2: The Fifth Dalai Lama's List of Contents of the Collected Works (Bka'-'bum) of Zhang Rin-po-che.

Part 3:  A Table of Contents to the Sealed Teachings (Bka'-rgya-ma).

Part 4:  A List of Works included in the Bka'-rgya-ma Collection according to the Record of Teachings Received of the Fifth Dalai Lama.

Part 5:  Catalog of Samdo Ms. A:  The Complete Six-volume Collected Works (Bka'-'bum) of Zhang Rinpoche found in Samdo Gonpa, Nepal.

Part 6:  The Partial Samdo Ms. B.

Part 7:  The Partial Samdo Ms. C

Part 8:  The Four-volume Collected Works (Bka'-'bum) from a Private Collection in Lhasa.

Part 9:  A Tables of Contents (dkar-chag) to a Four-Volume Bka'-'bum from Tibet Library, Lhasa.

Part 10:  A Tables of Contents (dkar-chag) to a Bka'-rgya-ma Collection from Tibet Library, Lhasa.

Part 11:  An Incomplete Set of the Collected Works from Dolpo.

Part 12:  Addendum (Individual Works included in Later Anthologies, in Tangut translation, and collections not available to me, or for some other reason not utilized).

Part 13:  A Bka'-rgya-ma manuscript from the collection of E.Gene Smith.

Part 14:  Modern Reprint of a 19th-Century Manuscript of the Four-Volume Bka'-'bum together with a One-Volume Bka'-rgya-ma.  UNFINISHED.

Part 15:  A List of Titles in a Four-Volume Set of the Bka'-'bum (including some Bka'-rgya-ma texts) found in the Record of Teachings Received (Thob-yig) of the First Zhabs-drung Gsung-sprul Phyogs-las-rnam-rgyal (1708-1736).




Sooner or later, every serious student of Tibetan religious, literary and political history will come to discover the importance of the works of Zhang G.yu-brag-pa Brtson-'grus-grags-pa (1123-1193).  Some of his works are remarkable for taking the ultimate vantage point of the Mahāmudrā teachings as their main focus.  His healthy or deplorable disdain for ritual and philological proprieties would provoke some controversy, visible in Sa-skya Paṇḍi-ta's more-or-less direct responses found in the Sdom Gsum Rab-dbye.  Literarily speaking, he sometimes experimented with some unorthodox forms of verse,[1] while his autobiographical writings seem to be important early exemplars for the genre, even if it would be necessary to wait another five hundred years to find autobiographies that reach his level of confessional candor and self-criticism.[2]  In terms of political history, Zhang Rin-po-che was also controversial for his political rule in Central Tibet with the attendant use of force during the last half of his life.  His writings are crucial for understanding the emergence and development of specific political institutions –– the patron-priest relationship, the position of the dpon-chen, recognized reincarnation –– and other aspects of sectarian-based polity, which we might otherwise simply assume to have originated under Mongol domination.  I am currently of the opinion that Zhang and his times hold the key for understanding why it was that polity in Tibet, all the way up until the 1950's, turned out to be predominantly sectarian-based, rather than royalist.  In brief, no matter what direction our researches might lead us (assuming that we do not focus narrowly on earlier periods), something is bound to crop up in the corpus of Zhang Rin-po-che's writings that will be of relevance.

There are two major hurdles that have prevented the works of Zhang Rin-po-che, available to the world at large since 1972, from being consulted.  Firstly, the reprint edition of the Partial Works, which is the only substantial part of his Collected Works (his Bka'-'bum) that had been published until quite recently, while legibly printed, is based on a manuscript riddled with orthographical peculiarities (for example, 'byal for mjal, 'to meet', and so forth) that make reading difficult, although experienced readers of Tibetan manuscripts may, with a little effort, find their way through them, since a certain degree of consistency is discernible in these eccentric spellings.  The second hurdle, and the one which we propose to overcome here, is the absence of any 'table of contents' to the volume of the Partial Works (Bka' 'Thor-bu).[3]  The 717 'sides' or 'columns' of the Partial Works contain only three title pages, while over a hundred and thirty 'titles' (many in fact untitled) are buried in the lines of the manuscript.  Many of these titles are supplied in such a way that it is difficult or impossible to determine whether a given title belongs to the text preceding or the text following it without a careful reading of the texts themselves (and in a few cases, the titles are simply misplaced). 

Users of the table of contents that follows will soon learn to appreciate, if they have not already, the value of data furnished in the Record of Received Teachings (Gsan-yig) of the Fifth Dalai Lama (DL).  This treasure trove of bibliographical information has not been consulted by scholars as often as it should be.  For His listing of the works of Zhang Rin-po-che, the Dalai Lama [DL 179] takes as His main source of reference a text entitled Bka'-'bum-gyi Dkar-chag Nor-bu'i 'Phreng-ba by Si-tu Dge-ba'i-blo-gros.[4]  Dge-ba'i-blo-gros is a monastic name for Tshal-pa Kun-dga'-rdo-rje (1309-1364), the celebrated author of the Red Annals.  It is also known that Kun-dga'-rdo-rje composed a biography of Zhang Rin-po-che, which is unfortunately no longer extant,[5] and a guide to the monastery founded by Zhang Rin-po-che at Tshal Gung-thang, also not available.[6]  Thanks to the Dalai Lama, however, we do possess an extensive list of the contents of his dkar-chag of Zhang Rin–po-che's writings.  Since Padma-dkar-po [PK] and Gter-bdag-gling-pa [TL] list only the contents of Zhang Rin-po-che's Bka'-rgya-ma, or 'Sealed Teachings',[7] in a relatively succinct manner, they were not of so much use for us.  The list of titles from the Fifth Dalai Lama's Record of Teachings Received will be given in Part Two, below, while his list of the Sealed Teachings appears in Part Four.  The spellings of titles supplied by the Dalai Lama are almost always to be preferred, while his occasional comments about individual texts, as well as the classifications of texts he supplies (on the basis of the just-mentioned dkar-chag by Tshal-pa Kun-dga'-rdo-rje), will prove invaluable for forming informed opinions about their provenance, authorship,[8] and so forth.  The Dalai Lama's list of contents of the Collected Works will be supplied in full in Part Two, below.

It will be noticed that the Dalai Lama's Gsan-yig often lists titles that are  formed from the first few syllables from the body of the text with an added suffix -ma.[9]  The Gsan-yig also frequently supplies the concluding words of the work (usually in a statement ending in the word mtha'-can), which is an additional help to us in ascertaining the work's identity.

It should be noted that our published volume of Zhang Rin-po-che's works is very rightly called a Bka' 'Thor-bu (Partial Works) even though the title page of the manuscript [p. 1] says it is a Bka'-'bum (Collected Works).  It in fact contains a great deal of the Bka'-'bum of Zhang Rin-po-che which, according to the added English preface (with reference to Materials for a History of Tibetan Literature, no. 13405), once filled four volumes.[10]  Thanks to the listing of the Dalai Lama, we may now say that our one-volume Bka' 'Thor-bu contains only about 132 titles among the approximately 344 which were once available to the Dalai Lama V.  It was only late in the year 1993 that the Nepal-German Manuscript Preservation Project (NGMPP) team was able to photocopy a complete (except for a very few missing pages) six-volume set at the Samdo Monastery in northern Nepal (see our catalog of the Samdo A version in Part Five).  At the same time, they were able to copy two partial sets of the collected works (Samdo B and Samdo C), and these are cataloged in Part Six and Part Seven.  In Tibet in the summer of 1996, I was able to obtain a photocopied version of a four-volume Bka'-'bum, which has been cataloged in Part Eight.  During the same visit to Tibet, I was able to photocopy in the Tibet Library in Lhasa dkar-chags of the Bka'-'bum, transcribed in Part Nine, and the Bka'-rgya-ma, transcribed in Part Ten.  Then, later in 1996, E. Gene Smith provided me with parts of a Bka'-'bum manuscript from Dolpo in photocopied form (the original had long since been inserted into a mchod-rten), and this quite incomplete manuscript is cataloged in Part 11.

Lastly, before beginning with a catalog of contents of the published Partial Works in Part One, followed by the Fifth Dalai Lama's listing of the contents of the Collected Works in Part Two, we would first like to present a chronological chart of some of Zhang Rin-po-che's works.  It is hoped that this will form the basis for a more complete chronological listing founded upon a close critical scrutiny of the texts themselves.  It is sometimes quite important to know the dates of the autobiographies and biographies, or to know whether a particular work was written before or after the beginnings of his political involvements. 

It might be possible to make judgements about the dates of some of the works on the basis of the names Zhang Rin-po-che used to sign them.  A few of his works are signed Bde-ba'i-rdo-rje.[11]  One of them (III.30) seems to have been composed in the early 1160's.  Therefore, the other two works which bear this name may also date from about the same time (I.1, an autobiographical verse work, mentions nothing later than the mid-1160's; III.109 contains nothing datable).  Throughout his life, Zhang Rin-po-che seems to have signed works with the name Sprang-ban Zhang (about 50 works so signed), or more rarely with an alternative form, Zhang-gi Sprang-ban.  This self-effacing self-designation might be translated 'Beggar-monk Zhang'.  However, later in his life he seems to have often preferred a fuller form of his name, usually including his clan name, Sna-nam, and/or his monastic name, Brtson-'grus-grags-pa (a name he received in 1148).  Thus, III.124 and III.27, both signed Shākya'i Dge-slong Brtson-'grus-grags-pa, were written in 1175; III.10 and III.123, signed Sna-nam Brtson-'grus-grags-pa, were written after 1175.  This suggests that other works signed with these or similar names (i.e., the biographical works III.6 and III.19-23) were probably composed in 1175 or later.  I do not believe that Zhang Rin-po-che ever, on his own account, referred to himself as Zhang Rin-po-che, and assume that in those few cases where the form does appear (II.4 & 7) it indicates the hand of an editor.  Nevertheless, Zhang Rin-po-che was the name he was well known by, if not during his lifetime, at least soon after his death.  (See Rgyal-blon-ma biography, p. 213.5).  Therefore, I have preferred to refer to him under this form, although some works call him Bla-ma Zhang.  As with the designation Zhang Rin-po-che, so also Zhang G.yu-brag-pa never occurs as a term of self-reference.  It seems that Zhang Rin-po-che founded G.yu-brag and stayed there several times during the period very roughly corresponding to 1165 (or 1167?) through 1172 A.D.  During this period, he first became famous, and so the name stayed with him in later life and in posterity, even though his founding of the monasteries at Tshal had much greater historical importance.


* * *


A chronological listing of some of Zhang Rin-po-che's works based on the Rgyal-blon-ma biography, and on colophon information:


His first recitation (age 4?), consisting of the words:

thugs-rje rgya-mtsho yon-tan kun-la khyab /

lha dang klu yang bden-pa'i bka' nyan-ste /

rang-gis sems-nyid sangs-rgyas yin shes-na /

dkon-mchog gsum ni gzhan-nas bkur mi dgos /  [218.4]

These words are found at the beginning of the text corresponding to Part One: Section I, no. 3, below.

Bdud-rtsi Bum-pa'i 'Phreng-ba, composed at Gong-dkar-mo in about 1152, following his meeting with 'Ol-ka-ba ('Ol-kha-ba).  [259.2]  His Lam Mchog Bdud-rtsi'i Chu-rgyun was composed in 1152 at G.yu-brag.

DL [186.2]: rang-gis rang la gdams-pa Bdud-rtsi Bum 'Phreng.

Rnal-'byor Lam-rim, composed at 'Be'-nag Brag for the sake of a Bla-ma Bsam-grub, before meeting Sgom-tshul (in 1155?).  [263.5]

DL [182.3] lists the title Rnal-'byor Lam-gyi Rim-pa, composed for a Bla-ma Bsam-grub.  It exists in the Bka'-'bum.

Preaches Grub-mtha' Chen-mo at Byan-'khar Rtse-mo subsequent to his meeting Sgom-tshul (in 1155?).  [278.3]

Not identified.  DL [191.4] mentions a work entitled Khrel Bgod Ring-mo composed at Byan-mkhar Mda' Mchog.   His work Ja-bsgom Byang-chub-snying-po'i Don-du Mdzad-pa'i Tshoms-kyi Rim-pa was composed at Byang-'khar-gyi brag-rtse.

Brdol-chos Chen-mo.  [278.5]

Not identified.

Lhan-cig Skyes-pa'i Don-gyi Stod-pa and Lam Mthar-thugs composed soon after meeting 'Bhe-ro (Vairocanavajra), and soon before the death of Ma-jo Dar-ma.  This was a few years before the death of Sgom-tshul (in 1167 or 1169?).  [284.7]

The first is probably identical to Part One: Section III, no. 30, below.  The second is his famous Zab Lam Mthar-thug, available in the Gdams-ngag Mdzod and Rtsib-ri Par-ma collections (translation published), as well as the Bka'-'bum.

Rnam-thar Lha-sa-ma, set in the year 1165.

See Part One: Section I, no. 10, below.

Bsam-yas Brag-sngon-ma, a collection of 15 songs, composed in a Bird year, or 1165.

See Part One: Section III, nos. 73-87, below.

The Sher-grub-ma autobiography told to Shes-rab-grub-pa at Khum-phug in Sgrags in a Dog year, or 1166.

See Part One: Section I, no. 2, below.

'Khor-ba 'Jug Log preached before 1167 or 1169.  [286.6]

Found in the Samdo A version.

Gces-pa Sdus-pa, and other works composed at G.yu-brag shortly before his founding of Mtshal in a Sheep year (1175).  [290.4]

DL [186.1]:  snying-gis snying la gtad-pa Gces-pa Bsdus-pa.

Rje la Bstod-pa, written in 1175.

See Part One: Section III, no. 27, below.

'Tshal-du Bkra-shis Rnam Gnyis, verses of auspiciousness on the occasion of the founding of Mtshal (1175).

See Part One: Section III, nos. 124-125, below.

Rnam-thar Bsam-yas-ma, set in the year 1177.

See Part One: Section I, no. 7, below.

Sa Log Gnam Log, a treatise composed in years following 1184.

See Part Five (the first text of volume 6).

Gleng-langs composed toward the end of his life (i.e, before 1193).  [298.1]

See Part One: Section I, no. 4, below.

Shog-dril Chen-mo, his 'last testament', composed near the end of his life (in or before 1193).

Part One: Section II, nos. 3-7, below.

Zhal-chems Brag-nag-ma, words spoken following his death (in 1193, apparently).

Part One: Section II, no. 21, below.

Rgyal-blon-ma, a biography of Zhang Rin-po-che apparently by a spiritual grandson named Rgya Lo (this seems a more authentic spelling than Rgyal-blon) some years after his death.

Part One: Section II, no. 19, below.







B:  beginning of the text (immediately following the title, if any).

C:  colophon (includes some information on the title and/or circumstances of writing).

DL: Dalai Lama V, Record of Teachings Received, the Gsan-yig of the Fifth Dalai Lama, Nechung & Lhakhar (Delhi 1970+), vol. 2, pp. 178-200.

E:  ending of the text (supplying no information on the title or the circumstances of writing, and so excluding the colophon section).  In most cases, the ending of the text is not supplied unless the colophon is absent.

<N>:  used to stand for an initial invocation using the Sanskritic form na-mo.

<P>:  stands for an initial invocation ending in the words phyag 'tshal-lo.

PK: Padma-dkar-po, 'Brug-chen, Collected Works (Gsung-'bum) of Kun-mkhyen Padma-dkar-po  (Darjeeling 1973-76), vol. 4, pp. 453-457.

T:  title (as given at the beginning of the text, if any).

TL: Gter-bdag-gling-pa, The Gsan-yig of Gter-bdag-gling-pa 'Gyur-med-rdo-rje (1646-1714), "reproduced from a manuscript preserved in the library of Dudjom Rimpoche,"  Sanje Dorje (N. Delhi 1974), pp. 592-594.

Part One:


The Table of Contents to the Published Volume of the Partial Works (Bka' 'Thor-bu).


Source:  Zhang G.yu-brag-pa Brtson-'grus-grags-pa, Writings (Bka' 'Thor-bu) of Zhang G.yu-brag-pa Brtson-'grus-grags-pa, "reproduced from a manuscript from the library of Burmiok Athing by Khams-sprul Don-brgyud-nyi-ma," Sungrab Nyamso Gyunpel Parkhang (Tashijong 1972).


I would suggest that this volume ought to be identified rather as the first volume of the 4-volume set listed in the Record of Teachings Received by the First Zhabs-drung Gsung-sprul in the early 18th century (see Part 15, below), since the texts and their order correspond exactly.  No other list or publication shares these same texts (2 or 3 of them being unique) or order.  It would seem safe to conclude that the ms. in the Burmiok Athing collection (in Sikkim) may have descended from the version received in Bhutan by the First Zhabs-drung Gsung-sprul (or less likely, it may be the very same text).  In any case, it is not properly a Gsung 'Thor-bu, but would better be described as vol. 1 of the complete Bka'-'bum.


Section I:  KA-PA.

Zhang Rin-po-che'i Bka'-'bum bzhugs.sho // [1].


1)  None [2.1].

B:  <N> dgos 'dod re-ba bskong mdzad-pa [2.1].

C:  Rnal-'byor-gyi Dbang-phyug Chen-po Bde-ba'i-rdo-rje la // 'Dod-chags-rdo-rje rnam-thar-gyi sgo-nas bstod-pa /  [8.2-3].

DL [180.1]: Rang Bstod Dgos 'Dod Re-skong-ma.    See Part 2: I.24.  See also Part 4: A) IV.17.

Note:   Brief biographical verses of praise to Zhang Rin-po-che.  The name of the author, 'Dod-chags-rdo-rje, is just a name of the subject (Bde-ba'i-rdo-rje being still another name; see Section 3: nos. 30 and 109, below).  Hence, this is actually an autobiographical "self-praise" (rang bstod).  For a different text with a similar title, see DL [196] and PK [455].  This work was the subject of a commentary by Si-tu Dge-ba'i-blo-gros, which has only become available at the end of the new Bka'-rgya-ma volume.


2)  Rnam-thar Shes-rab-grub-ma [9.3].

B:  <P>  ma nor bde-legs lam mchog des ston-pa'i // [8.4].

E:  'khri-ba btsan chos bya zhes / zhe-'dod thams-cade [thams-cad] spangs / [58.3].

C:  Sgrags-kyi Khum-phug Rdzong[s]-su Dge-slong Shes-rab-grub-pa'i ngo ma zlogs-nas smras-pa / phan sems kyi smras-pa yin [57.4-5].

E:  lus srog thed la gzhan / bya bral rgyab du skyur / 'khri ba btsan chos bya zhes / zhe 'dod thams-cade spangs [58.3].

DL [180.3]:  Dge-slong Shes-rab-grub-kyi ngor gsungs-pa'i rang-nyid-kyi rnam-thar Ma Nor Bde-legs-ma.  Included in the section entitled "gnyis-pa Mdzad-pa Rnam-thar Skor."  See Part 2: II.13.

See Brag-dgon Dkon-mchog-bstan-pa-rab-rgyas (1800/1-  ), Deb-ther Rgya-mtsho (=A-mdo Chos-'byung, =Yul Mdo-smad-kyi Ljongs-su Thub Bstan Rin-po-che Ji-ltar Dar-ba'i Tshul Gsal-bar Brjod-pa Deb-ther Rgya-mtsho), A-lag 'Jam-dbyangs (Delhi 1974), pt. 1, p. 28.4:  G.yu-brag-pa Zhang Brtson-'grus-grags-pa'i rang rnam Dge-slong Shes-rab-grub-pa'i ngor gnang-ba. 

Note:  This autobiography, called Shes-rab-grub-ma, Sher-grub-ma (after the name of the disciple who requested it), or Ma Nor Bde-legs-ma (after the first four syllables of the work), has much information about the early life of Zhang Rin-po-che, as well as his later visionary career.  Details on his political activities are unfortunately lacking, although there are some interesting insights into his personality offered here.  This is one of the the most substantive sourceworks for the life of Zhang Rin-po-che [but see the Rgyal-blon-ma: section II, no. 19 below].  We may be fairly certain of a date of 1166, since the Sha-mi biography (Section I: no. 4, below) says it was composed in a Dog year, and one of the songs composed at Brag-sngon (see Section III: no. 81, below) was completed at the request of Dge-slong Shes-rab-grub-pa shortly before Zhang went to Sgrags where the present work was composed.  Finally, this work does not report on any events after that date.


3)  Ma-jo Dar-ma la gsungs-pa / Byang-chub-sems Sgom-pa Don Drug-pa zhes bya-ba [58.4].

B:  Bcom-lan-'das [Bcom-ldan-'das] Dpal Kun-tu-bzang-po la phyag 'tshal-lo //  thugs-rje rgya-mtsho yon-tan kun la khyab // skyes-bu chen-po rang-rig bcing rtogs-pa-yi / skal-ldan-rnams-kyis blo la gro-bar gyis // lha dang klu yang bden-pa'i bka' nyan-ste // rang-gis sems-nyid sangs-rgyas yin shes na // dkon-mchog gsum ni gzhan-nas bkur mi dgos // [58.4-5].

E:  rnam-dag byang-chub-sems-kyi bsgom-pa yin // [58.5].

C:  Sems Sgom Byang-chub-sems Don-drug-ma zhes bya-ba ithi // [60.1].

Note: Not to be found in the Gsan-yig lists.  It may, in fact, be a Rnying-ma-pa text that somehow ended up here.  There is no indication that it is a work of Zhang Rin-po-che, and in fact its presence here interrupts the autobiographical continuity of the preceding and following texts.  However, according to the Rgyal-blon-ma [p. 218.4], the beginning words of this text are the beginning of Zhang Rin-po-che's first recitation, given at the age of 4. in the presence of Ma-jo Dar-ma.  This would explain why the text appears here.


