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The Tingri Hundred

The Tingri Hundred

The Last Will and Testament of Padampa Sanggyé






[1v]  om sva sti /



Om Sosti!



dam pa ’char chen gyis dam pa’i spyan sngar phyin nas dam pa nyid bsku sgres ’dug pa / dam pa nyid ta bde ba nas bde bar gshegs pa lags te / ding ri ba rnams su la blo gtod / ci tsug byed byas nas shams pas / [2r]



Dampa Charchen arrived at the presence of Padampa and said, “The holy one has grown old and now is on the point of passing from bliss into bliss.  Now in whom will we Tingrians place our trust?  What are we to do?”


While saying this, he wept.



yang dam pas ding ri ba rnams la zhel chems su gsungs pa /



Then Padampa pronounced his last will and testament

to the Tingrians, in the following words.





lus ngag yid gsum dam pa’i chos la ’bungs //

las kyi rab tu ’gyur ro ding ri ba //



Make an all-out effort in Dharma, with body, speech and mind.

That will turn to the best of karma, my Tingrians.





blo snying grang gsum dkon mchog gsum la gtod //

byin rlabs shugs la ’byung ngo ding ri ba //  [2v]



Orient your mind, heart and chest to the Three Precious.

Blessings will rise up in force, my Tingrians.





tshe ’di thong la phyi ma don gnyer skyed //

mdun ma’i rtse mor ’gyur ro ding ri ba //



Let this life go and concern yourself with the next.

This is will be the summit of future planning, my Tingrians.





bza’ ’tsho mi rtag ’tshong ’dus mgron po ’dra //

ngan bshags ’thab mo ma byed X



Family members are as impermanent as merchants who met in a trade fair.

Don’t waste time bickering and fighting, my Tingrians.





nor rdzas sgyu ma lta bu’i g.yar po la //

ser sna’i mdud pas ma ’ching X



For wealth and possessions, like an illusory borrowing,

don’t be tied up in the knot of your greed, my Tingrians.





phung po mi gtsang rdzas kyi skyal pa la //

bzang ’dod byi dor ma byed X



For this bodily aggregate like a sack of impure substances,

don’t hold a cleaning day hoping to find in it something good, my Tingrians.





gnyen mtshan sgyu ma lta bu’i slu brid la //

gdung sems ’phri ba chod cig X



For close friends, who are trickily deceiving like mirages,

sever entanglements’ vines of fondness, my Tingrians.





yul gzhis ’brog pa’i sbrang sa lta bu la // [3r]

zhan cing chags pa ma byed X



For your properties, that are like a nomads’ tent camp,

have no desire and attachment, my Tingrians.





pha yul rigs drug sems can spyi mthun la //

nga dang bdag tu ma ’dzin X



For your homeland, which is common karma for sentient beings of the six types,

don’t conceive of it in terms of I and mine, my Tingrians.





skyes pa’i nang bar ’chi ba’i brda zhig ’byung //

long med rgyud la khol zhig X



A sign of impending death appeared in the morning of your birth.

There’s no time to waste.  Get to work, my Tingrians.





g.yeng ba med pa dam pa’i chos la ’bungs //

shi nas lam sna ’dren no X



Without wavering, devote yourself to the sacred Dharma.

When you die it will guide you on the Path, my Tingrians.





las kyi snam smin rgyu ’bras bden nges pas //

mi dge sdig la ’dzem zhig X



Karma ripens, the truth of cause and result is certain.

Abstain from non-virtuous actions, my Tingrians.





byas pa’i chos rnams rmi lam yul bzhin ’dra //

byar med nyams su longs shig X



The qualities of your past deeds are like a dream country.

Put into practice what requires no deeds, my Tingrians.





gang la zhen pa yong pa de blos thongs //

cis kyang dgos pa med do X  [3v]



Give up the very things you most crave.

You don’t need them at all, my Tingrians.





’di ni gtan du mi sdod pas //

’gro chas da lta gyis cig X



Your stay in this world is not permanent,

so complete your travel preparations now, my Tingrians.





nags kyi gseb na spre’u skyid snyam ste //

nags mtha’ me yis bskor ro X



In the forest fastness the monkey thinks it’s happy,

but the edge of the forest is circled with fire, my Tingrians.





skye rga na ’chi’i chu la rab zab med //

gru gzings da lta tshugs shig X



Over the rivers of birth, age, sickness and death there are no fording spots or bridges.

