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Links for Tibskrit and Tibschol (& TibHist, & TibProp)

IMPORTANT NOTE!  As of Jan. 25, 2012, most of the Megaupload links have already been replaced with Dropbox links (now that it's March 21, I think they ALL have been replaced...  I hope so).  

Note, too:  All of these files are made available freely and for free, they are not and cannot be used for any commercial purpose.  That includes websites that want to charge people for downloads. It especially includes them.  As of May 5, 2014, Dropbox has been causing me trouble, too.  I hope I won't have to find still another method.  Well, as of 2019, it seems Dropbox gives less reason for complaint.

This is the place where I do my best to keep working links (in the form of URLs) to Word and PDF versions of large files made available through (but not actually contained within) Tibeto-logic blogspot and Tibetological website.*  It is constantly under revision, as links expire and new files (or newly revised versions of files) are put up.  What you see below is informal and messy, but just go to the blue or purple URLs, tap on them, and you should be on your way. 
(*Why do I do it?  Blogs like Tibeto-logic don't allow attachments, so instead I link to pages at the Tibetological website.  In case the files are too large even for that, as they often are, I have found some other method that will allow others to download the files to their own computers.)

Do you need anything that is here?  

Most of these things (primarily indices and bibliographies) are of use to Tibetologists only, although I believe  they should also be of use to some other people, especially Buddhologists and Indologists.  If you are shocked at the very idea of reading Tibetan or Sanskrit... and if English (or even German, Italian or French) is your language of preference, go directly to TibSchol bibliography.  You can basically just ignore the rest of the things that are here.  Well, perhaps if you have an interest in Bon religion, you will also want the Bon Bibliography.

TibVocab, as the name suggests, a vocabulary of Tibetan words, is not found here at all, although I think of putting it up.  The only version of it made public is the one forming a part of the THlib's "Tibetan-to-English Translation Tool." It was put there without any hint that it is supposed to be keyed to a bibliography, and since it is a citation dictionary, I would think that the bibliographical information is essential, really.  That means it is largely useless for serious Tibetological researchers. That's why I have put up the bibliographic key, "TibVocab Biblio," here.  Update (May 2020): Tibetan Vocabulary has now been put up in two linked parts here: https://sites.google.com/view/tibvocab/home.

is an ordinary Word file created on a Mac.  It shouldn't be any problem to open if you have a 21st-century machine.  It is entirely in Gentium, a Unicode font (so do make sure you open it in a type of file that allows you to view Unicode; the specific font doesn't matter).  Use it for your own personal research purposes, but also share it with anyone you know that can make use of it.  There are already plans underway to put it into a database format that may also make it possible (to some degree) for users to add information of their own.*

*The first publicly released version of Tibskrit was put up in March 2006, at this address (thanks to help from old friend Kurt Keutzer):
I believe it is still there, but I no longer recommend it.

Although I suppose it is possible, I doubt that anyone who has not studied some amount of Tibetan and/or Sanskrit will be able to make very much use of Tibskrit.  For the most recent upload, scroll down below (ignoring the blackout).

TibProp is a dictionary/index of Tibetan personal and place names (as well as some book titles, names of teachings, schools and the like).  So far only a few hundred pages worth has been uploaded, but when it is done it will be the equivalent of a 1,500 page book.

Still other things will be found, with their links, at the end of this file.

I would like to remind you that the blacked-out text exists here for historical purposes only. There is nothing of contemporary relevance (the blacked-out links have expired).

Actually, I must confess that my attempt to make this file into an attachment failed.

So I went to an upload site instead.

It shouldn't take long for the download.  Do it soon, since there is no guarantee it will still be there next month.

Your link to the Tibskrit file is (or used to be) this: http://www.savefile.com/files/1849157

But as of October 10, 2009, it appears that "savefile" is a complete dead end.  Therefore I put up a NEWER version of Tibskrit on "megaupload" site (the Word & PDF files are identical in their content, really!).  This NEWER version is a bit short of being 2,500 pages in length, a gain of about 500 pages over the earlier version:

Here is the Word document version of Tibskrit 2009 (16 megabytes):



Following is the PDF version of Tibskrit 2009 (24 megabytes):


These two just-given links were checked and still working on April 4, 2010.  They are now dead.