4)  Dge-shes [Dge-bshes] Sha-mi la sogs-pa'i Ngor Gsungs-pa'i Rnam-thar [60.1-2].

B:  <N>  phyi-nas rtogs-pa rgyangs rgyangs-pa song-pa kha na 'dra-ba sha-stag byung / [60.2].

C:  Zhang-gi Sprang-ban-gyis rang-gi myong tshod rnams / bu-bas lhags-pa'i slob-ma'i don-du bkod / nyams-myong ngag-tu bton gsang-ba bsgrags srid na / bla-ma yi-dam dang / chos-skyong tshogs la mthol / 'di smras dge-ba des / 'di mthong skal-ldan-gyis ye-shes mthar-phyin-nas / gzhan don kun rdzogs shog / Sprang-ban Zhang-gi Gslengs [Gleng] Ring-mo zhes bya ba / Sgrags-kyi Khum-phug-rdzong-du gyi'i [khyi'i] lo la / Dge-slong Shes-rab-grub-pa'i ngo ma zlogs-nas / yi-ge sum-cha gnyis tsam bris / phyis-kyi glengs-la ngas lhag-ma-rnams Dbus S[k]yi-shod-kyi Mtshal Sgang-du / Dge-bshes 'Dul-ba-'dzin-pa Sha-mi-ba dang / Dge-shes [Dge-bshes] Gra-pa dang / Dge-shes [Dge-bshes] Rtsang-pa Jo-btsun sku-mched gnyis-kyi ngor bris-pa'o  / slob-ma snying dang 'dra-ba re re tsam men-pa su yang mi ston pa zhu'o // ithi // [73.5-74.4].

DL [184.4]:  Dge-bshes Sha-mi / Dge-bshes Gags-pa / Gtsang-pa Jo-btsun Mched la sogs-pas zhus-pa'i nyams-myong-gi Gleng-bslong Ring-mo.  See Part 2: V.27.

Note:  This autobiographical 'discourse' (gleng-slong) may be understood as a continuation (the 'final third') of the Sher-grub-ma autobiography.  It is almost exclusively devoted to the author's spiritual development and experiences.  According to the colophon, the Sher-grub-ma autobiography was written in a Dog (gyi, =khyi) year (most probably 1166), while the present work was written near the end of his life (according to the evidence of the Rgyal-blon-ma, p. 298.1.)


5)  Rnam-thar Mo-gdong-ma [74.4].

B:  Dpal Rdo-rje-rnal-'byor-ma la la phyag 'tshal lo // bzod par gsol lo /  'brug-gi lo'i dbyar zla ra-ba'i tshes brgyad-kyi nub-mo Bzang-yul Mon-pa-gdong-du / [74.4-5].

C:  'chad pa stag gis ri la sku gseng-pa'i nyid-par zhal-nas yod-do // chos bcwo-lnga'i nyin mong-ngo // bla-ma'i bka'-rgya yod-do // rdzogs-s.ho //  [82.5-6].

DL [194.2] brda don 'chang-ba Stag-gi ri la sku gsheng-ba'i nyin-par zhal-nas dpang-pa.  This text belongs to his section of the Bka'-rgya-ma entitled: gnyis-pa Mon-gdong-ma.

Note:  This visionary autobiography includes an accurate prediction of the circumstances of his death, on p. 77.  The events took place in a Dragon year (1172, 1184??).  This particular text combines two texts found in the Bka'-rgya-ma (Part 3, nos. 46 and 47).


6)  Zab Lam Chung-shos [82.6]: 

B:  <N> nga-rang la blo gtod nges-pa byung na / lam zab mo bla-ma'i lam 'di nyams-su blangs-par bya / [82.6-83.1].

E:  dngos-grub rnam gnyis tshe 'di la / the-tshom med-par nga'i bstan / gdam-ngag [gdams-ngag] gzhan yod-pa-rnams 'dir ma bris-so // [89.1].

DL [198.2]: Lam Zab Bla-ma Chos Thun Nyer-gcig-pa / ['di Mchal-sgang Chos-spyil-ma'i khrod na'ang yod /].  Found in the section entitled Gnyis-pa 'Bring-po Gtsang-ston Rnal-'byor-gyi lugs.  [The same title appears in DL 194.6].

Note:  This text belongs to the Mtshal Sgang Chos-spyil-ma section of the Bka'-rgya-ma, although the events seem to have taken place at Phyi-khungs (p. 83.5; i.e., Spyi-khungs).  This text is substantially the same (not identical) to the text in Part 3: 71, below.


7)  Rnam-thar Bsam-yas-ma [89.1].

B:  <P> byin-gyis brlabs-pa chen-po mdzad-du gsol // me pho bya'i lo la Bsam-yis [Bsam-yas] 'Ching-phur [Mchims-phur] / Dge-shes [Dge-bshes] Gshen-pa la Slob-dpon Rin-po-ches / 'Byal-du [mjal-du?] byon-pa'i dus-su / nye-gnas Lce-sgom Shes-rab-seng-ge dang / Sgom-pa Lo-sgom gnyis yod gsung /  [89.2-5].

C:  Grags-kyi Chos-phu'i Rgod-po'i Brag la / Lo-bsgom-gyis zhus-nas / Sgom-pa 'Dul-ba-'od-kyis yi-ger bkod-pa'o // 'di gzhan la bstan na / gzhan-dag ting-nge-'dzin mi skyes-pa'i rgyu 'gyur / 'di rang kho-na la rtsis byed-pa ma gtogs-pa / su la yang ma bstan-cig // nga'i rnam-thar bka'-rgyas btabs-pa-rnams / gzhan-du ma 'chugs-pa gal che'o / [94.1-3].

DL [196.5]:  Bka' Rang Babs ma 'phyugs-pa gal-che'o'i mtha'-can.  See Part 4: A) VI.1.

TL [592]: Rnam-thar Bsam-yas-ma.

PK [455]: Rnam-thar Bsam-yas-ma ri shwa ba bka' rang babs-so //

Note:  This work, which belongs to the Bka'-rgya-ma, is set in the year 1177, at Bsam-yas Monastery.  One Ro-sgom-pa Lo-sgom Nyi-ma-shes-rab is listed among Zhang Rin-po-che's disciples.


8)  Rnam-thar G.ya'-lung-ma [94.3].

B:  Zhang G.yu-brag-pa la phyag 'tshal-lo // Zhang Rin-po-ches G.ya'-lung 'Brong-bu'i rdza gseb-du nas bre drug-gi mdal [mandal] dang / bdud rtsi'i rilu [ril bu] dang / lag mchod la rten-nas [94.4-5].

C:  dus gzhan-du gsungs-pa ye mthos ban-dhe Gzhon-dpal-gyis gzim-chung dkon-gnyer-gyi ngag ma tshogs-par bris-pa yin-no // ithi //

DL [197]: Rdo la Zhabs-rjes Byung-ba'i Lo-rgyus.  In his section entitled: bdun-pa G.ya'-lung 'Bong-bu-ma.  Another version of the complete text may be found in Bka'-rgya-ma, vol. I, pp. 301-310 (cf. our Part 3: 18).


9)  Rnam-thar Spyi-khungs-ma [102.2]: 

B:  Rje-btsun Rin-po-che Yer-pa-pa'i Jo-mo'i Lam-'bras-kyi khrid lha gor-rar bzhugs-pa dang / lus la bzhugs-pa'i nyams-len mdzad-pa'i skabs-su / rlung sems dbu-mar 'dus-nas / rje-btsun-ma'i sku 'gying-bag-tu zhag gsum-du rde [rdo] cig-gi steng-du bzhugs / rdo de la zhabs-rjes cig yod gsumg [102.2-4].

E:  don la grub-thob yin-pas sus kyang 'gran-du med gsung skad / su ru mnan-pa'i rdo cig la'ang zhabs-rjes yod gsung //  [103.2-3].

Note:  Still another story of how he left footprints (zhabs-rjes) in a rock.  This belongs to the Bka'-rgya-ma, although it apparently was not included in the reprinted edition (Part 3, below), neither is it listed by DL (Part 4: A) IV, below).


10)  Rnam-thar Lha-sa-ma [103.3].

B:  <P> skye-ba med-pa'i chos-nyid de // dri-med dge-ba'i rten-'brel-gyis // chos-kyi mig 'byed sman-pa'i mchog / [103.3-4].

C:  Dpal Rgā Lo'i gsungs 'gros-kyi / rjes 'brang lung-ston gdam[s]-ngag ni / phyi ma'i dus-su 'ga' la phan srid mnyam [snyam?] / yi-ger bkod-pa mkha'[-']gro la bzod-par gsol-lo / byin-gyis brlobs / 'Dul-ba 'Od Spos-nas bris-pa yin / rang 'chi 'chi 'dra na dpe' 'di me sregs-cig / chos 'di la the-tshom ma za-cig / ngas khyed-rnams mi bslu-ba yin / ma-'ongs-pa'i 'gro-ba 'ga' la phan-par srid-pa'i mtha' ma bkag-pa yin-no // dge'o  // zhus dag  [118.6-119.4].

DL [197.3]: sbas-pa mig 'byed ngas khyed-rnams mi-bslu-ba yin-no'i mtha'-can / --  The work called Sbas-pa Mig 'Byed ("Opening Eyes [to the] Hidden"; but note that our text reads chos-kyi mig 'byed), ending with the words ngas khyed-rnams mi bslu-ba yin-no (I will not mislead you).  Included in his eighth section of the Bka'-rgya-ma, entitled "brgyad-pa Lha-sa-ma."  See Part 4: A) VIII.1.

Note:  The events related here took place in a Wood Bird year, or 1165 [p. 104.1].  Visionary experiences that occurred while worshipping the Jo-bo image at Lhasa.  The images there smile, speak, emit lights, and so forth.  This text could not be located in the reprint edition of the Bka'-rgya-ma, to which it nevertheless should belong.


Section II:  KHA-PA(?).


1)  Spyan-'dren Chen-mo Bzhugs-s.ho [121].

B:  <P> [small letters:] dkyil-'khor-gyi lha tshogs dang / mkha'-'gro-ma-rnams la phyag 'tshal-lo / bla-ma rje-btsun-pa spyen-dren [spyan-'dren] ni / mos gus drag-pos dung bskyed la / gdung-pa'i nga-ro dang bcas-pas 'di skad-do //  // [large letters:] hūṃ phyag-rgya-chen-po'i dang shed-nas // dus sum [gsum] bla-ma gshegs-su gsol // [122.1-3].

E:  [large letters:] ci dgar rol-cig rnal-'byor kun // [small letters:]  manghal [mandal] dang mchod-pa la sogs-pa 'bul-lo // [137.2].

DL [180.4]: Spyan-'dren Chen-po Phyag-rgya-chen-po-ma.  Included in his section entitled: gsum-pa Bslab-bya Lag-len-gyi Skor.  See Part Two: III.2.

Note:  Verses of invitation to bla-mas and deities, with ritual instructions.


2)  Lha-lung-ma [137.2].

B:  Zhang Rin-po-che la skyabs-su mchi'o // Lha-lung-gi Dgon-pa-ru bdag phyin tsa na // dang-po yang dgon cer-gyis mthong // [137.3].

E:  mi la gsang-ba gal che-bas gsangs-cig // sdig-pa sog-tu 'ong-ba yin-no / Lha-lung-gi Rnam-thar Jo-sras sdong 'bul-lo la sogs-pa bzhi tsam yod skad //

Note:  This work does not seem to be listed anywhere.  Lha-lung is the place where Zhang Rin-po-che met Sgom-tshul, and this meeting is the subject of this short text.  The story of his meeting with Sgom-tshul is also told in the Rgyal-blon-ma (Part 1: II.19, at page 271.1).


3)  Shog-dril Chen-mo bzhugs [139.1].

B:  <P> byin-gyis brlabs-pa chen-po mdzad-du gsol //  // ôm sva-sti / Bla-ma Zhang-gis chig-chod-du bka' stsal-pa // nga rgas tshe lhag-ma yud-tsam bu 'di la spyod yin / nga shi-ba'i ro dang khyad med / [139.2-4].

E:  ldom-bu-ba'i zan thas [thes?] la che chung ru bre phul re yan chad mkho' bar yod do //  ithi //  [162.5].

DL [187.6]: Shog-dril dang-po Zhang-gi Chig-chog-ma.  Contained in his seventh section, entitled: bdun-pa Gsung Sgus [Sgros?] Thor-bu'i Skor.  This is the first in a series of five 'scrolls' (shog-dril).  See Part 2: VII.1.  Others follow.

Note:  These are records of the words of Zhang.  The first scroll seems to be a deathbed testiment recorded by his disciples.  The first scroll contains his instructions on the disposition of his estates.  The second contains directives about a retreat he undertook late in his life.


4)  Gnyis-ma [162.5].

B:  ôm swa-sti / 'Tshal-gyi Chu 'di rgal-nas 'tshams rbad-kyi gcad / smra bcad khrigs-kyis byas / [162.6].

C:  Slob-dpon Zhang Rin-po-che'i Shog-dril Mchen-mo [Chen-mo] gsung byin-brlabs-can legs-so // [168.5-6].

DL [187.6]:  gnyis-pa Mtshal-gyi Chu 'di brgal-nas mtshams rbad-kyis bcad-pa.  See Part 2: VII.2.


5)  Gsum-pa [168.6].

B:  a ôm swa-sti / <P>  ngas skal-pa dpag-tu med-pa'i gong-rol-nas / [168.1-169.1].

E:  ngar phug-pa dbang-pa yin / bar der dam nyams-po-rnams-kyis bza' 'dod tshud-pa med-do //  // [174.3].

DL [188.1]:  gsum-pa bar der dam nyams-pa-rnams-kyis bza' 'dod tshud-pa med-pa.  See Part 2: VII.3.


6)  Shog-dril Bzhi-pa'o [174.3].

B:  phyogs bcu'i 'jig-rten-gyi khams na bzhugs-pa'i sangs-rgyas dang / byang-chub-sems-dpa' thams-cad la phyag 'tshal-lo // bcom-ldan-'das de-bzhin-gshegs-pa dgra-bcom-pa yang-dag-par rdzogs-pa'i sangs-rgyas Shākya-thub-pa / Sha-kya'i-seng-ge / Shag-kya'i-rgyal-po gtso-bo de la phyag 'tshal-lo // de-nyid-kyi sprul-pa phyogs bcu'i 'jig-rten-gyi khams namkha'i [nam-mkha'i] mtha' khyab-pa na bzhugs-pa'i khro-bo'i tshogs dang / [174.4-6].

E:  dam nyams 'di-rnams brlags-par bya'o // [181.4].

DL [188.1]:  bzhi-pa dam nyams 'di-rnams rlag-par byed-pa yin-no'i mtha'-can.  See Part 2: VII.4.


7)  Shog-dril Lnga-pa'o [181.4].

B:  ôm swa-sti / da-ltar nga'i skyabs 'og-tu tshud tshad / nga'i rgyal-khrims-kyi 'og-tu tshud tshad-kyi sems-can thams-cad nga chos-kyis dbyings-su / [181.5-6].

E:  'khor gsum-du rtogs-pa'i dgra ngas bcom-nas / thams-cad der sangs-rgyas-pa yin-no zhes Zhang Rin-po-ches gsungs / [182.2].

DL [188.1]:  According to this source, the present title should end with the words "gzims-chung-gi sgo'i ya them la bzhags-so."  See Part 2: VII.5.


8)  Bla-ma'i Lam-khyer Bdun las Dang-po'o [182.3].

B:  <N>  Rdo-rje-'chang dang mi gnyis-pa'i // Chos-rje Rin-po-che la mdud ['dud] //  [182.3].

E:  bstan-pa'i bdag-po bla ma zhugs / de ni gser-gyi lus spras lta / mdzes-ldan mchog-gi sdom-pa la [las?] / brten-nas dngos-grub tham-cad [thams-chad] 'thob / ces-pa'o / [187.4-5].

C:  Dus Thams-cad-du Bla-ma Bsam-pa'i Dum-bu'o // [187.5].

DL [181.3]: Lists the following 7 texts as belonging to the "Bla-ma'i Lam-khyer Bdun":

dang-po Rdor-'chang-ma (no. 8).  See Part 2: III.17.

gnyis-pa Dus Thams-cad-ma (no. 9).

gsum-pa Rnal-'byor-pa (no. 10 or 12?).

bzhi-pa Bla-ma Sangs-rgyas-ma (no. 11).

lnga-pa Dus Gsum Sangs-rgyas-ma.

drug-pa Mchog-gi Dngos-grub-ma (no. 13).

bdun-pa Gal-te Skyes-bu-ma (no. 14).


9)  Gnyis-pa [187.5].

B:  <N> dus tham-cad [thams-cad] bla-ma rang-gi spyi-bor bsam-pa ni / nyan-pa'i tshe na / 'Jam-dpal rnon-por bsgom-pas / [187.5-6].

E:  nges-pa'i don gang la yang thogs-pa med-par 'byung nges-so // [193.3].

C:  Bla-ma la Dus Nges-par Bsam-pa'i Dum-bu'o // [193.3].

DL:  See above.  See Part 2: III.18.


10)  Gsum-pa [193.3].

B:  <N> rnal-'byor bla-ma'i thugs-kyis bzhag sa'i gnad bstan-pa ni / sems rnam-par 'phro-ba'i dus na / [193.4].

E:  'di-dag-gi dus na man-dhal [mandal] phul-bas / byin-brlabs 'jug-pa'o //   [195.6].

C:  Bla-ma la Rten-pa'i Rnal-'byor-pa'i Sems-kyi Bzhag Thabs-kyi Dum-bu'o // [195.6-196.1]

DL:  See above.  See Part 2: III.19 (?).


11)  Bzhi-pa [196.1].

B:  bla-ma dang ni sangs-rgyas nyid / sngon 'gro gnad la mkhas-pa-yis / [196.1].

E:  (large letters:) bla-ma'i rigs ni dmigs-pas bston // [small letters:] zhes-pa'i sku'i dmigs-pa la brten-nas / [199.5].

C:  'Khor-ba'i Zhen-pa Zlog-pa'i Le'u 'o // [199.5-6].

DL:  See above.  See Part 2: III.20.


12)  Lnga-pa [199.5-6].

B:  ngo-bor gyur-pa'i bla-ma-rnams la phyag 'tshal-lo // rnal-'byor-pa-rnams-kyis bla-ma 'das-nas / gdung-rus-kyi phye-ma'i dkyil-du gser-gis yi-ge hūṃ dang bcas-pa mgul-lam spyi-bor cings-nas / [199.5-200.1].

E:  des na bla-ma drin chen nyid / lhag-pa'i bla-ma zhes bya'o / [small letters:] zhes gsung-pas na sku'i dmigs-pas / [201.6-202.1].

C:  Bla-ma'i Sku 'Bag la Brtan-pa'i [Brten-pa'i] Le'u 'o // [202.1].

DL:  See above.  This should be identical to Part 2: III.21 (?).

Note:  This text tells how sha-rī-ram may increase from relics of the bla-ma kept as an amulet around the neck or on the top of the head.  Quotes from a Rdo-rje Thugs Mchog 'Bar-ba'i Rgyud.


13)  T: 'Drug-pa [Drug-pa] [202.1].

B:  chog-gi [mchog-gi] dngos-grub bston-pa-nyid // rdo-rje-slob-dpon nyid la bstod // [202.1-2].

E:  gzhan-gyis bar ma chod-pa la nyi-ma bdun-nam / bcu-cig-gi bar-du byas na / bar-chod dngos-grub-tu 'gyur-ro // [203.1-2].

C:  Bar-chad Dngos-grub-tu 'Gyur-ba'i Le'u 'o // [203.2].

DL:  See above.  See Part 2: III.22.


14)  Bdun-pa [203.2].

B:  gal-te skyes-bu gang-zhig // rang-gi bla-ma thong-ba'i [mthong-ba'i] tshe / [203.2].

E:  de ni mi ldog chen-po'i sar / blo-ldan thabs la mkhas-pa zhes bya'o // rdo-rje-'chang chen rigs yin-no // zhes gsungs so // [204.4-5].

C:  Rkye [Rkyen] Ngan Grogs-su 'Char-ba'i Le'u-ste // [204.5].

DL:  See above.  See Part 2: III.23.


15)  Bya-mkhar Bhe-nag Brag-ma'o [204.5].

B:  <P> ê-ma ya-cha 'di-'dra-ma // Zhang-gis Sprang-ban rgad-mo shor // [204.6].

E:  thabs lam khyad-du gsad-par 'chi'o // [small letters] Sprang-ban Zhang-gi Khrel-rgod / Bya-mkhar 'dab-chog lhas-su rgad-pa'o //  ithi // [206.3].

DL [191.4]:  Lists the following three texts belonging to the 'Ben-nag Brag-ma (note the difference in spelling!):

dang-po Zhang-gi Sprang-ban.  See Part 2: VIII.104 (?).

gnyis-pa Kwa-ye Mi Sdod.

gsum-pa 'Ja'-tshon Nam-mkha'-ma (no. 17).

Of these three texts, the present work is evidently the second, while the first one follows.  The third is no. 17, below.


16)  None [206.3].

B:  <P> Zhang-gi Sprang-ban myon-pa 'di // rtogs-pa'i thogs-nas sna-tshogs smra // smras smras 'dra-bar smras-pa med // [206.3-4].

C:  snying-nas rang-du ri-khrod 'grim // sdem-por [ldem-por] smras-pa yin-ri-shi // ri-khrod nyams-myong-ma Sprang-bon Zhang-gis [small letters:] Bya-mkhar Bhe-nag-ma la'o // [209.2-3].

DL:  See above.  See Part 2: VIII.105 (?).


17)  None [209.3].

B: <P> 'ja'-tshon nam[-m]kha'i klong-du yal // [209.3-4].