Start building the boat right now, my Tingrians.





skye ’chi bar do’i rkun ’phreng dam po la //

dug lnga’i byag pa gshegs rgyug yang yang byed //

skyel mar bla ma ’tshol zhig X



In the narrow passageways of the Bardos of death and rebirth,

the bandits, the five poisons, ambush you one after the other again and again.

You need to find a Lama to ride shotgun, my Tingrians.





’jus nas ’gyes togs (’gyel dogs) med pa bla ma yin //

’bral med gtsug tu khur shig X



The one thing you can grab onto without fear of failure is the Lama.

Bear him or her on the top of your head without fail, my Tingrians.





bla mas bskyal na gang ’dod gnas su slebs //

gang la mos gus gyis shig X



Escorted by the Lama, you arrive at the place desired.

Pay your respects to one, my Tingrians.*


*Or: As your fee, offer your veneration, my Tingrians.





gang la nor yod de la ser sna ’byung //

sbyin pa phyogs med thong shig X



Where there is wealth there is miserliness.

Spread your generosity impartially, my Tingrians.





gang la dbang yod de la sdig pa yong // [4r]

kha drag dbang ’dod spongs shig X



Where there is power and control there is corruption.

Leave off this haughty lust for power, my Tingrians.





kha drag nor mang can la bde ba med //

sor bcu brang la khroms shig X



The haughty ones with much wealth have no contentment.

Spread ten fingers on the chest, my Tingrians.





phyi ma’i yul na gnyen bshes nyung ba yin //

blo gtad chos la gyis shig X



In the land of later lives your acquaintances will be few.

Orient your thoughts towards Dharma, my Tingrians.





yengs ma lam la mdun ma ’chal mar ’chor //

gros thag da lta chod cig X



In your constant state of restlessness, you lose sight of your goal.

Decide on your course of action right now, my Tingrians.





’chi bdag bdud ni nam yang tshod med pas //

dwogs zon ’phral la gyis shig X



You can’t know in what hour the demon deathlord will arrive.

Be vigilant at every moment, my Tingrians.





shi ba’i nang par sus kyang mi phan pas //

rang mgo rang gis thon zhig X



On the morning of your death there is no one who can help you.

Yours is the responsibility to help yourself, my Tingrians.





’chi bar bsams na cis kyang dgos pa med //

yid la dran par gyis shig X



If you have contemplated well on dying, there is nothing else you need.

Bring that image constantly to your mind, my Tingrians.





nyi ma nub pa’i grib so ji bzhin du // [4v]

’chi bdag gshin rje mi sdod tshur tshur ’ong //

’bros thabs la ’ur gyis shig X



Like the sun’s lengthening shadows at dusk,

The Deathlord Shinje doesn’t sit idly, but keeps on drawing near.

Right away find a way to flee, my Tingrians.





me tog snga lo legs kyang phyi lo bskam //

lus la blo gtad med do X



A flower one moment fine, the next moment all dried out,

there’s no relying on the body, my Tingrians.





gson pa’i dus na lha yi lus dang ’gran //

shi ba’i dus na bdud kyi dmag pas ’jigs //

sgyu ma’i lus ’dis bslu’o X



The body that when alive rivals that of a god

is destroyed by an army of demons at the time of death.

We are deceived by this illusory body, my Tingrians.





tshong ’dus mgron po tshor zin nang par gyes //

gros kyis ’bor bar nges so X



The merchants get to know each other at a trade fair, but split up the next day.

You will definitely be abandoned by your acquaintances, my Tingrians.





sgyu ma’i mtho yor cis kyang ’gyel nges pas //

rten ’brel da lta sgrigs shig X



The scarecrow of our illusions is sure to collapse one day.

Make use of the interdependent connections right now, my Tingrians.





sems kyi bya rgod cis kyang ’phur nges pas //

nam ’phangs lha chod cig X



Since the vulture of your mind will in any case fly away,

Cut across the canyons even now, my Tingrians.





rigs drug sems can drin chen pha ma la //

byams dang snying rje sgoms shig X  [5r]



All sentient beings of the six types have served as our kind parents.

Meditate on love and compassion, my Tingrians.





sdang dgra las kyis ’khor ba’i ’phrul snang la //

zhe sdang gdug sems spongs shig X



That enemy you hate is a sangsaric projection of our own karma.