C:  Sprang-ban Zhang-gis blo gtod yin // sangs-rgyas-kyi dgongs-pa thun-mongs-ma-yin-pa-pa'i glu // [small letters:] Sprang-ban Zhang-gis Bhe-nag Brag la 'o // [210.6-211.1]

DL:  See above.  See Part 2: VIII.106.


18)  Lam-'bras Dril-ba'i Nyams-len-ma [211.1].

B:  <P> bdag-gis rjes-su 'jug-pa-rnams // bdag-gi blo la shor-ba-rnams // [211.2].

C:  lam-gyi dus dang 'dras-bu ['bras-bu] gnyis-kar bde // gzhan-gyis mi 'thob bla-ma mnyes-par gyis // [small letters:] Lam-'bras Dril-ba Brtson-'grus-grags-pa'i nyams-so // [212.6-213.1].

DL [186.4]: Lam-'bras Dril-ba'i Nyams-len.  Included in his sixth section, entitled: "drug-pa Nges-don De-kho-na Gtso-bor Ston-pa'i Skor."  See Part 2: VI.17.

Note:  The text proper is prefaced [221.1-221.5] by a brief statement that is significant for telling us that Zhang Rin-po-che personally wrote things down (yi-ge bkod).


19)  Rnam-thar Rgyal-blon-ma [213.1].

B:  <N> zab-cing rgya chen dgos-'dod 'byung-pa'i gnas // rang gzhan don rdzogs khyod la gus btud de // [213.1-2].

E:  bde chen zag med longs-spyod bsam mi khyab // khyed-kyi yon-tan blo'i yul min-te / zla'ba 'dzub-kyi mtshon-pa ji-bzhin-du / rgya-mtsho'i nang na chu thig 'ga'-tsam bkod // de las byung-pa'i bsod-nams gang thob des / 'gro kun yid-kyi mun-pa dag gyur-nas / skyes chen khyed-kyi ji-bzhin bdud-rtsi'i ro // stabs-su longs-spyod 'gro don thar [mthar] phyin shog / [301.1-4].

Note:  This is a full-length biographical work with many parallels to the Sher-grub-ma (and this assists in some of the many difficult readings found in both!), but with more comprehensive coverage of Zhang Rin-po-che's life.  It does not seem to be listed among Zhang Rin-po-che's works, but rather must be a composition by one of his spiritual descendents.  Many episodes are 'autobiographical', however.  I can supply no definite explanation for the title, although it might be suggested that the author should be his disciple Tshal-dpon Sangs-rgyas-dngos-grub, whose ancestors in the Mgar clan served as royal ministers (rgyal blon).  More likely, this biography represents a collection made some years after Zhang Rin-po-che's death by Rgya Lo, whose name is found in the colophon to the text contained in Bka'-rgya-ma, vol. I, pp. 311-316.  See also Bka'-rgya-ma, vol. I, p. 182.3, where the Rgyal-blon-ma biography is referred to as Ston-pa Rgyal-lo-ma.


20)  T: Spyis-khung-gi [Spyi-khungs-kyi] Byin 'Beb Chen-mo [301.4].

B:  bla-ma yid-dam ye-shes-kyi mkha'-'gro-ma gsum la / gus-pas phyag 'tshal dang-bas skyabs-su mchi'o // bden-pa des kyang skyes 'gro ma-lus-pa'i sems la gnyis-med ye-shes 'char-du gsol // [301.4-5].

E:  yong bden-pa des skyes 'gro ma-lus-pa'i // sems la gnyis-med ye-shes 'char-du gsol //

TL [592]:  Perhaps to be identified with the "Byin-rlabs Dbab-pa" belonging to the Bka'-rgya-ma, section four entitled "Spyi-khung-ma."

DL [195.6]:  Evidently not to be identified with the "Spyi-khongs-ma'i Byin Dbab Rje-btsun-ma'i Gsang Sgrub" listed in his section four (i.e., Part 4: A -- IV) called "Spyi-khungs-ma.".


21)  Zhal-chems Brag-nag-ma  [302.5].

B:  Zhang-gi zhal-nas 'di skad gsung / kye-ma nga la 'chi-ba yod min-ste // nga ni chos-sku'i rnal-'byor-pa // [302.6].

E:  du-khrod [dur-khrod] chen-por dngos-grub mnyes // khyed bu-slob kun thugs la de-tsho zhog // ithi / [304.1].

DL [191.5] sku-gshegs rjes Dge-bshes Brag-nag-pa la gsungs-pa'i 'chi-med Chos-sku.  See Part 2: VIII.109.

Note:  These are words spoken after his death (post mortem, rather than posthumous), proclaiming his identity with the Three Bodies (Trikāya).


22)  Gsum Cig-tu Dril-ba'i Man-ngag 'o [304.1].

B:  dur-khrod chen-por dngos-grub mnyes // Dpal-ldan Rga Lo'i zhal na-re // shes-bya shes-pa'i chos-rnams kun // [304.1-2].

E:  Gsum Cig-tu Dril-ba'i Man-ngag rdzogs-s.ho // dge'-'o / bkra-shis / zhus-dag [305.3].

DL [186.5]:  Sgrub Brgyad Lam Mchog 'Phreng-ba Gsum Gcig-tu Dril-ba'i Gdams-ngag.  Included in the sixth section entitled, "Nges-don De-kho-na Gtso-bor Ston-pa'i Skor."  See Part 2: VI.25.

Note:  This work contains brief verse precepts of Rga Lo, Yer-pa-ba, and Zhang Rin-po-che, among others.



Section III)  GA [KGA] Bla-ma Zhang Rin-po-che'i Bka'-bum las / Dkar-rgyud Rnam-thar bzhugs [307].


1)  None.  [Biography of Vajradhāra and Tilopa.]

B:  bla-ma rje-btsun-pa-rnams la phyag 'tshal-lo // gang-gis drin-gyi bde-chen-nyid // skad-cig-nyid la 'char-ba gang // [308.1-2].

E:  Rdo-rje-'chang nyid-kyi sprul-par thag-chod-do // [312.4].

Note:  The contents of the biographical section of Zhang Rin-po-che's works included the following, according to DL [180.2]:

gnyis-pa mdzad-pa rnam-thar skor la /

Tai-lo (no. 1).  See Part 2: II.1.

Nā-ro (no. 2).

Mar-pa (no. 3).

Mi-la (no. 4).

Dwags-po Lha-rje (no. 5).

Dwags-po Sgom-pa-rnams-kyi rnam-thar rang-gi dran-pa slong-pa'i phyir phyogs tsam zhig dkod-pa (no. 6).

Dpal-chen Rgwa Lo'i Rnam-thar Byang-chub-sems 'Byongs-ma (no. 7).

Bla-ma Gshen-gyi Rnam-thar Kang Zhi Gnyi-ma-ma (missing).

Mal Yer-pa-ba'i Rnam-thar Bskal-pa Dpag-med-ma (no. 8).

Bai-ro'i Rnam-thar Bla-ma Rnal-'byor-pa (missing).

Brgyud-pa Sna-tshogs-kyi Rnam-thar Dpal-chen-ma (missing).

Bla-ma Sna-tshogs-kyi Rnam-thar Da-lta Rtsa-ba-ma (no. 9).


2)  None.  [Biography of Nāropa.]

B:  de'i sras-su gyur-pa ni / Dpal Nā-ro-pa yin-te / [312.4-5].

E:  phyi na kha-tram-kha [Kha-ṭwam-ga] dang thod-pa bsnams-nas byon-te / slong-pa'i spyod-pa la gshegs-pa'i lo-rgyus 'og-nas ston-to // [326.7].

DL:  See above.  See Part 2: II.2.


3)  None.  [Biography of Mar-pa.]

B:  de'i sras-su gyur-pa ni Rje Mar-pa Lo-tsha-ba yin / [326.7-327.1].

E:  'od-zer-du rgyangs-kyis gshegs-pa yin / [333.1].

DL:  See above.  See Part 2: II.3.


4)  None.  [Biography of Mi-la-ras-pa.]

B:  Mar Rngog gnyis-kyi sras //  // Rje-btsun Mi-la la / yul Gung-thang-gi Mi-la Thos-pa-dga' bya ba yin //  // yab sras gnyis la [las?] med-pa / [333.1-2].

E:  chos-nyid-kyis bden-pa gzigs-pa dang / sprul-pa'i gang-zag yin gsung-ngo // [343.2].

DL:  See above.  See Part 2: II.4.


5)  None.  [Biography of Sgam-po-pa.]

B:  de'i sras-su gyur-pa // bla-ma rin-po-che dge-ba'i-shes-gnyen [dge-ba'i-bshes-gnyen] bskal-pa mang-por sangs-rgyas mang-po'i spyan-sngar tshogs bsags-pa / [343.2-3].

E:  mdor na rtogs-pa dang / byin-brlabs skal-ba dang / ldan-pa thams-cad la / dgos shes-pa 'di cig spus chog-pa yin-no // [352.4-5].

DL:  See above.  See Part 2: II.5.

Note:  Dwags-po Lha-rje ('Doctor of Dwags-po') is another name for Sgam-po-pa.


6)  None.  [Biography of Sgom-tshul]

B:  de lta-bu'i bla-ma mi'i seng-ge sprul-pa'i sku bka'-drin-can de'i thugs-kyi sras-su gyur-pa ni //  // slob-dpon rin-po-che sku-mched lags bskal-pa mang-por tshogs bsags cing / [352.4-5].

E:  Slob-dpon Sgom-chung-gi mtshan ni / yul-gyi btag-pa'i mtshan ni Rong-chung zhes bya bsnyen-par rdzogs-pa'i mtshan ni / shakya'i dge-slong Shes-rab-byang-chub zhes bya'o // byin-brlab-kyi rgyud-pa 'di-nyid-kyi rnam-par thar-pa / dam-pa gong-ma gsung-ba'i phyogs zur / mtshon re tsam smos-pa shakya'i dge-slong Brtson-'grus-grags-pas / rang gis dran-pa slong-pa'i ched phyogs tsam bkod-pa // ithi // [360.1-3].

DL:  See above.  See Part 2: II.6.

Note:  The main part is a biography of Sgom-tshul, with a few lines on his younger brother Sgom-chung at p. 360.1-2.


7)  Dpal-gyi Rnam-thar [360.3].  [Biography of Dpal Rgwa Lo-tstshā-ba.]

B:  byang-chub-sems 'byongs bsnyan-pas 'dzam-gling khyab // dpal-ldan Rga Lo nyid-la phyag 'tshal-nas // ma-'ongs gdul-bya rjes-su dran-pa'i phyir // sgros-bskur dang bral rnam-thar zur tsam 'bris // Dpal-chen Rga Lo zhes bya-ba de // [360.4-5].

C:  blo zhan blo dman skal-ba zhan-pa-yis // rten yun thung-zhing yon-tan ma tshor-bar / rje la dad-rnams nges-shes bskyed-pa'i phyir // mthong thos 'ga' tsam bdag-gis bris-pa yin // de la dad-pa byung na rjes-yid-rang [rjes-su-yid-rangs] / gshe'-ba byung na gnongs-so bzod-par mdzod // dad la dge'-ba 'ga'-zhig gang byung-ba // de ni 'gro-rnams bla-ma'i rjes grub-shog // bdag dang mtha'-yas-pa'i sems-can thams-cad skyes-bu dam-pa khyed-kyis thugs-rjes 'dzin-par gyur-cig // [392.4-7].

DL:  See above.  See Part 2: II..7.


8)  Rje Yer-pa'i Rnam-thar [393.1].

B:  bskal-pa dpag-tu med-pa'i gong-rol-nas / [393.1].

E:  phyogs thams-cad-nas byin-brlabs byung / bka'-drin che / shin-tu yang bka-drin che / rgyun-chad med-par gsol-ba 'debs-so // byin-gyis rlobs-cig / byin-gyis rlobs-cig // Rje-btsun Ma-hā Yer-pa'i rnams-'thar [rnam-thar] zur tsam cig smos-pa'o //  // [426.3-4].

DL:  See above.  See Pt. 2, II.9.


9)  Bla-ma Sna-tshogs-kyis Mtho'-byang [Tho-byang] lagso [426.4].

B:  <P> da rtsa-ba'i bla-ma dran tshad-rnams gong-rims med-pa mtshan las smos-pa ni / bu bas lhags-pa'i slob-ma dga' ['ga'] phyir bris // [426.5-6].

C:  bla-ma rgyud-pa'i rim-pa'i mtshan-brjod / ithi // [444.5].  Added verses follow.

E:  Slob-dpon Ngag-gi-dbang-phyug grag-pa yang / bud-med reg-pa'i dug-gis zin la ltos // Zhang-gis Sprang-ban bdag-gis snying-gtam yin // tshul-khrims cang na ci bsam thams-cad 'grub // ithi //

DL:  See above.  See Part 2: II.13.


10)  Rtsa-ba'i Bla-ma Drug-gi Gsol-'deb[s] lags [445.2].

B:  <P> gsang-sngag[s] sdong-po sde-snod kun-gyi bdag [445.3].

C:  bla-ma bka'-drin-can-rnams gsol-ba btag-pa / shākya'i dge-slong Sna-nam Brtson-'grus-grags-pas / 'Tshal Rgang-gi Yang-dgon sar-ma'i nang-du bkod-pa'o / rdzogs-s.ho [447.1-2].

DL [179.4]:  Rtsa-ba'i Bla-ma Drug la Gsol-'debs Gsang-sngags-ma.  Included in his section one entitled Gsol-'debs Bstod-pa'i Skor.  See Part 2: I.9.

Note:  The six "Root Lamas" are listed in DL [192]: Slob-dpon Rngog, Khams-pa Rgwa Lo, Mal Yar-pa-pa [i.e, Yer-pa-ba], Bla-ma 'Ol-kha-pa, Bla-ma Bai-ro-ba [i.e., Bai-ro-tsa-na], Sgam-po Sgom-tshul. This must have been composed after 1175.


11)  Bsil-ba-'tshal-ma bzhugs [447.2].

B:  <P> ho Bsil-ba-tshal-gyi du[r]-khrod na / rje-btsun Dpal-chen Rga Lo bzhugs // [447.3-4].

C:  Sprang-ban Zhang-gis rtsa-ba dang bla-ma rgyud-pa dang bcas-pa-rnams la gsol-'debs bsdus-te btab-pa / Stod-lus [Stod-lung] 'Tshur-gyi Lha-lung-du bris / ithi // [450.7-451.1].

DL [179.5]:  yang Gsol-'debs Bsil-tshal-ma.  See Part 2: I.10.


12)  Dags-po Rgyud-pa'i Gsol-'deb[s] lags [451.2].

B:  <P> bde-ba chen-po'i ngang shes-nas // sku gsung mthar-phyin bcom-ldan-'das // [451.2-3].

C:  Sprang-ban Zhang-gis Bka'-rgyud la gsol-ba gtab-pa'o // ithi // [452.5].

DL [179.3]:  Bka'-brgyud la Gsol-ba Gdab-pa Bde-chen-ma.  See Part 2: I.3.


13)  Lhan-skyes Rgyud-pa'i Gsol-'debs lagso [452.5].

B:  na-mo 'Gyu-ru [Gu-ru] Ma-hā-ku-ra-sri-ye // thar-pa chen-po'i grong-khyer-nas / dpal-ldan rdo-rje-'dzin-pa bzhugs // [452.5-6].

E: mi shes mun-pa gsal-du gsol // Sprang-ban Zhang-gi gsol-ba btab-pa'i tshig // ithi // [453.4-5].

DL [179.4]:  Lhan-skyes Brgyud-'debs Ma-hā-ku-mā-ra.  See Part 2: I.5.

Note:  Prayer to lineage of Lhan-skyes teachings, received from Rga Lo.


14)  Sbyor-ba Drug Rgyud-pa'i Gsol-'debs lags [453.5].

B:  <P> ho ji-bzhin ye-shes gzugs mtshan mi mnga' yang // [453.5-6].

E:  Rdo-rje-'chang-nas rje-btsun khyed-kyi bar // chu-bo'i rgyun bzhin snyan-rgyud rgyud rgyun ma chad // shel 'phreng lta-bu dam-tshig nyams skyon med // bdag so skal-ldan-rnams la byin-gyis brlobs / ithi // [456.2-3].

DL [179.4]:  Sbyor Drug-gi Brgyud-'debs Ji-bzhin Ye-shes-ma.  See Part 2: I.6.

Note:  Kalacakra lineage prayer.  Zhang received this lineage from Rgwa Lo.


15)  Lam Gsums [Gsum] Rgyud-pa'i Gsol-'debs lagso [456.3].

B:  <P> chos-nyid don la chags-sdang mi mnga' yang // [456.3-4].

E:  gzhan don 'bad med lhun-grub gyur-bar shog // na-mo a-rya ghu-ru // ithi  [460.1].

DL [179.4]:  Lam Gsum Brgyud-'debs Chos-nyid Don-chags-ma.  See Part 2: I.7.

Note:  Prayer to Hevajra lineage, which Zhang received from Yer-pa-ba.


16)  Ra Lugs Rgyud-pa'i Gsol-'debs [460.2].

B:  gnas chos-kyis dbyings-kyi pho-brang de-ru // Rje Rdo-rje Phags-mo bdag gsol-ba cig 'debs-so // byin-gyis kyang rlobs dang // bdag Sprang-po'i mos-gus la rgyun-chad med // gnas mchog-tu gyur-pa'i Ur-rgyan [U-rgyan] de-ru // [460.2].

E:  bdag Sprang-po'i mos-gus la rgyun-chad med-do // ithi // [461.3].

DL [179.4]: Phag-mo Ra Lugs-kyi Brgyud-'debs Gnas-mchog-ma.  See Part 2: 1.8.

Note:  Vajravārāhī lineage prayer.  Zhang Rin-po-che received this lineage from Yer-pa-ba.


17)  Gsol-'debs Gra-thang-ma [461.3].

B:  <N> dmag-med [dpag-med] gong-nas 'gro-rnams ma-lus-pa // [461.4].

C:  chos-skor Gra-thang-gis [G]tsug-lag-khang-du // shakya'i dge-slong Btson-'grus-'bar-gyi [Brtson-'grus-'bar-gyi] don sbyar-ba'o // gnad-du skyol-pa'i rdo-rje'o // ithi // [462.4-5].

DL [179.3]: Shākya'i Dge-slong Brtson-'grus-'bar-gyi don-du mdzad-pa'i Gsol-'debs Chen-mo Gnad-du Skyol-ba'i Rdo-rje.  See Part 2: I.1.


18) Rgad-po Drug-gi Gsol-'debs [462.5].

B:  <P> byin-gyis brlabs-pa chen-po mdzad-du gsol-lo // lha dang bla-ma la gsol-ba 'debs-pa'i man-ngag ni // [462.5-6].

C:  yid-ches-shing gsol-ba rus-pa'i ting-nas btab-nas byin-brlabs mi 'jug mi srid-pa'i gsol-ba 'debs-kyis man-ngag rdzogs-s.ho // [468.7-469.1].

DL:  It seems quite likely that this text should be identified with Part 2: I.2.


19)  Dags-po la Bstod-pa [469.1].

B:  rtogs-ldan rin-po-che la phyag 'tshal skyabs-su mchis // sems-nyid ma [b]cos ngang-nas bzung 'dzin mtha' dang bral // [468.1-2].

C:  Bla-ma Dags-po-pa la Snang-nam [Sna-nam] Zhang-sgom Brtson-'grus-grags-pas rnams-thar-gyis sgo-nas bstod-pa rdzogs.sho // [473.7].

DL [179.5]: Dwags-po Sgom-pa la Bstod-pa Chos-kyi Mig-can-ma.  (?)  See Part 2: I.11.

Note:  Verses of praise cum biography of Sgom-tshul, his teacher.


20)  Dpal la Bstod-pa U-dum-'bar-ma lags.ho [474.1].

B:  Dpal Chen-po Rgwa Lo la phyag 'tshal-lo // e-ma-hô / 'di-ltar skyes-bu ya-mtshan-can // [474.1].

C:  Dpal Rga Lo la Sna-nam-gyis Bstod-pa / U-dum-'bar-pa ces bya'o // [476.6-7].

DL [179.5]: Dpal Rgwa Lo la Bstod-pa dang-po U-dum-wā-ca-ma.  See Part 2: I.12.

Note:  This and following five texts are praises and prayers for Rgwa Lo, his teacher.


21)  Dpal la Bstod-pa [476.7].

B:  Dpal Chen-po Rga Lo la phyag 'tshal-lo // rtse-ldan cig-por bzhugs la phyag 'tshal-lo // Dpal-chen Na-len-tra'i grong-khyer-du // [476.7-477.1].

C:  Dpal Chen-po Rgā Lo-la / Sna-nam Sgom-pa Zhang-gi bstod-pa'o // [478.7-479.1].

DL [179.5]:  gnyis-pa Brtse-ldan-ma.  See Part 2: I.13.


22)  Dpal-la Bstod-pa [479.1].

B:  Dpal Chen-po Rga Lo la phyag 'tshal-lo // rgyal-ba'i sras-po dpal-ldan rin-po-che //[479.1].

C:  Shakya'i Dge-slong Zhang-sgom Brtson-'grus-grags-pas bstod-pa'o // rdzogs-s.ho // [480.4].

DL [179.5]: gsum-pa Rgyal-sras-ma.  See Part 2: I.14.


23)  Dpal-la Bstod-pa [480.4].

B:  Dpal Chen-po Rga Lo-la phyag 'tshal-lo // pha cig grub-thob dpal-ldan Rga Lo la // bu ngan Brtson-'grus-grags-pa bdag-gi ni // [480.5].

E:  Gsna-nam [Sna-nam] Sgom-chen-gyis bstod-pa'o // [added verse:] rtse cig ting-'dzin ngang las rol phyir mngon-shes-ldan // rang-bzhin dmigs-med rtogs dka' thugs chud sku gsum bsnyes // bden gnyis dbyer-med spangs-pa'i dbu-mar bzhugs // thugs-rjes gzhan don rdzogs mdzad Rje-btsun Dpal la mdud ['dud] //  // [483.2-4].

DL [179.5]: bzhi-pa Pha Gcig Grub-thob-ma.  See Part 2: I.15.


24)  Dpal-gyi Mya-ngan-'das Chung lagso [483.4].

B:  Dpal-chen Rga Lo la phyag 'tshal-lo // kye-ma gang-zhig deng-sangs brtsod-pa'i mes // [483.4-5].

C:  Dpal Chen-po Rga Lo la Sprang-ban Zhang-gis smre-sngags gsol-pa'o // ithi // [486.2].

DL [179.6]:  de la [i.e., Rgwa Lo la] smreng gsol Kye-ma Sems-can-ma.  See Part 2: I.16.


25)  Dpal-gyi Yan-lag Bdun-pa lag [486.2].

B:  Dpal Chen-po Rgā Lo la phyag 'tshal-lo // sdom-pa gsum-gyi rab rgyan-pa // mdzad-pa'i 'phrin-las mthar-phyin-cing // [486.3].

C:  Dpal-chen Rga Lo'i yon-tan-gyi rjes-su 'brang-ste / Sprang-ban Zhang-gis smon-lam btab-pa'o //  // [488.5-6].

DL [179.7]:  de la [i.e., Rgwa Lo la] Yan-lag Bdun-pa'i Sgo-nas Bstod-pa Sdom-gsum-ma.  See Part 2: I.17.


26)  Rje Dpal-la Rigs Gsum Mgon-po'i Sgo-nas Bstod-pa // [488.6].

B:  <P> skal-ldan-rnams la byin-gyis brlobs // [488.7].

E:  byin-gyis brlabs-par mdzad-du gsol // sngar yang bka'-drin me chung che // da rung byin-gyis brlabs-du gsol / ithi // [493.2-3].

DL [179.6]: Rje-par Rigs Gsum Mgon-po'i Sgo-nas Bstod-pa.  See Part 2: I.19.

Note:  This and following two texts are verses of praise to his teacher Yer-pa (Yer-pa-ba).


27)  Rje-la Bstod-pa [493.3].

B:  rnal-'byor-gyi dbang-phyug rin-po-che sku-mched la phyag 'tshalo // skal-pa dpag-tu med-pa'i gong-rol-nas // [493.3-4].

C:  Bla-ma Rje-btsun Yer-pa Sku-mched la // gdung-ba'i sems-kyis bstod-pa 'di // shakya'i dge-slong B[r]tson-'grus-grags-pas / shing mo lug-gi lo Rta-mo Ra-tshal Rgang-gis Dgon-pa smad 'brel-ba'i dus-su bkod-pa'o // ithi //

DL [180.1]: Rje-btsun Sku-mched la Bstod-pa Bskal-pa Dpag-med-ma.  See Part 2: I.21.

Note:  Written in a Wood Sheep year, i.e. 1175, date of founding of 'Tshal Monastery.


28)  None [495.1].

B:  sku la bde mchog rgyas-pas gzi-'dang-ldan // [495.1].

C:  Rje Rin-po-che la Zhang-gis bstod-pa'o // ithi // [495.4-5].

DL [180.1]: Rje la Bstod-pa Sku la Bde-chen-ma.  See Part 2: I.22.


29)  Nyid la Nyid-kyis Bstod-pa [495.5].

B:  <N> bsgrub la gtsor mdzad rje-[b]tsun Bya-mkhar-ba // [495.5].

C:  Nyid la Nyid-kyis Bstod  ithi // [496.6].

DL [180.1]: Grub-pa Gtsor-mdzad-ma.  See Part 2: I.25.

Note:  Verses of self-praise.


30)  Dpal-ldan Lhan-skyes la Gnas-lugs-kyis Bstod-pa [496.6].

B:  <P>  <P> <P> dngos-po kun-gyi rang-bzhin mchog // [496.7-497.1].

C:  Dpal-ldan Lhan-cig-skyes-pa la Gnas-lug[s]-kyi Sgo-nas Bstod-pa // lhan-cig-skyes-ba'i don nges-par mthong-pa'i rnal-'byor-gyi dbang-phyug Bde-ba'i-rdo-rje Bdud-'dul-ba'i Brag-rdzong rdo-rje rigs-kyi kha-dog-can-du mdzad-ba'i / tshigs-su bcad-pa bcu-drug-ste / smon-lam dang bcu-bdun bzhug-pa rdzogs-so //  // [499.3-5].

DL [180.1]: Dpal-ldan Lhan-cig-skyes-pa la Gnas-lugs-kyi Sgo-nas Bstod-pa Dngos-kun-ma.  See Part 2: I.23.

Note:  Based on information in the Rgyal-blon-ma, this must have been written in the early to mid-1160's.


31)  Nyams Rnal-'byor Rnam-pa Bzhi [499.5].

B:  <P>  rnal-'byor rnam-pa bzhi'i 'char lugs ni // shes-pa lhod-kyis glod-nas / [499.5-6].

C:  Rnal-'byor Rnams-pa Bzhi las rtse-cig-gi rnal-'byor mdo tsam zhig smos-pa / ithi // [505.4-5].

C:  Rnal-'byor Rnam-pa Bzhi las / spros-bral-gyi rnal-'byor mdo tsam smos-pa // [506.7].

C:  Rnal-'byor Rnam-pa Bzhi las / du-ma ro-cig-gis rnal-'byor mdo tsam zhig smos-pa / ithi // [507.5].

C:  Rnal-'byor Rnams-pa Bzhi'i las bsgom-du med-pa'i rnal-'byor mdo tsam smros pa / ithi // [508.2-3].

Note:  The title supplied here seems to be a section title covering our nos. 31-39.  DL [185.2] lists eight titles in this section on the Four Yogas.  The colophon to our no. 32 might be the colophon to this entire section.  The correct ordering of the texts is uncertain; and it seems that all the works mentioned by DL are included in this section, even if it was not always possible to draw a one-to-one correspondence.


32)  None [508.3].  [See colophon.]

B:  rtse-cig-gi dus nyid-du rnal-'byor rnam-pa bzhi tshang-du rung-ste / [508.3].

C:  Rnal-'byor Bzhi'i Sa-'tshams 'di / Khams-pa Ston-pa 'Go-ston-gyis zhus-nas / Sprang-bam Zhang-gis bsgom-pa'i nyams thog-nas phyed-pa / Skyi-shod-pa'i 'Tshal sgang-du dbu'-btsugs-nas / zhal-gyi re'u chung sdong-du / stag-gi lo'i ston zla 'bring-po'i tshes bzhi'i nyin-mo tshar-bar bkod-pa / bsre slad sus byas kyang mkha'-'gros mchad-pa chod //  // [510.2-4].

DL [185.2]:  Rnal-'byor Rnam-pa Bzhi'i Rnam-gzhag Khams-pa Mgon-ston-gyi don-du bsgrigs-pa.  See Part 2: V.38 (?).

Note:  Composed in a Tiger year.  A Khams-pa Mgon-ston is listed among his disciples.


33)  Rnal-'byor Rnams-pa Bzhi'i Dbye-ba [510.4].

B:  <P> byin-gyis brlabs-pa chen-po mdzad-du gsol-lo // sgom-bya dang sgom-byed gnyis dang bral / [510.5-6].

C:  Rnal-'byor Bzhi'i Dbyer-ba ithi // [514.1].

DL [185.2]:  de'i dbye-ba.  See Part 2: V.39.


34)  Rnal-'byor Bzhi Chung-ba [514.2].

B:  <P> sde-snod rgyud-sde thams-cad-kyis yang-snying / [514.2-3].

C:  Nyams Rnal-'byor Rnam-pa Bzhi-pa rdzogs-s.ho // [515.7].

DL [185.3]: de'i Ngo-sprod Chung-ba rnal-'byor rnams-pa bzhi rdzogs-so'i mtha' can.  See Part 2: V.42.


35)  Rnal-'byor Bzhi'i Dbye-ba [515.7].

B:  <N> shes-pa skol-du 'dod-pa dang mi 'dod-pa gnyis yod-de / [516.1].

E:  de'i lag na byang-chub 'dug / zhes-so / ithi // [517.3].

DL [185.2]:  de'i Nyams-kyi 'Char Tshong lag na byang-chub 'dug ces-so'i mtha'-can.  See Part 2: V.40.


36)  Gsang Sgros Dngos-po'i Gnas-lugs [517.3].

B:  <N> spyir dngos-po'i gnas-lug[s] zhes kyang bya / [517.4].

C:  Shākya'i seng-ge ri-khrod-pas / gzhan-gyis gsol-btab rjed byas 'di bris-pas / 'gro-ba-rnams la phan-thogs 'gyur-ba dang / bla-ma-rnams-kyi brjod-pa [bzod-pa?] mdzad-par zhu // ithi // [521.7-522.1].

DL [185.2]:  de'i gnas-lugs-pa las 'das-pas khyad de tsam-zhig yod-de'i mtha'-can. (?)  See Part 2: V.41 (?).


37)  Shor-sa Bzhi [522.1].

B:  <N> yang bla-ma cig-gi gdam[s]-ngag btab-nas bstom-pa'i dus-su / [522.1].

E:  gsum-pa ni dngul sku la sogs-pa dang 'dra'o // ithi // [526.4].

DL [185.2]:  Gshor Bzhi'i Ngos-'dzin de-ltar ma rtogs na gnyen-po 'chor-ba yin-no'i mtha'-can / de'i ngos-'dzin chung-ba ga bzhi ngo-sprod-pa rdzogs-so'i mtha'-can.  (?)  See Part 2: V.43 (?).  The ending of the present text appears to be that of Part 2: V.24:  dngul las sku la sogs pa byas pa dang 'dra'.


38)  Shor-sa Bzhi [526.4].

B:  <P> gnad-kyis gdam[s]-ngag 'di med-pa'i stong-pa-nyid ni shor-sa rnams-pa bzhi shor-ba-ste / [526.4-5].

C:  Shor-sa Bzhi-'i Ngo-sprod-pa rdzogs-s.ho // [528.3].

DL:  See preceding entry.  See Part 2: V.44 (?).


39)  Gol-sa Bzhi [528.4].

C:  Gol-sa Bzhi rdzogs-s.ho // [531.1].

DL [185.4]:  Gol-sa Bzhi'i Ngos-'dzin.  See Part 2: V.45.


40)  Gsang-sngags Lags-len [Lag-len] [531.1].

B:  <P> tshul-bzhin don bsgrub rje-btsun mchog-rnams dang / [531.1-2].

C:  snying-nas sgrub 'dod 'ga' la phan bdags phyir // rnal-'byor Zhang-ston bdag-gis gtan 'di bris // dge des gsang-sngags la mos bsgrubs-pa-rnams // bla-med lam-gyi bsgrub-pa mthar-phyin shog // gsang-sngags la zhugs-shing bsgrub-pa byed-par 'dod-pa-dag-gis lag-tu blangs-pa'i rims-pa Sprang-ban Zhang-gi Bstod-lungs [Stod-lung] 'Tshur-gyis Lha-lung Brag Ral-du bsdebs pa ithi // [558.4-6].

DL [189.2]:  The title Gsang-sngags Lag-len found in DL seems to refer not to this particular text (which is devoted to guidance in tantric ritual and visualization, making the title an apt one), but rather to the soon-to-follow collection of 20 (or 21) songs.  The present text corresponds instead to Part 2: III.13: gsang-sngags la zhugs-shing sgrub-pa byed-par 'dod-pa-dag-gis Lam-du Blang-ba'i Rim-pa.


41)  None [558.7].

B:  <N> e-ma-ho / Zhang-gis sprang bdag // rang-gis sems la tshur ltas-pa // [558.7].

C:  Sprang-ban Zhang-gi snying-gtam lags // cir snang thar lam grogs-su khyer // Sprang-ban Zhang-gis rangs sams-gtan [bsam-gtan] la dbab-pa //  [561.7-562.1].

DL [189]: ?  Probably identical to Part 2: VIII.33 (bco-brgyad-pa Dus-gsum Rgyal-ba'i Snying-gtam), which is song no. 18 in the series of songs immediately following.


42)  Gsang-sngags Lag-len-gyi 'Gur Nyi-shu / 'Khyam Dbyangs Ring-mo dang Rtsa-cig [562.1-2].

B:  <P> bu skal-ldan bdag la byin-gyis brlobs // khyed bsgrub-pa nyams-su len-pa kun // [562.2].

C:  Sprang-ban Zhang-gi nyams-myong gnad-du 'bebs-pa'i le'u / ithi // [564.1-2].

DL [189.2]:  dang-po Skal-ldan-ma.  First in the section there titled: Gsang-sngags Lag-len-gyi Mgur.  Others follow.  See Pt. 2, VIII.16.

Note:  The title given here tells us that there should be 20 songs in this anthology entitled Gsang-sngags Lag-len ('Tantric Practical Instructions'), together with the 'Khyams Dbyangs Ring-mo, making 21.  DL in fact lists 20 titles, but the final two seem to be missing in our collection.


43)  Brda' [B]rgyad-kyi 'Gur [564.2].

B:  <P> kye-ma rnal-'byor sgom-chen-rnams // mi lus rin-chen thob lags kyang // [564.2-3].

E:  bdag rang Zhang-gi Sprang-ban 'dis // mi chen-gyi ngo bsrungs byed byed-nas // chos brgyad-kyi 'dam-du tshud nyen gda'o // da rung ri-khrod-kyis dgon-pa snyogs // [565.2-3].

DL [189.2]:  gnyis-pa Skye-ba Rnal-'byor.  See Part 2: VIII.17.


44) Sprang-ban Zhang-gi Nyams-myong-gi Glu-chung // 'Od-gsal Cer Mthong-gi 'Gur [565.3].

B:  bdag-rang Sprang-ban Zhang-ston 'di [565.3].

C:  Sprang-ban Zhang-gis glu-chung [566.2].

DL [189.2]:  gsum-pa Bdag-rang Sprang-ban.  See Part 2: VIII.18.


45)  Mi 'Dra-ba Brgyad-kyi 'Gur [566.2].

B: <P> ri-khrod-kyi Sprang-ban Zhang-sgom bdag // [566.3].

C:  Sprang-ban Zhang-gis glu-chung / [576.3].

DL [189.2]:  bzhi-pa Ri-khrod-kyi Sprang-ban.  See Part 2: VIII.19.


46)  Snyed Lags-sam Bcu-cig-gis 'Gur [567.4].

B:  <P> kyai lags 'o-skol chos-byed-rnams // [567.4].

C:  ri-khrod dgon-par bzhugs lags-sam // Sprang-ban Zhang-gi glu-chung / ithi // [568.2].

DL [189.3]: lnga-pa Skye-lags-ma.  See Part 2: VIII.20.


47)  'Khyam Dbyangs-so [568.2].

B:  <P> zang-zing-gi lto gos ma rnyed-pas // Mdo-khams rgang-du khyam-du phyin // [568.3].

C:  Sprang-ban Zhang-gi glu-chung [569.6].

Note: According to the title of 42, above, this is the 21st of the 20-item anthology (see note to 42, above).  Verses of autobiographical content, on his meetings with his main teachers.  This seems, therefore, to be identical with Part 2: VIII.21, called 'How [I] Met with the Lamas' (drug-pa Bla-ma-rnams dang Mjal-tshul).


48)  'Jig-rten dang Btun-pa'i Gzhad-rgad-ma'o [569.6].

B:  <P> kho-bo Zhang-gi Spran-ban 'di // 'jig-rten dang btun-pa'i glu cig len // 'jig-rten-pa dang mi bstun-tu // [569.6-7].

C:  Sprang-ban Zhang-gi glu-chung / ithi // [570.7].

DL [189.3]:  bdun-pa 'Jig-rten dang Bstun-pa.  See Part 2: VIII.22.


49)  Dgongs Lags-sam Lnga [571.1].

B:  <P> lags-sam mched-grogs dam-pa kun // kho-bo Zhang-gis rnal-'byor-pa // [571.1-2].

C:  Sprang-ban Zhang-gis klu [glu] chung / ithi // [571.6].

DL [189.3]:  bcu-pa Mched-grogs Dam-pa.  See Part 2: VIII.25.


50)  Skal-ldan Drug-gi Dbyangs [571.6].

B:  <P> kho-bo Zhang-gis Sprang-ban 'di // gsang-sngags-kyi thabs-lam nyams-su blangs // [571.6-7].

C:  Sprang-ban Zhang-gi glu-chung // [572.7].

DL [189.3]:  bcu-gcig-pa Gsang-sngags Thabs-lam.  See Part 2: VIII.26.


51)  'Bros Glu [572.7].

B: <P> kye lags deng-sang brtsod-dus 'dir // [572.7].

C:  Sprang-ban Zhang-gi glu-chung // ithi // [573.5].

DL [189.3]: bcu-gnyis-pa Deng-sang Rtsod-dus.  See Part 2: VIII.27.


52)  Lta Bsgom Spyod-pa'i 'Gur [573.5].

B:  <P> Zhang-gi Sprang-ban rnal-'byor bdag // lta bsgom spyod-pa'i glu cig len // [573.6 & insertion].

C:  Sprang-ban Zhang-gis Lta Sgom-gyi glu-chung / // [574.6].

DL [189.4]: bcu-gsum-pa Lta Sgom Spyod-pa'i Glu.  See Part 2: VIII.28.


53)  None [574.7].

B:  <P> Zhang-gi rnal-'byor ban-chung bdag // skyo gsang-gi glu-chung bag re len // [574.7].

C:  Sprang-ban-gyi glu-chung // ithi / [575.7-576.1].

DL [189.4]:  bcu-bzhi-pa Skyo Sangs-kyi Glu.  See Part 2: VIII.29.


54)  Chag-bcad [Tshigs-bcad] 'Theng-po Phyed dang Bcu-gsum [576.1].

B:  <P>  mi lus thob / dbang-po tshang / na-so gzhon / chos dang phrad-pa 'di ngo-mtshar-re-che // [576.1-2].

C:  Sprang-ban Zhang-gi Tshigs-bcad 'Thed-pho Phye[d] dang Bcu-gsum-gyi glu-chung / ithi //

DL [189.4]:  bco-lnga-pa Tshigs-bcad 'Thang-po Phyed dang Bcu-gsum-gyi Glu.  See Part 2: VIII.30.

Note:  Written in a very interesting 'crippled verse' form.


55)  'Gyod Glu [576.7].

B:  <P> Sprang-ban Zhang-gis khrel gda'-ba'i glu-chung blangs-pa // dad-pa med / sdig la dga' / dmyal-bar skyues / 'chi-khar 'gyod-pa 'di gyod-re-che [ [577.1].

C:  Sprang-ban Zhang-gis Sems la 'Gyod-pa'i Glu-chung / ithi // [577.7].

DL [189.4]: bcu-drug-pa Sems la 'Gyod-pa'i Glu.  See Part 2: VIII.31.


56)  'Phangs-drug-ma'i 'Gur [578.1].

B:  <P> kho-bo Zhang-gis Sprang-ban 'di // rang-gi nyes skyon ma tshor-bas // [578.1].

C:  Sprang-ban Zhang-gi glu-chung // ithi // [579.1].

DL [189.3]:  brgyad-pa Rang Skyon Ma Tshor-ba.  See Part 2: VIII.23.


57)  Blo Bde Bcu-gnyis-kyi 'Gur [579.1].

B:  <P> bdag rang Zhang-gi Sprang-ban 'di // de[ng]-sangs-gi dus na blo-re-bde // [579.1-2].

C:  Sprang-ban Zhang-gi glu-chung / ithi // [579.7].

DL [189.3]:  dgu-pa Blo-bde-ma.  See Part 2: VIII.24.


58)  Chos-nyid Mnyam-pa'i Dbyangs Spro Lags-sam [579.7].

B:  <P> Spran-ban Zhang-gi Rnal-'byor-pa // chos-nyid dag-pa'i dbyangs cig len // [579.7-580.1].

C:  Sprang-ban Zhang-gi byang-chub dbyangs chung / tshig-rkang gsum-pa  ithi // [583.3-4].

DL [189.4]:  bcu-bdun-pa Chos-nyid Dag-pa'i Dbyangs.  See Part 2: VIII.32.

Note:  This brings to an end the available parts of the anthology entitled, Gsang-sngags Lag-len.


59)  None [583.4].

B:  <N> Gnas-nam [Sna-nam] Sprang-po Zhang-ston bdag-gis // nga-rang la tshad-mar 'dzin-cing gus-pa dang / [583.4].

C:  Sprang-ban Zhang-gi rtogs-pa'i glu-chung / ithi // [585.6].

DL [189.6]:  dang-po Lta Sgom Spyod 'Bras-kyi Glu.  See Part 2: VIII.44.

Note:  According to information from DL, this is the first of 14 songs composed at Gla-sgro Mon-gdong.  Others follow.


60)  None [585.6].

B:  <P> Sprang-ban-gyi snying-la byin-brlabs-zhugs // rtogs-pa'i glu-chung dag tu smras // mtha' dang pral [bral] rung ma bral rung // [585.6-586.1].

C:  Sprang-ban Zhang-gi rtog-pa'i glu-chung // ithi // [586.7].

DL [189.6]:  gnyis-pa Rtog-pa'i Glu.  See Part 2: VIII.45.


61)  None [586.7].

B:  <P> Sprang-ban gza'-gtad med-pa la // [586.7].

C:  Sprang-ban Zhang-gi sred gtam / ithi // [588.3].

DL [189.6]:  gsum-pa Srad-ma-can.  See Part 2: VIII.46.


62)  None [588.3].

B:  <P> kye-ma 'o 'o-skol chos-mdzad-rnams // Sprang-ban Zhang-gis 'di tsug-gi // lto zhags re chags kyang mi tshugs-par // [588.3-4].

C:  Sprang-ban Zhang-gi glengs langs / ithi // [589.3].