Give up hatred and malevolence, my Tingrians.





phyag ’tshal bskor bas lus kyi sdig pa ’dag //

’jig rten bya byed spongs shig X



Prostrations and circumambulations purify bodily sins.

Give up worldly activities, my Tingrians.





bzlas brjod skyabs ’gros ngag gi sdig pa ’dag //

tha mal long gtam ma lab X



Mantra recitations and refuge prayers purify verbal sins.

Don’t engage in everyday idle conversation, my Tingrians.





mos gus gdung bas yid kyi sdig pa ’dag //

bla ma spyi bor khur zhig X



Fervent veneration purifies mental sins.

Bear the Lama on the crown of the head, my Tingrians.





lhan cig skyes pa’i sha dang rus pa ’phral //

tshe la rtag par ma mdzin X



Born together, your flesh and bones will one day separate.

Don’t think that your lifespan is forever, my Tingrians.





yul mi dam par gnyug ma’i gtan yul zungs //

de la ’pho ’phyug med do X



For the ultimate in countries, take citizenship in the reliable land of the primordial.

There is neither moving away nor banishment from it, my Tingrians.





nor gyi dam par sems nyid gter chen tshangs (?) //

de la ’dzad pa med do X  [5v]



For the ultimate in wealth, fill the great treasury of your very mind.

It knows no depletion, my Tingrians.





zas kyi dam pa ting ’dzin ro mchog spyod //

bkres pa’i sdug bsngal med do X



For the ultimate in food, try the supreme savor of contemplative concentration.

It never knows suffering from hunger, my Tingrians.





skom gyi dam pa dran pa’i bdud rtsi ’thungs //

de la rgyun chad med do X



For the ultimate in drinks, imbibe the divine nectar of mindfulness.

It never runs dry, my Tingrians.





grogs kyi dam pa rang byung ye shes tshol //

de la ’du ’bral med do X



For the ultimate in friends, seek out the self-emergent Full Knowledge.

It knows neither meetings nor partings, my Tingrians.





sras kyi dam pa rig pa’i khye’u chung tshol //

de la skye ’chi med do X



For the ultimate in children, seek out the small child of awareness.

It knows neither birth nor death, my Tingrians.





stong pa’i ngang du rig pa’i mdung skor gyis //

lta bar thog thug med do X



Make the spear of awareness spin within the Void realm.

In the View, nothing gets in the way.





dran med steng du yengs med bya ra thongs //

sgom la bying rgod med do X



On top of non-thought, post the watchman of non-agitation.

In the Meditation there is no sinking, no scattering, my Tingrians.





shugs ’byung ngang du ’gag med rtsal sbyong gyis //

spyod par spang blang med do X



Cultivate unstoppable energy in the realm of spontaneity.

In the Conduct there is no acceptance and rejection, my Tingrians.





sku bzhi dbyer med rang rig sems la tshol //

’bras bur re dwogs med do X



Seek the indivisibility of the Four Bodies in reflexive consciousness.

With respect to the goal, no anxieties, my Tingrians.





’khor ’das rtsa ba rig pa’i sems la thug // [6r]

sems la dngos po med do X



The root of both sangsara and nirvana goes directly back to your aware mind.

In the mind there is no thingness, my Tingrians.





chags sdang snang ba bya lam rjes med ’dra //

nyams la zhen pa med do X



The passions make their appearance yet, like the path of a bird in the sky, leave no trail.

In meditative experience there is no attachment, my Tingrians.





chos sku skye med nyi ma’i snying po ’dra //

’od la gsal ’grib med do X



Dharma Body is unproduced.  It’s like the very essence of the sun.

Its light knows neither illuminating nor shadow, my Tingrians.





rnam rtog dgrar lang khang stong rkun ma ’dra //

nor la shor thob med do X



Troubling thoughts, rising up like enemies, are like burglers in an empty room.

No loss or gain of wealth results, my Tingrians.





tshor ba rjes med chu yi ri mo ’dra //

’khrul snang rjes ’dzin med do X



Feelings vanish without a trace like ripples on the water.

Illusory phenomena have nothing to hang on to, my Tingrians.





bag chags dran ’dzin nam mkha’i ’ja’ ris ’dra //

zhen chags ngos bzung med do X



Hidden habitual tendencies, when mindful, are like rainbow patterns in the sky.