DL [189.6]:  bzhi-pa Gleng-bslang.  See Part 2: VIII.47.


63)  None [589.3].

B:  <P> rje rin-po-che 'di bka'-drin che // rje-btsun dam-pa'i byin-brlabs-kyis // lhan-gcig-skyes-pa'i rtogs-pa 'di // [589.3-4].

C:  Sprang-ban Zhang-gi rtogs-pa'i glu-chung // [592.1].

DL [189.6]:  lnga-pa Thal-ba'i Glu (so-called because many verses end with the verb thal).  See Part 2: VIII.48.


64)  None [592.1].

B:  <P> bdag rang Zhang-gi Sprang-ban 'di // sa gcig-du gdad [gtad?] dbang mi gda'-bas // [592.1-2].

C:  Sprang-ban Zhang-gi glu-chung // ithi [593.2].

DL [190.1]:  drug-pa 'Gro-ba'i Glu (so-called because many verses end with the verb 'gro).  See Part 2: VIII.49.


65)  None [593.2].

B:  <P> sems gnas-par 'dod / mi gnas-par 'dod / zhe-'dod-kyis mtshan-ma / rnams-rtog spang-par 'dod / [593.2-3].

C:  nam[-m]kha' lta-bu'o // Sprang-ban Zhang-gis brel-mo'i gtam // 595.1-2].

DL [190.1]:  bdun-pa Nam-mkha' Lta-bu.  See Part 2: VIII.50.


66)  None [595.2].

B:  <P> kye-ma-'o / snying dang 'dra-ba'i skal-ldan kun // Sprang-ban la smra rgyu 'di las med // [595.2-3].

C:  Sprang-ban Zhang-gis long gtam // ithi // [595.7-596.1].

DL [190.1]:  brgyad-pa Bya-ba la Tam-ba (i.e., Bya-ba Btang-ba, part of the refrain).  See Part 2: VIII.51.


67)  None [596.1].

B:  <P> nyi-shu-bdun-gyi dgongs-mo-nas // Sprang-ban Zhang-gis lta-ba med / [596.1].

C:  Sprang-ban Zhang-gi glu-chung / ithi // [596.5].

DL [190.1]:  dgu-pa 'Gyod-ri-shi-ba.  See Part 2: VIII.52.

Note: an extremely short 2-line text follows, saying, "Expounders for the most part, being skilled in words, do not know the meanings.  Practitioners for the most part, being skilled in meanings, do not know the words.  The rich kid is dumb, and does not know; one has never tasted sugarcane, and does not know." [596.5-6].  This has the same general subject as the following text.


68)  None [596.6].

B:  shes-rab rnam-pa gsum la bka' / bstan-chos [bstan-bcos] 'thong-pa dang / dge-ba'i-bshes-gnyen-gyis gsung la bstan-nas // [596.6-7].

C:  bu-ram zos-pas ro mngar-ba nyams-su myong-ba lta-bu'o // Sprang-ban Zhang-gi yig-chung kha-'thor-ba / ithi // [597.4-5].

DL [190.1]: bcu-pa Nyams-su Myong-ba.  See Part 2: VIII.53.


69)  None [597.5].

B:  <P> tha-mal dang lha sku khyed-med [khyad-med] kyang // bskyed-pa'i rim-pa bsgom-pa de // [597.5-6].

C:  Sprang-ban Zhang-gi snying-gtam yin / ithi // [598.4].

DL [190.1]:  bcu-gcig-pa Snying-gtam.  See Part 2: VIII.54.


70)  None [598.4].

B:  <P> nor phyug zhing dang nyo tshong sogs // [598.4-5].

C:  lhan-gcig skyes mchog thar-chen thob // Sprang-ban Zhang-gi mchid tshig / ithi // [599.3-4].

DL [190.1]  bcu-gnyis-pa Thar-chen Thob (named for the final words of the text).  See Part 2: VIII.55.


71)  None [599.4].

B:  <P> Zhang-gi Sprang-ban de-ring-nas // lta-ba phyal-te yul-du thal // [599.4-5].

C:  Sprang-ban Zhang-gis gang-byung rgyal / ithi // [600.1-2].

DL [191.1]:  bcu-gsum-pa Thal-chug-ma (from the refrain, thal-du chug).  See Part 2: VIII.56.


72)  None [600.2].

B:  na-mo ghu-ru bhe-brag la / rnal-'byor lam ring dang / phyag-rgya-chen-po 'tshang 'bru bcas-pa bkod / [600.2].

C:  Sprang-ban Zhang-gi kha-nas thon tshad Bral-dro'i Mon-pa-gdong-du bkod-pa / ithi // [600.7-601.1].

DL [191.1]:  bcu-bzhi-pa Bkod-pa'i Rnam-grangs.  See Part 2: VIII.57.

Note:  This text, which brings the anthology of songs from Gla-sgro Mon-gdong to an end, contains a list of some of Zhang Rin-po-che's works and the places where they were composed (bkod-pa).


73)  Bsam-yas Brag-sngon-ma Bcwo-lnga [601.1].

B:  <P> kye-ma snying-nas soms mdzod dang // [601.1-2].

C:  'Chi-bas 'Jigs-pa'i Gtam / Sprang-ban Zhang-gis Bsam-yas Phu'i Brag-sngon-du bkod-pa / ithi // [602.6-7].

DL [188.6-189.3]:  Bsam-yas Brag-sngon-du gsungs pa'i mgur

dang-po 'Chi-bas 'Jigs-pa'i Gtam (no. 73).  See Part 2: VIII.1.

gnyis-pa Skyo-shas Blo-rdeg (no. 74).

gsum-pa Pha-rol Phyin Drug (no. 75).

bzhi-pa Rtog-pa Ngos-'dzin-pa'i Zhi-gnas (no. 76).

lnga-pa Ma Mthong-ba'i Zhi-gnas (no. 77).

drug-pa Zhi-gnas Rgod-po (no. 78).

bdun-pa Zhi-gnas Bskyed-rim (no. 79).

brgyad-pa Zhi-gnas Dpes Mtshon (no. 80).

dgu-pa Zhi-gnas Sna-tshogs Ro-snyoms (no. 81).

bcu-pa Rtogs-pa Lam-khyer (no. 82).

bcu-gcig-pa Rtog-pa Gtan la Dbab-pa (no. 83).

bcu-gnyis-pa Byin-rlabs-kyi XXg (no. 84).

bcu-gsum-pa Zhi-gnas Chen-mo (no. 85).

bcu-bzhi-pa Snying-gtam Blo-rdeg (no. 86).

bco-lnga-pa Myong-grub-ma (no. 87).

Note:  This collection of 15 songs, all sung at Bsam-yas Brag-sngon, is complete, and in the same order as that given in DL.  Apparently these were all composed in or about 1165.


74)  None [602.7].

B:  <P> kye-ma 'khor che thog-med-nas // skyes-nas da-lta thugs-kyi bar // Zhang-gis Sprang-ban smyon-pa 'di // [602.7-603.2].

E:  stong-pa snying-rje'i thangs yangs la // rgyug-tu yod-pa a-re-brod [604.2-3].

C:  Skyo-shas Blo-rgyags-ma zhes bya-ba / Bsam-yas Phu'i Brag-sngon-du / Sprang-ban Zhang-gi blo la shar-nas bkod-pa'o // [604.3].

DL:  See above.  See Part 2: VIII.2.

Note:  Verses on his sufferings in prior rebirths.


75)  None [604.4].

B:  <P> Zhang-gi Sprang-ban smyon-pa 'dis // da-res kha-nas thon tshad gleng // [604.4].

C:  Pha-rol-phyin Drug Bla-ma dang Bdun // Sprang-ban Zhang-gis blo la shar-nas // Bsam-yas Phu'i Brag-sngon-du / bha [bya] lo wa zla'i tshes cig-gi nyin-par bkod-pa / ithi // [605.4-5].

DL:  See above.  See Part 2: VIII.3.

Note:  Like no. 85, below, this was composed in a Bird year, most likely 1165.  On the necessity of the six Perfections (Pāramitā).


76)  None [608.5].

B:  <P> Zhang-gi Sprang-ban smyon-pa la // brgyud-ldan bla-ma'i byin-brlabs zhugs // [605.5-6].

C:  Rtogs Ngos-'dzin-pa'i Zhi-gnas / Sprang-ban Zhang-gi blo la shar-nas // Bsam-yas Phur bkod-pa ithi // [607.1-2].

DL:  See above.  See Part 2: VIII.4.


77)  None [607.2].

B:  <P> Zhang-gis Sprang-ban snyon-pa [smyon-pa] 'dis / de-rings kha-nas thon tshad gleng // [607.2-3].

C:  Ma Mthong-pa'i Zhi-gnas Chen-po zhes bya-ba // Sprang-ban Zhang-gis blo la shar-nas-su // Bsam-yas Phu'i Brag-sngon-du bkod-pa / ithi // [608.3-4].

DL:  See above.  See Part 2: VIII.5.


78)  None [608.4].

B:  <P> Zhang-gis Sprang-ban smyon-pa 'di // kha-nas thon tshad snying 'dod // namkha' nam-mkha' namkha' yang // mi gnas mi gnas mi gnas pas // [608.4-6].

C:  Zhi-gnas Rgod-po zhes bya-ba / Sprang-ban Zhang-gis blo la shar-nas / Bsams-yas 'Chings-phug [Mchims-phu] Brag-sngon-du bkod-pa / ithi // [609.2-3].

DL:  See above.  See Part 2: VIII.6.


79)  None [609.3].

B:  <P> Zhang-gi Sprang-ban smyon-pa 'di // bla-ma sku [g]sum 'don ma myong // [609.3-4].

C:  Zhi-gnas [B]skyed-pa'i Rim-pa zhe[s] bya-ba // Dge-slong Shes-rab-grag[s]-pas zhus-nas // Bsam-yas Phu'i Brag-sngon-du bkod-pa / ithi // [610.6].

DL:  See above.  See Part 2: VIII.7.

Note:  An 'ultimate' viewpoint on Generation Stage practices.


80)  None [610.6].

B:  <P> namkha' [nam-mkha'] chen-po'i ting-nge-'dzin / mtha' dbus med-pa'i zhi-gnas mchog // [610.6-7].

C:  Zhi-gnas Dpes Mtshon zhes bya-ba // Bsam-yas Phu'i Brag-sngon-du / Sprang-ban Zhang-gi blo la shar-ba ithi // [611.6-7].

DL:  See above.  See Part 2: VIII.8.


81)  None [611.7].

B:  <P> rtogs-ldan-gyi bla-ma byin-brlabs-can // Sprang-ban Zhang-gis mnyes-par bgyis // [612.1].

C:  Bsam-yas Phu'i Brag-sngon-du // Dge-slong Shes-rab-grub-pas zhus / Sprang-ban Zhang-gis blo la shar-nas bkod // Zhi-gnas Ro-mnyam zhes bya-ba / Bsam-yas Phu'i Brag-sngon-du bkod-pa ithi // [613.1-2].

DL:  See above.  See Part 2: VIII.9.


82)  None [613.2].

B:  <P> dam-pa'i rje'i zhal-nas kyang // rnam-rtog bka'-drin che'o gsungs // [613.2-3].

C:  Rtog-pa Lam-khyer zhes bya-ba // bla-ma gong-ma'i gsung sgros // Sprang-ban Zhang-gi nyams-su bab-nas // Bsam-yas Phur bkod-pa / ithi // [617.4-5].

DL:  See above.  See Part 2: VIII.10.

Note:  On the positive usefulness of mental complexes.


83)  None [617.5].

B:  <P> rgyun-ldan [rgyud-ldan?] bla-ma byin-brlabs-can // nyin med mtshan med thams-cad-du // [617.5-6].

C:  Rtog-pa Gtan la Dbab-pa zhes bya-ba / Bsam-yas Phur bkod-pa / ithi // [619.2-3].

DL:  See above.  See Part 2: VIII.11.

Note:  Same subject as preceding. 


84)  None [619.3].

B:  <P> Zhang-gi Sprang-ban smyon-pa 'di // 'jig-rten 'di'i rnam-rtog dang // [619.3-4].

C:  Byin-brlabs-kyi Nya-ga zhes bya-ba / Bsam-yas Phur bkod-pa / ithi // [620.6].

DL:  See above.  See Part 2: VIII.12.


85)  None [620.7].

B:  <P> Zhang-gis Sprang-ban snyon-pa [smyon-pa] 'dis // mi tshe yud-tsam 'di-nyid la // [620.7].

C:  Sna-tshogs Zhi-gnas zhes bya-ba / Sprang-ban Zhang-gi blo la shar-nas // Bsam-yas Brag-sngon-du / bya'i lo wa'i tshes gnyis-kyi nyin-par bkod-pa'o / ithi // [623.5-6].

DL:  See above.  The words zhi-gnas chen-mo occur at p. 621.5 of Zhang's works.  See Part 2: VIII.13.

Note:  Composed in a Bird year (1165).  Contains an autobiographical sketch, notices of his legislation, and of the repairs to temples in Lhasa.


86)  None [623.6].

B:  <P> phyi tshis med-pa'i Sprang-ban Zhang / yo-byed [yo-byad?] spel-ba ltar snang yang // [623.6-7].

C:  Snying-gtam Blor Brteg zhes bya-ba // Sprang-ban Zhang-gis Bsam-yas Phur bkod-pa / ithi // 624.7-625.1].

DL:  See above.  See Part 2: VIII.14.

Note:  A plea to his disciples not to judge him by his outward actions.


87)  None [625.1].

B:  <P> Zhang-gis Sprang-ban snyon-pa [smyon-pa] 'di // rang-gis go chad khyed la bshad // phyad-de phyad-der ma btad-par // [625.1-2].

E:  je brod je brod myong-pas grub // Brtson-'grus-kyis Lcag Bran zhes bya-ba / Sprang-ban Zhang-gis Bsam-yas Phu'i Brag-sngon-du bkod-pa / ithi // [627.1-2].

DL:  See above.  See Part 2: VIII.15.  This text brings to an end the collection of songs sung at Bsam-yas [Mchims-]phu'i Brag-sngon (nos. 73-87).


88)  Cha'o-lung-pa Brgyad [627.2].

B:  <P> Oṃ Oṃ Oṃ bkra-shis legs // lta sgom spyod-pa'i dam-tshig mchog // [627.3].

C:  'Bru Drug Rdo-rje'i Glu-chung Sprang-ban Zhang-gi Cha-'o-lung-gi Dgon-par shar-ba'o // ithi [628.1-2].

DL [189.5]:  Phya'o-lung-du gsungs-pa brgyad-kyi

dang-po Snying-po 'Bru Drug (no. 88).  See Part 2: VIII.36.

gnyis-pa Rtogs-pa'i Nyams la Bstod-pa (no. 89).

gsum-pa Snying-po Don-gyi Glu (no. 90).

bzhi-pa Phyi Chas Gtor ba'i Glu (no. 91).

lnga-pa Ches-pa'i Mtshad (no. 92).

drug-pa Du-ma Ro-gcig-gi Rtogs-pa (no. 93).

bdun-pa Lhan-cig Skyes-pa'i Rtogs-pa (no. 94).

brgyad-pa Snyan-brgyud Mar-gyi Nying-khu (no. 95).


89)  None [628.2].

B:  <P> phyag 'tshal phyag 'tshal phyag 'tshal bstod // zhe 'dod med-pa'i Sprang-ban Zhang // [628.2-3].

C:  Sprang-ban Zhang-gis Rtogs-pa'i Nyams la Bstod-pa / Cha'o-lung-du'o / ithi // [628.6].

DL:  See above.  See Part 2: VIII.37.


90)  None [628.7].

B:  <P> bdag rang Zhang-gi Sprang-ban 'di // bla-ma rje'i byin-brlabs-kyis // [628.7].

C:  Snying-po Don-gyi Glu / Sprang-ban Zhang-gis Cha-'o-lung-du'o / ithi [631.2].

DL:  See above.  See Part 2: VIII.38.


91)  None [631.2].

B:  <P> Sprang-ban Zheng-gi [Zhang-gi] phyi tshigs med // [631.2-3].

C:  Sprang-ban Zhang-gis Phyi Tshigs Dor-ba'i Glu / Cha-'o-lung-du'o / ithi // [632.4].

DL:  See above.   See Part 2: VIII.39.


92)  None [632.5].

B:  <P> Sprang-ban Zhang-gis 'di-ltar ga (?) // lar chos-pa'i 'chang 'di cag cag-po // [632.5-6].

C:  Sprang-ban Zhang-gi 'tshang cig-po // Phya'o-lung-du bkod-pa ithi // [633.6].

DL:  See above.  See Part 2: VIII.40.


93)  None [633.6].

B:  <P> bdag rang Zhang-gi Sprang-ban 'dis // bsgrub-brgyud bla-ma mnyes bgyis pas // [633.6-7].

C:  Sprang-ban Zhang-gis rtogs-pa Phya'o-lung-du'o // ithi [635.6].

DL:  See above.  See Part 2: VIII.41.


94)  None [635.6].

B:  <P> bdag rang Zhang-gis Spang-ban la // snang-pa thams-cad rtog-par shar // [635.6-7].

C: Zhang-gis Sprang-ban lhan-cig skyes // lhan-cig skyes-pas lhan-cig skyes // Sprang-ban Zhang-gi Lhan-cig Skyes-pa'i Rtogs-pa / Phya'o-lung-du'o / ithi / [636.3-4].

DL:  See above.  See Part 2: VIII.42.


95)  None [636.4].

B:  <P> Zhang-gis Sprang-ban col chung-po // le-lo med-pa'i thun bzhi 'di // [636.4].

C:  Bsnyen-brgyud Mar-gyi Nying-khu 'di // tshig-gi lhad dang bsre phod-pa // Sprang-ban Zhang la ci ma byung // mgo rlung langs-pa tshor lags-sam // Sprang-ban Zhang-gi Phod-pa Ring-mo / Phya-'o-lung-du'o / ithi // [637.6-7].

DL:  See above.  See Part 2: VIII.43.

Note:  This brings the collection of songs from Cha'o-lung to an end.  Since Zhang Rin-po-che's residence at Cha'o-lung took place after his founding of Mtshal in 1175 [294.3], these songs must be dated later than 1175.


96)  'Brong-bur Cal-col Chung-pa [637.7].

B:  <P> bskal-pa grangs-med bsam-yas-su // lus ngag yid gsum ma dal-ba // [638.1].

E:  nga la sna glag myo ga (?) rings 'di // mkhas-su re-nas byas-pa min // rang-gis gshis dang brtun-nas smras // ithi [643.3].

DL [187.4]:  'Bong-bu Cal-col Chung-ba rang-gi gshis dang bstun-nas smras-pa.  See Part 2: VI.48.

Note:  The place of composition, 'Brong-bu, suggests a pre-1166 date for the composition.  There are some constructions and phrases in common with the Lam Mchog Mthar-thug, composed in about 1163.


97)  None [643.3].

B: Oṃ swa-sti / kun khyab chos-dbyings nam-mkha' la // [643.3-4].

E:  yig-chas ras yug cig las med // pha phad gnyis kyis snying-gtam yin / ithi [645.7].

DL [183.4]:  Stag-sgom la gsungs-pa'i Gnad-kyi Man-ngag Pha-sbad Snying-gtam-ma.  See Part 2: V.8.


98)  Gnad-bgyi [Gnad-kyi] Gdam-ngag [Gdams-ngag] Rje-btsun Sku-mched la gsung-pa / las dang-po'o [645.7-646.1].

B:  <P> Snying-nas rdzogs-pa'i sangs-rgyas thob-par mdod ['dod] na // snying-rje bcos-ma ma yin-pa skye dgos // [640.1-2].

C:  Gtsang-gis La-stod Stag-ris-su / Ston-pa Sku-mched rnam gnyis-kyis / pha-rgan don-du bskul gyur-pas / gnad mchog bris-te bskur-ba yin / Gnad-gyi Man-ngag Bzang-yul Yor-sna 'khrungs-pa'i ['khrugs-pa'i] dus-su bkod-pa / ithi [650.6-651.1].

DL [183.5]:  Gtsang-pa Jo-btsun Mched la gsungs-pa'i Man-ngag Dang-po Bzang-yul Yar-snar 'khrug-pa'i dus-su bkod-pa.  See Part 2: V.9.

Note:  This work was requested by Gtsang-pa Jo-btsun mched ('two brothers from Gtsang'), who also requested Section I, no. 4, above.  This suggests a rather late date for this work.  Has some reference to battles.


99)  Gnad-kyi Man-ngag Gnyis-pa'o [651.1].

B:  Bka'-drin-can la skyabs-su mchi // rdzogs sangs-rgyas-kyi lam-gyi rkang // [651.1-2].

C:  Gtsang-gi La-stod Stag-ris-su // Ston-pa Sku-mched rnam gnyis-kyis // yab-rgan don-du bskul gyur-pas // gnad mchog bris-te bskur-ba yin // Gnad-kyi Man-ngag / Bzang-yul Yar-snar 'khrug-pa'i dus-su bkod-pa'o // ithi  [654.1-3].

DL [183.5]: yang dus der gsungs-pa'i Gnad-kyi Man-ngag Gnyis-pa.  See Part 2: V.10.


100)  Mal Dbu'-dkar la Gdams-pa [654.3].

B:  <N> Bka'-gdam[s]-kyi bdag-med gnyis la sogs-pa thams-cad kyang ma grub ang snyam-pa la sogs-pa don spyi la mos-pa yul-du byed-par gda' / [654.3-4].

E:  gnas-pa med-pa'i rtogs-pa gsha'-ma ma lags / ithi // [659.6].

DL [184.5]:  Mal Dbu-dkar-ba la gsungs-pa'i man-ngag dang po Bka'-gdams-kyi Bdag-med-pa.  See Part 2: V.29.


101)  Phyag-khrig-mchog-ma [659.6].

B:  <N> dur-khrod 'dre-can-gyi man-ngag de / Bla-ma Na-ro-pa'i lags / [659.6].

E:  snying-nas 'gel-bar zhu'o // thugs bsres-pa lags-so // ithi [660.7-661.1].

DL [184.5]:  gnyis-pa Dur-khrod 'Dre-can.  See Part 2: V.30.

Note:  According to DL, Mal Dbu-dkar-ba should be the recipient of this work also.  Beware!  The title given above, Phyag-khrig-mchog-ma, in actual fact belongs to the following text, no. 102.


102)  None [661.1].

B:  skyes mchog du-mas rjes-su bzung gyur yang // thogs med dus-nas rang-gi rang bsal-pa'i // [661.1].

C:  Bla-ma Zhang la Breng-'da' Phyag-khrid-mchog-gis / chos-skor Gra-thang-du shin-tu gnyan chos-kyi sgo-nas bstod-pa / Gshis-ngan Rod-ngan-ma zhes bya-ba / rdzogs-so [665.2-3].

DL [190.3]:  Breng-mda'i Phyag Khri-mchog-gis Chos-skor Gra-tshang-du shin-tu brnyas-bcos-kyi sgo-nas bstod-pa ('di dkar-chag na mi snang-zhing gsung min-kyang lung mdzad srol 'dug).  See Part 2: VIII.66.

Note:  The entry in DL says in smaller letters: "Even though, not being in the dkar-chag, this is not the words [of Zhang], there is [yet] the tradition of giving textual authorizations (lung)."  A Lho-brag-pa Phyag (=Chag) Khri-mchog is said to have been a disciple of Atiśa (see "Biographies of Eminent Gurus in the Transmission Lineages of the Teachings of the Graduated Path," being the text of: Byang-chub Lam-gyi Rim-pa'i Bla-ma Brgyud-pa'i Rnam-par Thar-pa Rgyal-mtshan Mdzes-pa'i Rgyan Mchog Phul-byung Nor-bu'i Phreng-ba, composed in 1787 by Tshe-mchog-gling Yongs-'dzin Ye-shes-rgyal-mtshan, and reproduced by Ngawang Gelek Demo [N. Delhi 1970], p. 367).  This person is evidently not the same as the author of this 'highly abusive' (shin-tu brnyas-bcos) work aimed at Zhang Rin-po-che, since there is an irresolvable chronological problem in finding them identical.  A Phyag Khri-mchog is listed among Zhang Rin-po-che's disciples (Tshal-pa Kun-dga'-rdo-rje, Deb-ther Dmar-po, Mi-rigs Dpe-skrun-khang [Peking 1981], p. 129).


103)  Dge-bshes Spo-'dul-ma  [665.3].

B:  Oṃ swasti / Slob-dpon-gyis Dge-bshes Spo-'dul Rin-chen-shes-rab la srings-pa // [665.3].

E:  pha phad gsha'-mar phrad-pa de lags-kyis // [666.5-6].

Note:  On the importance of compassion and guru devotion, and on the nature of the mind.  This text could not yet be identified with any title supplied in DL.


104)  Re-po-skyid-ma [666.6].

B:  [na-mo 'ghu-ru] Bla-ma Zhang-ston-gyis / Bla-ma Zhang-ston rang-nyid la shin-tu ngo-mtshar-ba'i sgo-nas bstod-pa [666.6].

C:  Ngan-lam Byang-byi'i yon-bdag Gu-rub Re-po-skyes-kyis // Bla-ma Zhang-ston la / khyod rang nyid-kyis khe[d] rang la bstod-pa cig zhu byas-pas // Bla-ma Zhang-ston nyid la rang nyid bsams-pas // shin-tu ngo-mtshar skyes-te bstod-pa mdzad-pa'o // 'di ni kun la spel-lo / nyon-cig ltos-cig / rang la rang-gi khrel gda'-ba Rje Rin-po-che Zhang la Gu-ru[b] Re-po-skyes-kyis zhus-pa / ithi [672.7-673.2].

DL [191.1]:  Gu-rub Re-ba-skyid-kyis zhus-pa'i Rang-gis Rang-khrel-ma.  See Part 2: VIII.85.

Note:  A lampooning 'self-praise', which might be read as a rather facetious reply to no. 102, above.


105)  Dar-gson-ma [673.2].

B:  <N> 'das dang ma-'ongs rtog-pa-yi / bar na da-lta skad-cig-ma / [673.2].

C:  Sprang-ban Zhang-gis Rar [Dar?] Phug-tu / gnas-brten [gnas-brtan] Dar-ma-bsod-nams la / bla-ma'i zhal lan btab-pa'i gdam[s]-pa / Rgya-grong-gi Dar-gsod-ma / ithi // [673.7-674.1].

DL [190.3]:  Bla-ma zhal-ta btab-pa'i gdams-pa Gya-grong-gi Dar-bsod-ma / ('di gnyis dkar-chag na me [mi] gsal).  See Part 2: VIII.67.

Note:  As it appears in DL, this text should immediately follow our text no. 102.  The note in smaller letters in DL says "Neither of these is clarified in the dkar-chag." (Referring to both our 102 and our 105.)  One Dar-bsod is listed among Zhang Rin-po-che's disciples.


106)  None [674.1].

B:  <P> phyag-rgya-chen-po lhun-gyis grub-pa'i ngang // [674.1].

C:  Sprang-ban Zhang-gi Tshig Chog Chen-mo 'di / Lha-sa Rgya-grong-gi gnas-brtan Dar-ma-bsod-nam[s] la Dar-phug-tu gsungs-pa'o // ithi [674.4-5].

DL [190.4]:  de la [i.e., to the same Dar-ma-bsod-nams] gsungs-pa'i Chig Chad Chen-mo. (Note the spelling differences!)  See Part 2: VIII.68.


107)  Chos Brgyad Spong-pa'i Yig-chung [674.5-6].

B:  nor-bu lta-bu'i rje-btsun-rnams la mdud ['dud] // mdo rgyud man-ngag bstan-chos kun shes kyang // [674.6].

C:  Chos Brgyad Spong-pa'i Yig-chung 'di // kun-gyis gzigs la nyams-su long / ithi [679.4].

DL [183.1]:  Chos Brgyad Spang-ba'i Yig-chung.  In the section entitled: bzhi-pa Theg-pa Che-chung-gi Grub-mtha'i Skor.  See Part 2: IV.19.


108)  Thang-dkar Rgod-po-ma [679.4].

B:  <N> ri-khrod dgon-par 'grim tsa na // Thang-dkar Rgod-po'i nyams cig shar // [679.4-5].

C:  blo bde bzhi dang skyid-pa bdun // sprang-po'i blo la shar-nas blangs // Zhang G.yu-brag-pa'i skabs-su bab-pa'i tshig / ithi [680.4-5].

DL [190.5]:  Blo Bde Bzhi'am Skyid-pa Bdun-gyi Mgur.  See Part 2: VIII.78.


109)  Min Na-re'i Mgur [680.5].

B:  <P> Min re mi tshe zer // mi tshe la ga'i bya sgro 'dra // [680.5-6].

E:  Bde-ba-rdo-rje'i zhal-nas // nga'i dge-sbyor e na-re kun // 'di 'dra-ba las ma byung-ngo / ithi [681.3-4].

DL [190.6]:  mi brtag-pa bskul-ba'i glu Mi-tse-ma [Mi-tshe-ma].  See Part 2: VIII.79.

Note:  On the brevity and precariousness of human life.


110)  Rin-po-che Dbu-se la Gsung Mgur [681.4].

B:  <N> Bla-ma Rin-po-ches // Rin-po-che Dbu'-se dang 'byal-du [mjal-du] byon-pa'i tshe // [681.4-5].

E:  ces gsungs-pas / nged-cag de na 'dug-pa thams-cad la byin-brlabs khyad-par-can zhugs / ithi [682.5-6].

DL [190.5]:  Grub-thob Bu-se dang Mngal-ba'i Mgur.  See Part 2: VIII.76.

Note:  This is a song sung upon meeting Dbu-se (a name for the First Karma-pa, Dus-gsum-mkhyen-pa).


111)  Yon-tan-seng-ge'i Brang-khang-du gsungs-pa'i 'gur [682.6].

B:  Yon-tan-seng-ge'i Brang-khang-du // rtog-med spros-bral-gyi 'gur bzhes-pa // <N> bde-chen spros-bral zag-med 'du-ma-byas // [682.6-7].

E:  ces gsungs-pas ngo-mtshar skyes-so / ithi [683.6].

DL [190.5]:  Yon-tan-seng-ge'i Grang-khang-du rtog-med spros-bral-gyi rjes la mgur gsungs-pa Bde-chen Spros-bral.  See Part 2: VIII.77.

Note:  The ngeng-ge of the title has been emended to seng-ge.


112)  Dgon-gnas dang Khang-pa Bkra-shis-pa'i Man-ngag [683.6-7].

B:  chos-sku ye-shes-kyis rtsal dang ldan-pa'o / [683.7].

C:  dgon-gnas dang / khang-bzang la sogs-pa bkra-shis-par bya-ba'i man-ngag rdo-rje-hūṃ-mdzad la sogs-pa'i man-ngag rdzogs-s.ho // [685.6-7].

DL [181.6]:  Dgon-gnas Bkra-shis-par Byed-pa Chos-sku Ye-shes-ma.  Part 2: III.35.

Note:  Brief text for the blessing/consecration of monasteries and houses.


113)  Rdo-rje-gdan Grub-ma [685.7].

B:  ban nga chung nga rdo-rje-gdan grub yin // sems 'gyur med 'di phyag-rgya-chen-po yin // [685.7].

E:  lings-kyis bzhag-nas mi gtong ri ang / ithi [689.2].

DL [190.4]:  Rdo-rje-gdan Drug-ma.  See Part 2: VIII.70.

Note:  A mystical song in which the author is identified with several major places of pilgrimage: Bodhgāya, Wu-tai Shan, Swayambhu, 'Phrul-snang Temple of Lhasa, Bsam-yas.


114)  Rgyal-gyi Chos-brgyad-ma [689.2].

B:  <N> Sprang-ban Zhang-gi nyams dbyangs 'di // rgyal-gyi tshes brgyad tho-rangs blangs / [689.2-3].

E:  'bras-bu dri-ma'i gseb-du gtor-bar mchis 'o / ithi [689.7-690.1].

DL [190.6]: Lam-khyer-gyi Dbyangs-chung gnyis-kyi dang-p[o] Rgyal-gyi Chas Brgyad Tho-rangs Blangs-pa.  See Part 2: VIII.81.

Note:  The correct reading of the title should be Rgyal-gyi Tshes-brgyad-ma, "the eighth day of [the winter month] Rgyal."


115)  Lam-khyer Yig-chung [690.1].

B:  Sprang-ban blo'i rig-pa'i me-long lta // ye-shes-kyi gzugs bsnyan [brnyan] ma mthong na // [690.1-2].

E:  'di-ru bris-kyis (?) ga na lang // ithi [691.2-3].

DL [190.6]: gnyis-pa Rig-pa'i Me-long.  The second of the two "Lam-khyer-gyi Dbyangs-chung" (the first being the preceding no. 114).  See Part 2: VIII.82.


116)  Rang la Gros-'debs-ma [691.3].

B:  <P> rang la rang-gis gros cig 'debs // [691.3].

E:  grog 'debs 'tshang 'gru dang bcas-pa / ithi [692.5].

DL [191.1]:  Rang la Rang-gis Gros-'debs-pa.  See Part 2: VIII.85.

Note:  Verses of self criticism.


117)  Bshags-pa'i Mgur [692.6].

B:  <N> dus gsum bde-gshegs-rnams-kyi spyan lam-du // [692.6].

E:  thugs-rje'i spyad thag-chad-pa mthol-lo bshags / ithi / [693.4].

DL [191.1]:  Don Byed Bshags-pa. (?)  See Part 2: VIII.86.

Note:  A song of confession.


118)  Nyams-myong 'Gur Bzhengs-ma [693.5].

B:  rje-btsun bla-ma rin-po-che-rnams-kyis // rtogs-pa nyams-myong 'gur-du bzhes-pa // bsam mi khyab-pa'i ye-shes la [693.5-6].

E:  mkha'-'gro'i bka'-chad byung-bar mchi'o [694.3].

Note:  This text could not be matched, so far, with any title in DL.


119)  Ram-mda'-ma [694.3].

B:  bdag dang Zhang-gis Sprang-rgan 'dis // dal-'byor gru 'di snyed rnyed-nas // [694.3-4].

E:  rnal-'byor-gyi shes-pa gar bder shog / ithi [696.1].

DL [191.1]:  Ra-mda'-ma.  See Part 2: VIII.87.


120)  Khyi Khyi-gu'i Lo zhes bya-ba'i 'Gyur [Mgur?] [696.1].

B:  <P> khyi khyi-gu'i lo la ma thul-ba // shing thag-gis stod la ma non-pa // [696.2].

E:  grub-thob cig yod-pa mis ma 'tshor / ithi [696.7].

DL [191.1]: Zhal-pho Khyi-dgu-ma.  See Part 2: VIII.88.

Note:  A song expressing the author's own irrepressible and untamable nature.


121)  Gnad-kyi Man-ngag [696.7].

B:  <P> byin-gyis brlabs-pa chen-po mdzad-du gsol // yang-dag-par rdzogs-pa'i sangs-rgyas lags-pa'i thil-du gter bzhin / [696.7-697.1].

C:  byang-chub bsgrub-pa'i gnad-kyi man-ngag / ithi [703.4-5].

Note:  The subject is the crucial importance of the Lama and the Lama's blessings.  This text could not yet be identified with any title in DL.


122)  Man-ngag Thun-mong-ma-yin-pa'o [703.5].

B:  <N> chos thams-cad-kyi rtsa-ba skyabs-'gro yin-pas / [703.5].

E:  mthar-thug-gi man-ngag thun-mong-ma-yin-pa yin / mi la ma bstan-cig / ithi [705.1].

DL [183.5]: Mthar-thug Gnad-kyi Man-ngag Thun-mong-ma-yin-pa mi la ma ston cig-gi mtha'-can.  See Part 2: V.11.

Note:  On devotion to the Lama, but especially on the importance of meditation. 


123)  Man-ngag Snying-po Gsal-ba'i Bstan-chos [Bstan-bcos] [705.1].

B:  <P> dus gsum-gyi sangs-rgyas thams-cad-kyis dgongs-pa mthar-thugs-pa // [705.2-3].

C:  zab-pa dang rgya-che-ba ma-lus-pa'i don gcig-tu dril-nas / bsal-zhing ma-lus-par bskod-pa / shākya'i dge-slong Snang-nam [Sna-nam] Brtsol-'grus-grags-pas [Brtson-'grus-grags-pas] / bskal-pa dang ldan-pa'i slob-ma dbang-po yang rab-kyi don-du 'Tshal-gyi Yang-dgon gsar-ma'i nang-du bkod-pa / Man-ngag Snying-po Gsal-ba zhes bya-ba ' ithi [713.7-714.2].

DL [186.6]: Man-ngag Snying-po Gsal-ba.  See Part 2: VI.29.

Note:  Similar subject matter to no. 121, above, including some parallel passages.  This must have been written after Tshal Yang-dgon Monastery was founded.


124)  'Tshal-du Bkra-shis Rnams [Rnam] Gnyis [714.2].

B:  dkon-mchog gsum la phyag 'tshal-lo // bde-legs thams-cad kyi 'byung-gnas rin-po-che lta-bu'i dam-pa skyes-mchog-rnams la phyag 'tshal-lo // [714.2-3].

C:  shakya'i dge-slong Brtson-'grus-grags-pas / lug-gi lo la 'Tshal Rgang-du rmang 'brel-ba'i dus-su bkod-pa / ithi [716.2-3].

DL [191.6]:  Mtshal sgang rmang bri-ba'i dus-su mdzad-pa'i dang-po Bde-legs Thams-cad-ma.  See Part 2: VIII.116.

Note:  The Sheep year date of composition is most certainly the Sheep year 1175 when 'Tshal Monastery was founded.


125)  None [716.3].

B:  bde-ba chen-po mchog-gi sku la phyag 'tshal-lo // bkra-shis gang zhig phun-'tshogs 'byung-pa'i gnas // [716.3-4].

E:  chos dang mthun-pa'i 'byor-pa gnas 'di rab gang shog / ithi / dge-leg[s] 'phel-bar shog / man-gha-lam //  lan cig zhus dag-go /

DL [191.6]:  gnyis-pa Bde-ba Chen-po-ma.  See Part 2: VIII.117.



Two inscriptions found at the end: 


lan cig zhus dag-go // da-dung yang lan gcig gtong dgos-pa 'dugo // 'di bris dge-ba skya-reng 'od-dkar-can // thar-pa don gnyer lam las 'khyog min-par // bdag sogs 'gro rnams mthu chen skyes med-kyi // go-'phang mi ring myur-ba'i rgyur gyur cig // bkriso [bkra-shis-so] //


zas-bu'i bstan-pa dar-rgyas dang / da-rung shi-ba mi dran-par // 'jiegn ['jig-rten] bya-ba sna-tshogs-kyis // mi-lus stong log byed nyan gda' // de-nas sku las ma byed ā / snyom chung bas mtha'i gnas gzung-ste // sems-nyid stong-pa'i ri lta kho // dran-pa'i rnyi-yis gzung mdzod // de 'dra byed na yag-po yong // bstan-pa dar-rgyas lhag-bsam dag-par sgrubs //


Note:  This says that the manuscript was proofed once, but that it needed to be done once more.  To judge from the many scribal errors, we can only agree.  It is possible that the bstan-pa dar-rgyas that occurs twice here could be the name of the scribe.


Part Two:

The Fifth Dalai Lama's List of Contents 

of the Collected Works of 

Zhang Rin-po-che.


Note:  The source for the listing of titles which follows is the Fifth Dalai Lama's Record of Teachings Received (DL, vol. I, pp. 179.3-192.1-- The listings of texts from the Bka'-rgya-ma and various lineages connected with Zhang Rin-po-che's works and spiritual teachings continue until page 200).  The page numbers of the Fifth Dalai Lama's work are noted in bold face in the text, while the section and number of corresponding works published in the Partial Works (Part One) are supplied in square brackets.  Those texts which were unavailable in modern reprint publications prior to 1990 are marked with a solid dot (*).  Without any general consistency, the Dalai Lama usually gives either 'true titles' or titles based on the first words of the text, but sometimes there is no 'title' at all, only an indication of the content.  He seldom tells the number of chapters, but often supplies us with the concluding words.  Following the Table of Contents by Si-tu Dge-ba'i-blo-gros (i.e., Tshal-pa Kun-dga'-rdo-rje), the Dalai Lama divides the works of Zhang Rin-po-che into eight 'sections' (skor), as follows:


I) Prayers and Praises (Gsol-'d[e]bs Bstod-pa'i Skor).

II) Biographical Works (Mdzad-pa Rnam-thar-gyi Skor).

III) Advice and Directions (Bslab-bya Lag-len-gyi Skor).

IV) Doctrines of the Great and Small Vehicles (Theg-pa Che Chung-gi Grub-mtha'i Skor).

V) Practical Meditation Guidance (Nyams-len Sgom 'Khrid-kyi Skor).

VI) Works Mainly Teaching the Uncompromisingly Presented Significance Alone (Nges-don Kho-na Gtso-bor Ston-pa'i Skor).

VII) Miscellaneous Communications (Gsung-sgros Thor-bu'i Skor).

VIII) Vajra Songs [Sung] by Force of Meditative Experiences (Nyams-myong Shugs-kyi Rdo-rje'i Klu'i [=Glu'i] Skor).


Section I: Prayers and Praises (Gsol-'d[e]bs Bstod-pa'i Skor).


1) Shākya'i Dge-slong Brtson-'grus-'bar-gyi don-du mdzad-pa'i Gsol-'debs Chen-mo Gnad-du Skyol-ba'i Rdo-rje.  [Part 1: III.17]

2) Gsol-'debs Gnyis-med Thugs-rje Pho-nya Myur Mgyogs.  [Part 1: III.18?]

3-4) Bka'-brgyud la Gsol-ba Gdab-pa Bde-chen-ma [Part 1: III.12] dang Chos-dbyings-ma gnyis.*

5) Lhan-skyes Brgyud-'debs Ma-hā-ku-mā-ra.  [Part 1: III.13]

6) Sbyor Drug-gi Brgyud-'debs Ji-bzhin Ye-shes-ma.  [Part 1: III.14]

7) Lam Gsum Brgyud-'debs Chos-nyid Don-chags-ma.  [Part 1: III.15]

8) Phag-mo Ra Lugs-kyi Brgyud-'debs Gnas-mchog-ma.  [Part 1: III.16]

9) Rtsa-ba'i Bla-ma Drug la Gsol-'debs Gsang-sngags-ma.  [Part 1: III.10]

10) yang Gsol-'debs Bsil-tshal-ma.  [Part 1: III.11]

11) Dwags-po Sgom-pa la Bstod-pa Chos-kyi Mig-can-ma.  [Part 1: III.19]

12) Dpal Rgwa Lo la Bstod-pa dang-po U-dum-wā-ca-ma.  [Part 1: III.20]

13) gnyis-pa Brtse-ldan-ma.  [Part 1: III.21]

14) gsum-pa Rgyal-sras-ma.  [Part 1: III.22]

15) bzhi-pa Pha Gcig Grub-thob-ma.  [Part 1: III.23]

16) de la smreng gsol Kye-ma Sems-can-ma.  [Part 1: III.24]

17) de la Yan-lag Bdun-pa'i Sgo-nas Bstod-pa Sdom-gsum-ma.  [Part 1: III.25]

18) Rtsa-ba'i Bla-ma Bzhi'i Gsol-'debs Bdag Gsol-gcig-ma.*

19) Rje-par Rigs Gsum Mgon-po'i Sgo-nas Bstod-pa.  [Part 1: III.26]

20) de la bstod-pa Bdag-'dra Blo-dman-ma.* 180

21) Rje-btsun Sku-mched la Bstod-pa Bskal-pa Dpag-med-ma.  [Part 1: III.27]

22) Rje la bstod-pa Sku la Bde-chen-ma.  [Part 1: III.28]

23) Dpal-ldan Lhan-cig-skyes-pa la Gnas-lugs-kyi Sgo-nas Bstod-pa Dngos-kun-ma.  [Part 1: III.30]

24-25) Rang Bstod Dgos 'Dod Re-skyong-ma [Part 1: I.1] dang Grub-pa Gtsor-mdzad-ma [Part 1: III.29] rnams.