There is nothing definite to be addicted to, my Tingrians.





’gyu ba dwangs pa sprin bral nyi ma ’dra //

sems la blo gtad med do X



Vascillating thoughts, when clarified, are like the sun in a cloudless sky.

In your thoughts there are none you can rely on, my Tingrians.





’dzin med rang grol skyi bser rlung dang ’dra //

yul la zhen ’dzin med do X



Not attached, the mind frees itself up, like a fresh spring breeze.

There is nothing ‘out there’ to be attached to, my Tingrians.





rig pa dngos med nam mkha’i ’ja’ dang ’dra // [6v]

nyams la thog thub med do X



Awareness, being unobjectifiable, is like a rainbow in space.

Experience has nothing blocking its way, my Tingrians.





chos nyid don mthong lkug pa’i rmi lam ’dra //

tshig dang tha rnyed bral lo ding X



Dharma Proper, when you see what it is, it’s like the dream of a mute.

There is no word, no technical term for it, my Tingrians.





rtogs pa’i nyams shar gzhon nu’i bde ba ’dra //

dga’ bde brjod du med do X



When the realizational experience dawns, it’s like a youth’s orgasm.

It is happiness and delight beyond expressing, my Tingrians.





gsal stong dbyer med chu nang zla ba ’dra //

gang la’ang chags dogs med do X



The indivisibility of clarity and emptiness is like that of the moon upon water.

There is no obstructing it, no attachment at all, my Tingrians.





snang stong dbyer med nam mkha’ stong pa ’dra //

sems la mtha’ dbus med do X



Appearances and Void are indivisible, like empty sky.

In mind there is no center, no circumference, my Tingrians.





dran pa yengs med sgeg mo’i me long ’dra //

de la grub mtha’ med do X



Undistracted mindfulness is like an attractive woman’s mirror.

There is no philosophical school for that, my Tingrians.





rig stong dbyer med me long gzugs brnyan ’dra //

de la skye ’gag med do X



Indivisible awareness and emptiness is like a mirror and the reflections on it.

In this there is no production, no cessation, my Tingrians.





bde stong ’dzin med gangs la nyi shar ’dra //

de la ngos bzung med do X



Bliss - Emptiness is like blazing sunlight on a glacier.

In it there is nothing identifiable, my Tingrians.


[When the sun shines on snow, it melts... It also has a blinding light... overcomes dualistic vision...]





’khrul gtam rjes med brag cha lha mo ’dra // [7r]

sgra la ’dzin pa med do X



Delusory verbalizations are like the goddess of the echo.

In sound there is nothing to grasp onto, my Tingrians.





bde sdug ’khrul ’khor pi wang khong rgyun ’dra //

rgyu rkyen las la sbyor ro X



The delusory cycle that is happiness followed by sorrow is like the inside of the lute and its strings.

Work within karmic causes and conditions, my Tingrians.





’khor ’das rang grol byis pa’i rtsed mo ’dra //

sems la skye ’gag med do X



The self-disentangling of sangsara and nirvana is like childen’s play.

In mind there is nothing to promote or prevent, my Tingrians.





phyi nang spros pa rang gi sems la ’dus //

khyag rom chu ru zhu’o X



All entangling constructs (prapañca), whether inner or outer, go back to the very mind.

Ice does melt into water, my Tingrians.





ma rig ’khrul ’khor spang la chu rdol ’dra //

bkag pas kheg pa med do X



The delusory cycle of ignorance is like a spring spilling forth in a meadow.

It won’t be stopped by stopping it up, my Tingrians.





’khor ’das ’khrul snang sgra gzung bral ba ’dra //

ram mda’ bla ma lhag go X



The delusory appearances of sangsara & nirvana are like words you can’t quite catch.

If you require assistance, a Lama is best, my Tingrians.





sku lnga rang gsal gser gling bltas pa ’dra //

re dwogs spang blang med do X



The Five Bodies display themselves with their own light, like a glimpse of the golden isle.

No need for perfectionism or anxiety (lack of confidence), my Tingrians.





dal ’byor mi lus rin chen gser dang ’dra //

don med chud zos ma byed X



The fully endowed human body is precious beyond gold.

Don’t let it go to waste to no purpose, my Tingrians.





theg chen chos tshul yid bzhin nor bu ’dra // [7v]

btsal yang rnyed par dka’o X



The way of teaching of the Great Vehicle is like a wish-granting jewel.