Section II:  Biographies (Rnam-thar Skor).


1) Tai-lo.  [Part 1: III.1]

2) Nā-ro.  [Part 1: III.2]

3) Mar-pa.  [Part 1: III.3]

4) Mi-la.  [Part 1: III.4]

5) Dwags-po Lha-rje.  [Part 1: III.5]

6) Dwags-po Sgom-pa.  Note:  An added note says, 'The biographies of these were composed in a partial fashion in order to jog his own memory' ([de]-rnams-kyi rnam-thar rang-gi dran-pa slong-pa'i phyir phyogs tsam zhig bkod-pa).  [Part 1: III.6]

7) Dpal-chen  Rgwa Lo'i Rnam-thar Byang-chub-sems 'Byongs-ma.  [Part 1: III.7]

8) Bla-ma Gshen-gyi Rnam-thar Kang-zhi Gnyi-ma-ma.*

9) Mal Yer-pa-ba'i Rnam-thar Bskal-pa Dpag-med-ma.  [Part 1: III.8]

10) Bai-ro'i Rnam-thar Bla-ma Rnal-'byor-pa.*

11) Brgyud-pa Sna-tshogs-kyi Rnam-thar Dpal-chen-ma.*

12) Bla-ma Sna-tshogs-kyi Rnam-thar Da-lta Rtsa-ba-ma.  [Part 1: III.9]

13) Dge-slong Shes-rab-grub-kyi ngor gsungs-pa'i rang-nyid-kyi rnam-thar Ma-nor Bde-legs-ma rnams.  [Part 1: I.2]


Section III:  Advice and Directions (Bslab-bya Lag-len-gyi Skor).


1) bya byed thams-cad-kyi sngon-'gro'i lag-len Rang-gi Snying-ga-ma.

2) Spyan-'dren Chen-po Phyag-rgya-chen-po-ma.  [Part 1: II.1]

3) Dpal Rdo-rje-rnal-'byor-ma'i sgrub-thabs-kyi snying-po Jo-chung-ma.*

4) Bde-mchog Lhan-skyes-kyi Mngon-rtogs Lhan-chung-ma.*

5) ting-nge-'dzin-gyi dbang rang-gis rang la bskur ba Ting-chung-ma de-bzhin-gshegs-pa'i sku gsung thugs-kyi rnal 'gyur las ma 'das-pa'i mtha'-can.*

6) Dpal-ldan Lhan-cig Skyes-pa'i Man-ngag Dbang-po 'Bring-gi Ting-nge-'dzin.*

7) yang Rab-kyi Ting-nge-'dzin.*

8) de'i 'Bras-bu Sngon-du Byed Tshul.*

9) de'i Man-ngag 'Od-du Dril-ba phyag-rgya-chen-po'i dngos-grub mngon-du byed-do'i mtha'-can.*

10) dbang dang byin-rlabs dang mchod-pa sogs-kyi dus-su Gtor-ma Byin-gyis Brlab-pa.*  181

11) Slob-dpon Nag-po-pas mdzad-pa'i gzhung la Rje-btsun Yer-pa-ba'i phyag-len ltar mdzad-pa'i Rnal-'byor-ma'i Tshogs Gsol.*

12) de'i lhan-thabs gsal-byed Khams-pa Rdo-rje-blo-gros-kyi ngor bkod-pa.*

13) gsang-sngags la zhugs-shing sgrub-pa byed-par 'dod-pa-dag-gis Lam-du Blang-ba'i Rim-pa.  [Part 1: III.40]

14) Bdag-nyid Chen-po'i Tshogs Gsog Paṇ-chen Nā-ro-pa'i rjes-su 'brangs-pa.*

15) Mi-la bzhed-pa'i Bdag-nyid Chen-po'i Tshogs Gsog.*

16) Bdag-nyid Chen-po'i Tshogs Gsog Lugs 'Khor-ba Thog-med-ma.*

17) Bla-ma'i Lam-khyer Bdun-gyi dang-po Rdor-'chang-ma.  [Part 1: II.8]

18) gnyis-pa Dus Thams-cad-ma.  [Part 1: II.9]

19) gsum-pa Rnal-'byor-pa.  [Part 1: II.10?]

20) bzhi-pa Bla-ma Sangs-rgyas-ma.  [Part 1: II.11]

21) lnga-pa Dus-gsum Sangs-rgyas-ma.  [Part 1: II.12?]

22) drug-pa Mchog-gi Dngos-grub-ma.  [Part 1: II.13]

23) bdun-pa Gal-te Skyes-bu-ma.  [Part 1: II.14]

24) Thun Bzhi'i Nyams-len Gdams-pa Ma-nor-ba.*

25) rgyun-du bya-ba'i chos-spyod spyi'i lag-len dpal dus nya-ga che-ba Rnam-pa Thams-cad-ma.*

26) chung-ba Pha-rol Phyin-ma.*

27) Gnas-brtan Mgon-po'i don-du mdzad-pa'i Zas-kyi Rnal-'byor.*

28) Dwags-po 'Dul-'dzin-gyis zhus-pa'i Gtor-ma'i Lag-len.*

29) lag-tu blang-ba'i rim-pa ji-lta-ba bzhin-du bstan-nas skye-med gtan la 'bebs-par byed-pa Sna-tshogs Chos-sku-ma.*

30) Tshe-'das-kyi Pur Sbyang Thabs.*

31) Gshin-po'i Bsngo-ba.*

32) Bsngo-ba'i Yon Bshad Bsdus-pa.*

33) Rgwa Lo Lugs-kyi Bsngo-ba Shin-tu Bsdus-pa.*

34) Rab-tu Gnas-pa'i Cho-ga Mdo-lugs Bsdus-pa.*

35) Dgon Gnas Bkra-shis-par Byed-pa Chos-sku Ye-shes-ma.  [Part 1: III.112]

36) Sems-bskyed-kyi Rnam-gzhag Dpal Rgwa Lo'i zhal-gdams A-bha 182 dang Tsa-mi'i bzhed-pa thun-mong-ma-yin-pa.*

37) Sems-bskyed-pa'i Dngos-gzhi'i Cho-ga Tsa-mi Lo-tsās bsgyur-ba Rgwa Los Bod-du gdan drangs-pa.*

38) Skyabs Sems shin-tu bsdus-pa Sangs-rgyas Chos-tshogs-ma.*  Note: An added 'note' (mchan) says 'not identical to the widely known one' (yongs grags dang mi gcig).

39) Bsnyen-gnas-kyi Cho-ga rnams.*


Section IV:  Doctrines of the Greater and Lesser Vehicles (Theg-pa Che Chung-gi Grub-mtha'i Skor).


1) Chos Spyi'i Stong Thun Gleng-gzhi Chen-mo Khams-ston Blo-gros-kyi ngor bkod-pa.*  Note: An added note says, 'Even though both an abbreviated and an extensive version appear in the Table of Contents (i.e., the one by Si-tu), the abbreviated one was not received' (dkar-chag na rgyas bsdus gnyis zhes snang-yang bsdus-pa ma rnyed).

2) Grub-mtha' Tshigs Gsum 'Phrul-gyi Lde-mig gcig shes kun la mkhas-pa gzhi lam 'bras gsum gsal-byed.*

3) '[Ja]'-sgom Byang-chub-snying-po'i don du mdzad-pa'i Tshom-gyi Rim-pa.*

4) Bden Gnyis Zung-'brel le'u bco-lnga-pa.*

5) de'i sa-bcad.*

6) Grub-mtha'i Rang Blo'i Skyon Sel.*

7) de'i sa-bcad.*

8) Rnal-'byor Lam-gyi Rim-pa Bla-ma Bsam-grub-kyi don-du mdzad-pa.*

9) de'i sa-bcad.*

10) Rnal-'byor Lam-gyi Rim-pa Nyi-ma Snang-ba le'u bcu-pa 'bras-bu 'char-tshul dang bcas-pa.*

11) Lam Mchog Bdud-rtsi'i Chu-rgyun.*

12) Phan-byed Rab-gsal Nor-bu'i 'Phreng-ba.*

13) Dus Gsum Sangs-rgyas Thams-cad-kyi Dgongs-pa'i Nying-phug Chen-mo zab-pa dang rgya che-ba'i don gtan la 'bebs-par byed-pa Phan-bde Nyi-ma'i Snying-po le'u bcu-bzhi-pa.*

14) Khams-ston Rdo-rje-dbang-phyug-gis zhus-pa'i Zung-'jug-gi Don Phyin-ci-ma-log-pa Dam-pa'i Don-gyi Mthar-thug.*

15) Rje Rgyal Btsad-po 'Phreng-'go Btsad-po / la gdams-pa Kun Tshang Thugs-kyi Gnyen-po.*

16) Byang-chub-sems-kyi Tshigs-su Bcad-pa Bco-brgyad-pa.*

17) Zung Gsum Ya Drug-gi Zhal-gdams.*

18) Dgongs-pa Bkang-ba'i Gleng-bslang 183 le'u lnga-pa.*

19) Chos Brgyad Spang-ba'i Yig-chung.  [Part 1: III.107]

20) 'Dul-ba Thams-cad-kyi Lde-mig So-so-thar-pa'i Sdom-pa Blo-gros Nges-pa rnams.*


Section V:  Practical Meditation Guidance (Nyams-len Sgom 'Khrid-kyi Skor).


1) Chos dang Chos-nyid Gtan la 'Bebs-par Byed-pa 'Khrid-kyi Lung Sbyar zhes-pa Gzhi Lam 'Bras-bu'i Rnam-gzhag.*

2) Slob-dpon Shāk-ye [i.e., Shākya-ye-shes] Sku-mched la gsungs-pa'i 'Khrid-yig Bshes-gnyen Dam-pa'i ngo [do?] la 'Khrid Lugs Shin-tu Gsal-bar Bris-pa.*

3) yang de-nyid la gsungs-pa'i 'Khrid Bsdus-pa gang la'ang mi gnas-pa'i mya-ngan-las-'das-pa thob-par 'gyur-ro'i mtha'-can.*

4) Ras-sgom-gyi don-du sbyar-ba'i 'khrid-yig Snying-po'i Don Gtan la 'Babs-pa zag-med bde-chen rgyas-shog-gi mtha'-can.*

5) Phyag-rgya-chen-po Dbu-bsnyung-ma zhes-pa thun-mong-ma-yin-pa'i snying-gtam.*

6) Phyag-rgya-chen-po Mtshon-par by[e]d-pa'i Man-ngag Dge-slong Ri-khrod-pa'i don-du mdzad-pa.*

7) Phyag-rgya-chen-po'i Man-ngag Mthar-thug Don-gyi Snying-po Mdor Bsdus-pa zhes-pa slob-mas bskul-nas slob-ma 'ga'i brjed-thor bris-pa.*

8) Stag-sgom la gsungs-pa'i Gnad-kyi Man-ngag Pha-sbad Snying-gtam-ma.  [Part 1: III.97]

9) Gtsang-pa Jo-btsun Mched la gsungs-pa'i Man-ngag Dang-po Bzang-yul Yar-snar 'khrug-pa'i dus-su bkod-pa.  [Part 1: III.98]

10) yang dus der gsungs-pa'i Gnad-kyi Man-ngag Gnyis-pa.  [Part 1: III.99]

11) Mthar-thug Gnad-kyi Man-ngag Thun-mong-ma-yin-pa mi la ma ston-cig-gi mtha'-can.  [Part 1: III.122]

12) Gra-phul-pa Ston Khri-kha [?] la gsungs-pa'i Ting-nge-'dzin Gsum-gyi dang-po 'Khor-pa [='Khor-ba] Thog-med-ma.*

13) gnyis-pa Lus-ngag-yid-gsum-ma.*

14) gsum-pa Rang-ltar Gsal-ba.*

15) Gnas-brtan Grags-seng [=Grags-pa-seng-ge] 184 la gsungs-pa'i 'khrid Byin-rlabs Gnad-kyi Brgyud-pa 'Phyug Med.*

16) Dngos-po'i Gnas-lugs Gtan la 'Babs-pa zhes-pa Shākya'i Dge-slong Ri-khrod-pas gzhan-gyis gsol btab brjed-byang-du bris-pa.*

17) Dge-bshes Kha-ru-ba la gs[u]ngs-pa'i ngan-bu'i snying-gtam yid sprugs-pa de las ma mchis-pa.*

18) Bla-ma Pa-ta-ba [Po-to-ba?] la gs[u]ngs-pa'i Phyag-rgya-chen-po'i Gdams-ngag Chig-chod-ma.*

19) Sgom-ma-mo Chen-mo 'Da'-kha 'Chi Brad-kyi Gdams-ngag.  [See addendum to Part 1].

20) Bsam-yas-kyi Yon-bdag-mo 'Bum-skyid la gsungs-pa'i 'khrid Spros-pa Kun-zhi-ma.*

21) Phyag-rgya-chen-po Thog-babs Sa Mchog Tshod-du Ston-pa.*

22) de'i rtsa-ba.*

23) de'i rgyab-rten gzhag thabs gsum-pa-rnams Ral-nag Ston-pa'i don-du mdzad-pa.*

24) Zhal-gdams Gsum-gyi dang-po Phyag-rgya-chen-po Don Gsum-gyis Gtan la 'Babs-pa dngul las sku la sogs-pa byas-pa dang 'dra'-'i mtha'-can.  [Part 1: III.37?]

25) gnyis-pa Rang Sems Rig-pa'i Ngo-bo-ma.*

26) gsum-pa Phyin-ci-ma-log-pa'i Gdams-pa.*

27) Dge-bshes Sha-mi / Dge-bshes Gags-pa [Grags-pa?] / Gtsang-pa Jo-btsun Mched la sogs-pas zhus-pa'i Nyams-myong-gi Gleng-bslong Ring-mo.  [Part 1: I.4]

28) Phyag-rgya-chen-po Lam-khyer zhes-pa gza'-gtad m[e]d-pa'i tshul-du 'gro-ba'i 'gro-lugs.

29) Mal Dbu-dkar-ba la gsungs-pa'i man-ngag dang-po Bka'-gdams-kyi Bdag-med-pa.  [Part 1: III.100]

30) gnyis-pa Dur-khrod 'Dre-can.  [Part 1: III.101]

31) Gnas-brtan Rgan-gra-wa la gsungs-pa'i 'khrid-yig dang-po Dus-gsum Sangs-rgyas-ma.*

32) gnyis-pa Dngos-gzhi'i Man-ngag.*

33) gsum-pa Dus-gsum Sangs-rgyas Thams-cad-kyi Dgongs-pa Phyin-ci-ma-log-pa Yang-dag-pa'i Ye-shes So-so 185 Rang-gis Rig-cing Nang-nas 'Char-ba'i Man-ngag.*

34) Sku Gsum Ngo-sprod che-ba Dmigs-med Bde-chen-ma.*

35) chung-ba 'Bras-bu Sku-gsum-ma.*

36) Pha-rol-tu Phyin-pa'i Don Phyin-ci-ma-log-pa'i Man-ngag gzhan la ma stong [ston?] mdzod-kyi mtha'-can.*

37) kho'i chos bzhi'i ngo-sprod man-ngag Tshig Bzhi-pa zhes-pa.*

38) Rnal-'byor Rnam-pa Bzhi'i Rnam-gzhag Khams-pa Mgon-ston-gyi don-du bsgrigs-pa.  [Part 1: III.32?]

39) de'i dbye-ba.  [Part 1: III.33]

40) de'i Nyams-kyi 'Char Tshod lag na byang-chub 'dug ces-so'i mtha'-can.  [Part 1: III.35]

41) de'i Gnas-lugs-pa las 'das-pas khyad de tsam-zhig yod-de'i mtha'-can.  [Part 1: III.36?]

42) de'i Ngo-sprod Chung-ba rnal-'byor rnam-pa bzhi rdzogs-so'i mtha'-can.  [Part 1: III.34]

43) Gshor Bzhi'i Ngos-'dzin de-ltar ma rtogs na gnyen-po 'chor-ba yin-no'i mtha'-can.  [Part 1: III.37?]

44) de'i Ngos-'dzin Chung-ba ga bzhi ngo-sprod-pa rdzogs-so'i mtha'-can.  [Part 1: III.38?]

45) Gol-sa Bzhi'i Ngos-'dzin.  [Part 1: III.39]

46) Rje-btsun Nā-ro Paṇ-chen-gyi gdams-ngag Chos-Drug-gi Nyams-len 'chi-khar rang-gi yi-ge 'di me la sregs-shig mis mthong-du mi rung-ngo'i mtha'-can.*

47) Gzer dang-po Na-tsha Bogs-su 'Den-pa ['Don-pa].*

48) gnyis-pa 'Chi-ba Grogs-su 'Khyer-ba.*

49) gsum-pa Mtshan Rtogs Rang-grol.*

50) bzhi-pa Nyon-mongs Lam-slong.*

51) lnga-pa Par-gcod [Bar-gcod] Dngos-grub-tu Blang-ba'i Gzer rnams.*


Section VI: Works Mainly Teaching Suchness in its Uncompromisingly Presented Significance (Nges-don De-kho-na Gtso-bor Ston-pa'i Skor).


1) Mi-rtag-pa Bsgom-pa'i Rim-pa Chig-lab Ring-mo.*

2) Jo-sras Dar-ma-seng-ges zhus-pa'i Lam 'Bras-bu dang bcas-pa'i Mching-tshig Lhug-pa.*

3) de'i sa-bcad.*

4) Nye-gnas Mar-pas bskul-nas mdzad-pa'i Lam Mchog Mthar-thug bka' dang bstan-bcos-rnams dang bla-ma dam-pa'i 186 dgongs-pa rang-gis rtogs-tshod gleng-pa.  [Available in Kong-sprul, ed., Gdams-ngag Mdzod and Rtsib-ri Spar-ma.  Edition and translation forthcoming.]

5) Snying-gis Snying la Gtad-pa Gces-pa Bsdus-pa.*

6) Chos Lag-len-du Dril-ba Chos-bu'i Rgang-po Brag-tu mdzad-pa.*

7) Yid-ches-pa'i Gnas Bcu-gsum Bstan-pa Dpe Dpag-tu Med-pa rin-po-che nyid gsung-ngo'i mtha'-can.*

8) Mon Mtsho-sna'i Gnas-brtan Spangs-pa la gsungs-pa'i Snying-gtam.*

9) Gnas-brtan Sgom-chen la gdams-pa Nyag 'Gags 'Dus.*

10) Rang-gis Rang la Gdams-pa Bdud-rtsi Bum 'Phreng.*

11) Phra-mo Gcod-pa'i Gleng-bslang.*

12) Brda Bzhi Don Bzhis Gdams-pa.*

13) Phrag-rgya-chen-po'i [Phyag-rgya-chen-po'i] Brda Don Rtsa 'Grel Ce-sp[y]ang Wa-stag-ma.*

14) Yon-tan Rtsal Mchog.*

15) Srid-pa'i 'Brong-bu Lkugs-por gsungs-pa'i Man-ngag Lhug-pa.*

16) 'Khor-'das-kyi Rtsa-ba Gcod-pa'i Man-ngag Yon-bdag Phyug-po Jo-btsun Snang-bas bteg-pa'i dus sems la shar-nas bkod-pa.*

17) Lam 'Bras 'Dril-ba'i Nyams-len.  [Part 1: II.18]

18) Sgom-chen Dharma-seng-ge'i Zhu-len [Zhu-lan] Thog-chen-ma.*

19) de-nyid la 'Phyug-med Gnad-kyi Gdams-pa Bka'-drin-can-ma.*

20) Gnas-brtan Mgon-po la Springs-pa.*

21) de-nyid-pa gsungs-pa Kun-chang [Kun-tshang?] Nor-bu-rin-cen [Nor-bu-rin-chen] Grib-kyi Lug-rur phag lo'i dgu[n] zla ra-ba'i tshes bcu-bzhi'i nyin bkod-pa.*

22) Thun-mong-ma-yin-pa Nyams Thams-cad Mkhyen-pa zhes bya-ba Re'u-rtsa'i Gtsug-lag-khang du bsdebs-pa.*

23) Chags Spang Rtsad-gcod.*

24) Bla-ma Dngos-su Byon-pa'i Gleng-bslang.*

25) Sgrub Brgyad [Sgrub-brgyud?] Lam Mchog 'Phreng-ba Gsum Gcig-tu Dril-ba'i Gdams-ngag.  [Part 1: II.22]

26) Snying-gtam Nyi-shu-pa.*

27) Sems-nyid 'Od-gsal Nor-bu'i 'Phreng-ba.*

28) Yid-ches Gleng-bslang.* 

29) Man-ngag Snying-po Gsal-ba.  [Part 1: III.123]

30) 'Chi-ba Grogs-su Khyer-ba'i Snying-gtam Sku Gnas 'Gres 187 'Da'-ma.*

31) Bdud-kyi Mda' Nyi-shu-rtsa-lnga-pa.*

32) Snying-rje'i Gtam Blo-rdeg.*

33) Yon-tan Dom-pa Oṃ-grub-ma.*

34) Bcad-po [Btsad-po] Khri-rtse la gsungs-pa'i Mchad-tshig.*  Note: An attached note says, '[Btsad-po Khri-rtse was an] inhabitant of Bsam-yas at Brag-dmar' (Zag-dmar [Brag-dmar] Bsam-yas-pa).

35) Dge-'dun Gru-gu Sgang-ba'i Gnas-brtan Seng-ge-grags Thun la Springs-pa.*

36) Rig-pa dang Rkang-par Ldan-pa zhes-pa Sum-ston Rdo-rje-snying-pos Zhus-lan Bsam-gtan-seng-ge spun-gyi pha-ma rgan-rgon gnyis-kyi gson dge'i dus-su bkod-pa.*

37) Lha-rje Srab-sman [=Srabs-sman] Grags-seng [=Grags-pa-seng-ge]-la gsungs-pa'i Drin-lan Gsob-pa'i Snying-po.*  Note: An added note indicates that Grags-seng is also known as Sngags-seng (Sngags-seng zer-ba'ang 'dug).

38) Gling-ras sku yal-ba'i dus Jo-mo-la gs[u]ngs-pa'i Mya-ngan Bsal-ba.*  Note: Gling-ras-pa Padma-rdo-rje died in 1188.  Jo-mo refers to his consort.

39) Dor-te Chor-nag-tu gsungs-pa'i Dum-bu Brgyad-kyi dang-po Rtogs-ldan Don Brgyud.*

40) gnyis-pa Sprang-ban Zhang la Byin-rlabs Zhugs-pa.*

41) gsum-pa Byin-rlabs Brgyud-ldan.*

42) bzhi-pa Sprang-ban Zhang-gi Snying Rum.*

43) lnga-pa Dpag-med Bskal-pa-ma.*

44) drug-pa Rtogs-ldan Don Brgyud.*

45) bdun-pa Sprang-ban Zhang la Zhi-gnas Skyes-pa.*

46) brgyad-pa Bla-ma Rje-btsun-ma.*

47) Bdud Ngos-'dzin-pa'i Man-ngag Dum-bu Lnga-pa.*

48) 'Bong-bu Cal-col Chung-ba rang-gi gshis dang bstun-nas smras-pa.  [Part 1: III.96]

49) Snying-gtam Bu-brgyad-ma.*

50) Gnyen-po Lhan-thabs.*

51) 'Khor-lo Bde-mchog-ma.*

52) Phun-tshogs Sna-tshogs Nor-bu-ma.*

53) Slob-dpon Rin-po-ches Gsang-phur chos gsungs-pa'i dus-kyi Bang-chen Spros-bral-ma.*

54) Bstan-bcos Blo-ldog Gros-'debs.*

55) Skyo-shas Blo-rdeg.*

56) Gnas-skabs Mthar-thug-gi Don Gtan la 'Bebs-par Byed-pa Bstan-bcos Sa Log Gnam Log rnams.*


Section VII:  Miscellaneous Communications (Gsung-sgus [Gsung-sgros] Thor-bu'i Skor).


1) Shog-dril dang-po Zhang-gi Chig-chog-ma.  [Part 1: II.3]

2) gnyis-pa Mtshal-gyi Chu 188 'di brgal-nas mtshams rbad-kyis bcad-pa.  [Part 1: II.4]

3) gsum-pa bar der dam nyams-pa-rnams-kyis bza'-'dod tshud-pa med-pa.  [Part 1: II.5]

4) bzhi-pa dam nyams 'di-rnams rlag-par byed-pa yin-no'i mtha'-can.  [Part 1: II.6]

5) lnga-pa gzims-chung-gi sgo'i ya them la bzhags-so'i mtha'-can.  [Part 1: II.7]

6) Gnyen-po'i Yig-chung.*

7) Gnyen-po Bstan-pa'i Man-ngag sgom-chen gsar-pa-rnams la gdams-pa.*

8) Dge-bshes Lhun-po dang Dol-pa Ston-pa'i Zhu-lan.*

9) Dwags-po Sgom-pa'i Gsung-gi Zin-bris Lnga-pa.*

10) de-nyid la zhus-pa'i lan.*

11) Nyang-gol-ba'i Zhus-lan Bzang-yul Yar-snar 'khrug-pa'i dus yi-ger bkod-pa.*

12) Gsung-sgros Rin-cen Rgya-mtsho Dge-slong Shākya-ye-shes-kyis phyogs gcig-tu bsdebs-pa.*

13) des zin-bris-su mdzad-pa'i gsung-sgros dang-po Slob-dpon Rin-po-che.*

14) gnyis-pa Skye-ba Thog-med-ma.*

15) gsum-pa Bla-ma Rin-po-che.*

16) bzhi-pa Chos-kyi 'Gag.*

17) lnga-pa Skabs-shag-ma.*

18) drug-pa Bla-ma Rin-po-che.*

19) bdun-pa yang Bla-ma Rin-po-che.*

20) brgyad-pa Gzhung-gi Nya-mo Gyur.*

21) Bgon-gnyer [Dkon-gnyer] Hril-mo'i Zin-bris Dkon-cog Rin-cen-ma.*

22) Dge-tshul Bla-ma Ye-shes-kyi Zin-bris dang-po Yon-tan Nyi-ma.*

23) gnyis-pa Ma-rig Mun 'Khyams.*

24) gsum-pa Slob-dpon Rin-po-che Brag-nag-pa'i Zin-bris Dge-slong Bsod-nams-grags-pas rang-nyid-kyi dran-pa gso phyir bkod-pa rnams.*


Section VIII:  Vajra Songs [Sung] by Force of Meditative Experiences (Nyams-myong Shugs-by[u]ng Rdo-rje Glu'i Skor).


1) Bsam-yas Brag-sngon-du gsungs-pa'i mgur dang-po 'Chi-bas 'Jigs-pa'i Gtam. [Part 1: III.73]

2) gnyis-pa Skyo-shas Blo-rdeg.  [Part 1: III.74]

3) gsum-pa Pha-rol Phyin Drug.  [Part 1: III.75]

4) bzhi-pa Rtogs-pa Ngos-'dzin-pa'i Zhi-gnas.  [Part 1: III.76]

5) lnga-pa Ma Mthong-ba'i Zhi-gnas.  [Part 1: III.77] 189 

6) drug-pa Zhi-gnas Rgod-po.  [Part 1: III.78]

7) bdun-pa Zhi-gnas Bskyed-rim.  [Part 1: III.79]

8) brgyad-pa Zhi-gnas Dpes Mtshon.  [Part 1: III.80]

9) dgu-pa Zhi-gnas Sna-tshogs Ro-snyoms.  [Part 1: III.81]

10) bcu-pa Rtogs-pa Lam-khyer.  [Part 1: III.82]

11) bcu-gcig-pa Rtog-pa Gtan la Dbab-pa.  [Part 1: III.83]

12) bcu-gnyis-pa Byin-rlabs-kyi XXg.  [Part 1: III.84]

13) bcu-gsum-pa Zhi-gnas Chen-mo.  [Part 1: III.85]

14) bcu-bzhi-pa Snying-gtam Blo-rdeg.  [Part 1: III.86]

15) bco-lnga-pa Myong-grub-ma.  [Part 1: III.87]

16) Gsang-sngags Lag-len-gyi Mgur la / dang-po Skal-ldan-ma.  [Part 1: III.42]

17) gnyis-pa Skye-ba Rnal-'byor.  [Part 1: III.43]

18) gsum-pa Bdag-rang Sprang-ban.  [Part 1: III.44]

19) bzhi-pa Ri-khrod-kyi Sprang-ban.  [Part 1: III.45]

20) lnga-pa Skye-lags-ma.  [Part 1: III.46]

21) drug-pa Bla-ma-rnams dang Mjal-tshul.  [most likely, III.47]

22) bdun-pa 'Jig-rten dang Bstun-pa.  [Part 1: III.48]

23) brgyad-pa Rang Skyon Ma Tshor-ba.  [Part 1: III.56]

24) dgu-pa Blo-bde-ma.  [Part 1: III.57]

25) bcu-pa Mched-grogs Dam-pa.  [Part 1: III.49]

26) bcu-gcig-pa Gsang-sngags Thabs-lam.  [Part 1: III.50]

27) bcu-gnyis-pa Deng-sang Rtsod-dus.  [Part 1: III.51]

28) bcu-gsum-pa Lta Sgom Spyod-pa'i Glu.  [Part 1: III.52]

29) bcu-bzhi-pa Skyo Sangs-kyi Glu.  [Part 1: III.53]

30) bco-lnga-pa Tshigs-bcad 'Thang-po Phyed dang Bcu-gsum-gyi Glu.  [Part 1: III.54]

31) bcu-drug-pa Sems la 'Gyod-pa'i Glu.  [Part 1: III.55]

32) bcu-bdun-pa Chos-nyid Dag-pa'i Dbyangs.  [Part 1: III.58]

33) bco-brgyad-pa Dus-gsum Rgyal-ba'i Snying-gtam.  [Part 1: III.41?]

34) bcu-dgu-pa A-re-skyid.*

35) nyi-shu-pa Zhal-ta'i Yi-ge.*

36) Phya'o-lung-du gsungs-pa brgyad-kyi dang-po Snying-po 'Bru Drug.  [Part 1: III.88]

37) gnyis-pa Rtogs-pa'i Nyams la Bstod-pa.  [Part 1: III.89]

38) gsum-pa Snying-po Don-gyi Glu.  [Part 1: III.90]

39) bzhi-pa Phyi Chas Gtor-ba'i Glu.  [Part 1: III.91]

40) lnga-pa Ches-pa'i Mtshad.  [Part 1: III.92]

41) drug-pa Du-ma Ro-gcig-gi Rtogs-pa.  [Part 1: III.93]

42) bdun-pa Lhan-cig Skyes-pa'i Rtogs-pa.  [Part 1: III.94]

43) brgyad-pa Snyan-brgyud Mar-gyi Nying-khu.  [Part 1: III.95]

44) Gla-sgro Mon-gdong-du mdzad-pa'i dang-po Lta Sgom Spyod 'Bras-kyi Glu.  [Part 1: III.59]

45) gnyis-pa Rtog-pa'i Glu.  [Part 1: III.60]

46) gsum-pa Srad-ma-can.  [Part 1: III.61]

47) bzhi-pa Gleng-bslang.  [Part 1: III.62] 190

48) lnga-pa Thal-ba'i Glu.  [Part 1: III.63]

49) drug-pa 'Gro-ba'i Glu.  [Part 1: III.64]

50) bdun-pa Nam-mkha' Lta-bu.  [Part 1: III.65]

51) brgyad-pa Bya-ba la Tam-ba (?).  [Part 1: III.66]

52) dgu-pa 'Gyod-ri-shi-ba.  [Part 1: III.67]

53) bcu-pa Nyims-su [Nyams-su] Myong-ba.  [Part 1: III.68]

54) bcu-gcig-pa Snying-gtam.  [Part 1: III.69]

55) bcu-gnyis-pa Thar-chen Thob.  [Part 1: III.70]

56) bcu-gsum-pa Thal-chug-ma.  [Part 1: III.71]

57) bcu-bzhi-pa Bkod-pa'i Rnam-grangs.  [Part 1: III.72]

58) Bsam-yas Rgod-po-ma la / dang-po Yongs Glu Ring-mo.*

59) gnyis-pa Bde-ba'i Glu.*

60) gsum-pa 'Phro-ba'i Glu.*

61) bzhi-pa Nam-mkha' Mdzod.*

62) lnga-pa Yul Chos Gog-pa Spong-ba'i Glu.*

63) Yang-dgon Ka-dgu-mar gsungs-pa Sngon-gyi Grub-thob-sogs-ma.*

64) Rang Sems Gtan la Dbab-pa.*

66) Breng-mda'i Phyag Khri-mchog-gis Chos-skor Gra-tshang-du shin-tu brnyas-bcos-kyi sgo-nas bstod-pa.  [Part 1: III.102]   Note: An added note says, 'This does not appear in the Table of Contents (dkar-chag), and even though it is not the words [of Zhang Rin-po-che], still there is the tradition of giving reading authorizations' ('di dkar-chag na mi snang-zhing gsung min-kyang lung mdzad srol 'dug).

67) Bla-mas zhal-ta btab-pa'i gdams-pa Gya-grong-gi Dar-bsod-ma.  [Part 1: III.105]  Note: An added note says, 'these two [i.e. this and the following text] do not appear in the Table of Contents ('di gnyis dkar-chag na me [=mi] gsal).

68) de la gsungs-pa'i Chig Chad Chen-mo.  [Part 1: III.106]

69) Zhu-lpa-ma.*

70) Rdo-rje-gdan Drug-ma.  [Part 1: III.113]

71) Seng-ge Rgyas-po'i Sgrub-thabs.*

72) Byang-gi 'Brang-bur gsungs-pa'i Ku-ra'i 'Phrang-ba dum-bu dang-po 'Dra Min Nyi-shu-rtsa-gcig-pa.*

73) gnyis-pa Chos-kyi Dbyings las Spros-pa.*

74) gsum-pa TheXX Skyon Spong-bar Bskul-ba.*

75) bzhi-pa Tshig dang Don la Mkhas-pa'i Khyad-par.*

76) Grub-thob Bu-se [Dbu-se] dang Mngal-ba'i [Mjal-ba'i] Mgur.  [Part 1: III.110]

77) Yon-tan-seng-ge'i Grang-khang-du rtog-med spros-bral-gyi rjes la mgur gsungs-pa Bde-chen Spros-bral.  [Part 1: III.111]

78) Blo Bde Bzhi'am Skyid-pa Bdun-gyi Mgur.  [Part 1: III.108]

79) mi rtag-pa bskul-ba'i glu Mi-tse-ma.  [Part 1: III.109]

80) Skyo-ba Skyed-pa'i Glu Ang Bcu-bzhi-ma.*

81) Lam-khyer-gyi Dbyangs-chung gnyis-kyi dang-p[o] Rgyal-gyi Chas Brgyad Tho-rangs Blangs-pa.  [Part 1: III.114]

82) gnyis-pa Rig-pa'i Me-long.  [Part 1: III.115]

83) Ci Bya Dgos-med-ma.*

84) Gegs-sel Brgyad-pa Gnas Mi-dmigs-ma.*  191

85) Rang la Rang-gis Gros-'debs-pa.  [Part 1: III.116]

86) Don Byed Bshags-pa.  [Part 1: III.117?]

87) Ra-mda'-ma.  [Part 1: III.119]

88) Zhal-pho Khyi-dgu-ma.  [Part 1: III.120]

89) Gu-rub Re-ba-skyid-kyis zhus-pa'i Rang-gis Rang-khrel-ma.  [Part 1: III.104]

90) Rang Rig Ye-shes-ma.*

91) gdos-pa dang 'khrus-pa'i dus gsungs-pa Bu Sprang-ban-ma.*

92) Sgam-po Rab-gnas Bkra-shis Phun-tshogs-ma.*

93) G.yu-brag Yid-ches-kyi Le'u.*

94) Zhang-ston Spro-ba Bsky[e]d-pa'i Le'u.*

95) G.ya'-lung-gi Gdang-chen Bcu-drug-ma.*

96) G.ya'-lung Zhal-pho-ma Bdag Rang Dge Sbyong.*

97) G.ya'-gong Gangs-gong-ma.*

98) Bye-ma-can-du gsungs-pa gnyis-kyi dang-po Spyi-gtsug Rgyan-bzhugs-ma.*

99) gnyis-pa Lus Ngag Bag-yod-ma.*

100) Bla-ma la Sgom Nyams 'Bul.*  Note: An added note says that this text is not contained in the Table of Contents ('di dkar-chag la mi 'dug).

101) Lha-lung Nags-kyi Rtse-mo la sgom-pa'i nyams-myong shar-ba Snang Gsal Gnyis-med Ston-pa'i Glu.  [Part 1: II.2?]

102) Khrel-bgod Ring-mo Byan-mkhar Mda' Mchog-tu bkod-pa.*

103) Skal-ldan Gdung-ba'i Sman Gsos.*

104) 'Ben-nag Brag-ma gsum-gyi dang-po Zhang-gi Sprang-ban.  [Part 1: II.15?]

105) gnyis-pa Kwa-ye Mi Sdod.  [Part 1: II.16?]

106) gsum-pa 'Ja'-tshon Nam-mkha'-ma.  [Part 1: II.17]

107) Zhal-ta Gdams-ngag-ma Bka'-rgyas Btab-pa.*

108) Ngan-'gro'i Srid-skyob-ma.*  Note: An added note says that this is not in the Table of Contents ('di dkar-chag na mi 'dug).

109) sku-gshegs rjes Dge-bshes Brag-nag-pa la gsungs-pa'i 'Chi-med Chos-sku.  [Part 1: II.21]

110) 'Chams-chung gsum-gyi dang-po Gnas-chen-ma.*

111) gnyis-pa Gangs-bstod-ma.*

112) gsum-pa Enda [Ande?] Phug-ron-ma.*

113) 'Chams-chung Snang-ba Zil-gnon.*

114) Bla-ma Dpal la Shis-par Brjod-pa gnyis-kyi dang-po Bkra-shis Mchog-rab-ma.*

115) gnyis-pa Bkra-shis Gang-zhig-ma.*

116) Mtshal sgang rmang bri-ba'i dus-su mdzad-pa'i dang-po Bde-legs Thams-cad-ma.  [Part 1: III.124]

117) gnyis-pa Bde-ba Chen-po-ma.  [Part 1: III.125]


[1]See, for example, the 'crippled verse' Part One, Section III, no. 54, below.

[2]Sometimes the self-criticism is too strong to be taken entirely seriously, as in the Re-po-skyid-ma (Part One, Section III, no. 104).  It is also true that Zhang Rin-po-che could at times be quite self-congratulatory, as in Part One, Section I, no. 1).

[3]It was Dr. David Jackson who, in a letter, urged upon me the importance for future research of a table of contents to the works of Zhang Rin-po-che.

[4]We may know from the guide to Gung-thang Monastery by 'Jog-ri-ba (fol. 37r.6) that Dge-ba'i-blo-gros was responsible for gathering together the scattered writings into the two collections, the Bka'-'bum and the Bka'-rgya-ma, and it was he who promoted the manuscript transmission as well as the reading authorization transmission of these collections.

[5]DL [199] gives a lineage for the 'reading authorization' (lung) of this biography.  (See also the note of Dung-dkar Rin-po-che in Tshal-pa Kun-dga'-rdo-rje, Deb-ther Dmar-po [Peking 1981], p. 446, note 583.)  Like the lineages for the reading authorizations for Zhang Rin-po-che's works, the Dalai Lama received this lineage from his teacher Zur Chos-dbyings-rang-grol (1604-1664) who occupied the abbacy of Tshal Gung-thang, the important monastery founded by Zhang Rin-po-che (this according to Kaḥ-thog Si-tu Chos-kyi-rgya-mtsho, Gangs-ljongs Dbus Gtsang Gnas-bskor Lam-yig Nor-bu Zla-shel-gyi Se-mo-do, Sungrab Nyamso Gyunphel Parkhang [Tashijong 1972], p. 140).  It is interesting that the the Dalai Lama's connections to the Tshal-pa lineages were due to this Rnying-ma-pa teacher.  Since writing these words, a biography of Zhang Rin-po-che by Si-tu has been published; see Part 14, below.

[6] The dkar-chag of Tshal Gung-thang that is available is the one by 'Jog-ri Ngag-dbang-bstan-'dzin-'phrin-las.  This has been published in transliteration and German translation in Karl-Heinz Everding, Der Gung thang dkar chag: Die Geschichte des tibetischen Herrschergeschlechtes von Tshal Gung thang und der Tshal pa bKa' brgyud pa-Schule, VGH Wissenschaftsverlag (Bonn 2000).

[7]The Bka'-rgya-ma, as this collection will henceforth be referred to, is available in a two-volume reprint form:  The Highly Esoteric Experiential Writings (Bka' rgya ma) of Bla-ma Žaṅ G'yu-brag-pa Brtson-'grus-g'yuṅ-druṅ, "reproduced from incomplete manuscript collections preserved at the Monastery of O-rgyan-chos-gliṅ in Bhutan," Drug Sherig Press (Thimphu 1981).  The works contained therein are highly visionary in content, although there are some interesting biographical data that may be gleaned from them.  The Bka'-rgya-ma is an entirely independent body of works, and is not to be confused with the Collected Works (Bka'-'bum).  A few works from the Bka'-rgya-ma are, however, included in our Partial Works (see Part One, Section I, nos. 5-10, as well as Section II, no. 20, below).  It is, by the way, quite likely that Zhang Rin-po-che's Bka'-rgya-ma set the precedent for later Dge-lugs-pa collections called by the same name, in particular the 'sealed' volumes of the works of the Fifth Dalai Lama, as well as his 'sealed' biography.

[8]Not all the works included in the Partial Works were authored by Zhang Rin-po-che, most notably I.3, II.19, and III.102 in Part One, below.

[9]For a specific study on this method of title-making, used especially for well-known prayers and for texts that otherwise would have no title, see Manfred Taube, Das Suffix -ma in tibetischen Buchtiteln, Mitteilungen des Instituts für Orientforschung 16 (1970) 107-117.  Usually these titles are formed from the first words (sometimes in abbreviated form) that occur following the initial invocation[s].

[10]Or five volumes, according to the note by Dung-dkar Rin-po-che in Tshal-pa Kun-dga'-rdo-rje, Deb-ther Dmar-po, p. 445, note 583.

[11]The form Zhang Rin-po-che Bde-ba'i-rdo-rje occurs in a lineage for the Bka'-rgya-ma found in DL [199].  I believe that he received the 'secret name' (gsang mtshan) Bde-ba'i-rdo-rje from his teacher Gshen (see the lineage found in Part One, Section III, no. 9, pp. 440-2).  Bde-ba'i-rdo-rje is also among a group of six or eight secret names of Zhang Rin-po-che connected with the eight parts of the Bka'-rgya-ma.