However much you search, it’s nigh impossible to find, my Tingrians.





tshe ’di’i lto gos ji ltar byas kyang phyid //

mdo don chos la sgril zhig X



In this life the food and clothes you have will do.

The main thing is to be wrapped up in Dharma, my Tingrians.





gzhon nu’i dus su dka’ thub nyams len gyis //

rgas nas ’byung bas mi ’chun X



When young, take up the difficult practices.

When old, the elements won’t be up to it, my Tingrians.





nyon mongs skyes dus gnyen pos slebs par gyis //

mtshan ma rang sar grol lo X



The antidote has to get there the very moment afflictive mental events arise.

The marks dissolve on their own ground, my Tingrians.





skabs su ’khor ba’i sdug bsngal dran par gyis //

dad pa’i gsal ’debs yin no X



From time to time bring to mind the sufferings of the vicious circle.

This will bring new meaning to the word faith, my Tingrians.





da res brtson ’grus bskyed la rang sa zungs //

shi nas gar skye med do X



At times you arouse your efforts, but keep your own level.

No telling what you might be reborn as after death, my Tingrians.





tshe la long med rtsa kha’i zil ba ’dra //

le lo snyom las spongs shig ding X



There is no time to waste in life. It’s like a dewdrop on a blade of grass.

Lassitude and desultory efforts must be renounced, my Tingrians.





sangs rgyas bstan pa sprin bar nyi ma ’dra //

da res gsal bar yin no X  [8r]



The Buddha’s teachings are like the sun peering out between the clouds.

It’s shining for you this very moment, my Tingrians.





skyid sdug gnyis kyi le lan gzhan sems kyang //

rkyen rtsa rang la yod do X



Although you lay the blame for happiness and pain at the feet of others,

the foundations for their occurrence lay within yourselves, my Tingrians.





dad pa’i rkyen gyis bskur ba’i lam nye bas //

’khor ba’i nyes migs soms shig X



The Path on which you are urged on by faith is the shorter one.

So contemplate the faults of sangsara, my Tingrians.





grogs ngan bsten na spyod ngan shugs la ’gro //

sdig pa’i grogs po spongs shig X



If you keep bad company, bad behavior will naturally follow.

Give up sinful friends, my Tingrians.





grogs bzang bstan na yon tan shugs la ’byung //

dge ba’i bshes gnyen sten zhig X



If you keep good friends, good qualities will naturally emerge.

Rely on virtuous friends, my Tingrians.





g.yu sgyu rdzun gyis rang dang gzhan yang slu //

dpang po sems la tshol zhig X



With deceits, tricks and lies you mislead not only others, but yourself.

Seek out the testifying witness for this in your own thoughts, my Tingrians.





ma rig ’phrul pa phung ’dre’i rtsa ba yin //

bshes bzhin dran pas bzungs shig X



Ignorance’s projections supply with ground the demons of catastrophe.

Capture them with recollection and mindfulness, my Tingrians.





dug lnga dug gsum gzhoms na lam thag nye // [8v]

gnyen po thugs la sten cig X



If you’ve subdued the five poisons, the three poisons, the Path will be a piece of cake.

Deploy their antidotes in your minds, my Tingrians.





brtson ’grus mthu stobs chung bas ’tshang mi rgya //

go chas slebs par gyis cig X



Low-energy efforts won’t make you a Buddha.

Well armored [with effort] you must get there, my Tingrians.





bag chags grogs yun ring bas phyi ’dod ’ong //

’das pa’i rjes ’jug ma byed X


Since karma’s hidden traces, your longterm friends, will follow you to the next life.

Don’t follow after the traces of the past, my Tingrians.





sems la go rtogs chung na gsol ba thob //

rtogs pa shugs la ’char ro X



If your understanding and realization are small, make a prayer.

Realizations will emerge in force, my Tingrians.





phyi mar skyid par ’dod na sdug sran skyed //

sangs rgyas rtsa na gda’o X



If you want to be happy in future lives, develop endurance.

You’re in Buddha’s neighborhood, my Tingrians.





’dus pa’i snga dro ’bral ba’i brda zhig ’byung //

’du ’bral sems la gzan no X



In the morning of first meeting, there is a sign of separation.

Meetings and partings eat away at the mind, my Tingrians.





grogs po phal cher phyi ma’i gnas su thal //

mdza’ grogs rgyag phye yod dam X



Your friends for most part will not be with you in your next life.

Have your friends packed their travel food, my Tingrians?





sdug bsngal thams cad sdig pa’i las las byung // [9r]

sdig pa chung yang spongs shig X



All sufferings are karmic results of sins.

So abandon even the least of sins, my Tingrians.





bde ba thams cad dge ba’i las las byung //

dge ba chung yang sgrubs shig X



All comfort is karmic result of virtue.

Accomplish even the least of virtues, my Tingrians.





dge sdig rgyu las ’bras bu bde sdug ’byung //

sdig spong dge ba sags shig X



With virtues and sins as causes, comforts and sufferings are the results.

Renounce sins and accumulate virtues, my Tingrians.





a tsa ra ni ding rir mi sdod ’gro //

sgro ’dogs da lta chod cig X



The Atsara is going, not staying in Tingri.

Stop being unrealistic this moment, my Tingrians.*


*This also could be read as saying that Padampa is telling his Tingrians that if they require any clarifications, now is the time to ask.





ngas ni g.yeng ba med par sgrub pa byas //

khyed kyang rjes su zhugs shig ding ri ba //



I worked hard at the practices, never turning away.

You must follow this example, my Tingrians.



de ltar rje btsun dam pa’i zhal gdams ’di //

rang gzhan yongs la phan phyir bkod pa yis //

thos tshod rgyud la khol zhig shes ldan dag //

dge bas phan bde rgya cher ’phel gyur cig //



These words of advice of the Revered and Holy Teacher

were compiled in order to benefit self and others.

Whatever you learn keep in mind, my mindful ones.

Through the virtue that accrues to this work may happiness and benefit be widely multiplied.



par ’di shrî chu bzang sgrub sder bzhugs / shu bham //



These woodblock printing blocks are kept at glorious Chuzang Drubdé (chu bzang sgrub sde).  Shubham!






§  §  §


Translated by Dan Martin and Penpa Dorjee.  Many of the translated verses incorporate understandings gained while reading them together with Dr. Penpa Dorjee of the Central Institute of Higher Tibetan Studies (Sarnath), who must therefore be regarded as co-translator.

Source of the text:  Rudolf Kaschewsky, Die Lehrworte des Pha-dam-pa, contained in: R. Kaschewsky, et al., eds., Serta Tibeto-Mongolica (Wiesbaden 1973) 171-204, at pp. 174-183 (the woodblock folio numbers are the ones given here).  The title of the text as found here is: Pha rje btsun dam pa sangs rgyas kyi zhal gdams ding ri brgya rtsa ma.  The text as given here is a transcription of the woodblock print reproduced in this book.  The English translation also largely follows this version, not always.


I also made use of a Tingri Langkhor (Ding-ri Glang-’khor) woodblock print in 12 folios. 


The classic English translation is the one done by Lama Kazi Dawa-Samdup and edited by W.Y. Evans-Wentz, contained in: The Tibetan Book of the Great Liberation, Oxford University Press (Oxford 1970, reprint of 1954 edition), pp. 241-254.  It can always be found somewhere on the internet if you care to look for it.


There is an English translation by June Campbell, The 100 Verses of Advice of the Jetsun Padampa Sangyes to the People of Tingri, Kailash, vol. 2, no. 3 (1974), pp. 199-206.  Here is a direct link to the PDF. 


One might compare the fine English translation of John Canti as found in Dilgo Khyentse, The Hundred Verses of Advice of Padampa Sangye, Shechen (Kathmandu 2002).  This very reasonably priced book is especially valued as one of a very few sources for traditional explanations of The Tingri Hundred in any language.


For another English translation, see David Molk & Lama Tsering Wangdu Rinpoche, trs., Lion of Siddhas:  The Life & Teachings of Padampa Sangye, Snow Lion (Ithaca 2008), pp. 114-119. 


Teachings by Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche, translated by Lama Yeshe Gyamtso, have been recorded on six hours of video contained on 4 DVDs with the title “Padampa Sangye’s 80 Verses of Advice to the People of Dingri” (available from www.vajraechoes.com).  Despite the title, this is based on the Tingri Hundred (Ding ri brgya rtsa).  I enjoyed watching this very much, and therefore warmly recommend it.

I will provide a link to a large file containing versions/editions of all the different ‘Last Testaments’ of Padampa before very long.