New links as of February 1, 2011. 

Note: Megaupload makes you wait 45 seconds before the "Regular Download" button will appear. Have a little patience.

Here is the Word document version of Tibskrit 2011:



Following is the PDF version of Tibskrit 2011:


For an introduction to Tibskrit, see the Tibeto-logic blog for Feb. 2, 2011:

Here is the Word document version of Tibskrit 2011:



Following is the PDF version of Tibskrit 2011:


For those who prefer to have Tibskrit 2011 in a database format (xml, stardict, babylon or html), try going to the site of Dharma Drum Buddhist College near Taipei:

Then search the page for "Tibskrit."  There are other interesting databases here that could be worth checking out even if you're not interested in Tibskrit in these particular forms.  I know I'm not.

In April of 2014, Tibskrit 2014 was released.

For the direct download of Tibskrit 2014, go here (I haven't put up a PDF version of it):

or this:


Now there is "Tibskrit 2016" —

§   §   §

And you might also want to download the Tibschol bibliography:

Word document: http://www.savefile.com/files/1938952

PDF version: http://www.savefile.com/files/1938958

Those links were not working on April 4, 2010, so, try clicking HERE & for the PDF click HERE.  

Unfortunately Tibschol is not available at the moment (September 2010).  Come back in a few weeks and the problem ought to be fixed.

OK!  Here are new links (Sept. 2010) for Tibschol (choose the Word document or the PDF according to your wish):

Word document of Tibschol:

PDF of Tibschol:

OK!  Here are new links (January 2012) for Tibschol version 2010 (choose the Word document or the PDF according to your wish):

Word document of Tibschol:


PDF of Tibschol:
Free forever!

I will do everything in my power to prevent and combat the unlawful sale of Tibskrit and Tibschol.  Download sites do not have the right to take even a single penny for it.

§   §   §

The link to TibHist (Tibetan Histories: Addenda et Corrigenda) is:


§   §   §

Feb. 23, 2012, update

On October 16, 2011, I put two files up on (now defunct) Megaupload.  HTML is the only form in which they are available at the moment (January 25, 2012).  One is the first 1/16th of a Tibetan Proper Names Index.  The other is a bibliographical key to the same.  The content of "TibProp" (or PropNames) was introduced at this blog page:

Note:  At the moment, TibProp 2012 is the latest version available, it only supplies coverage up to the middle of the third level of the Tibetan alphabet, containing about 1/7th of the whole work (ending with the entry for Dge-legs-bshes-gnyen).  The remainder is currently being revised and may take some time to complete.

URL for html version of  PropNames Pt 1:



TibProp 2012  (a longer version of PropNames Pt 1):

Please pass the working links along to anyone you think may be interested.

Now fascicles of Tibprop are being put up on fascicle at a time at Tiblical website.  As of April 26, 2014, seven numbered fascicles (covering the alphabet up to the letter DA) plus the bibliographic key may be found here:

As of September 2018, the fascicles at Tiblical have been taken down and moved to a new website.  About half of the alphabet has been completed, and is available in a single file (you can cut-&-paste it into your own Word file if you like, and keep it on your own computer).  A second page contains the bibliographical references.  What was once called PropNames, is now called "Tibetan Proper Name Index," or "TPNI."

TibProp, or Tibetan Proper Name Index (TPNI) is now 2/3rds finished (in 2020) and posted at its own website:


+  +  +

January 19, 2012

Zhang Works (downloads from Dropbox):

Word document version:


PDF of the same:


The Gung-thang Dkar-chag (HTML version only):

- - -

Tibetan texts, scanned by myself, in PDF format (uploaded Jan. 2012):

Dröm Encouragement:

Padampa Medicine Text:

Each of these has an associated blog entry at Tibet-logic (that could explain to you what they are):

Dröm Encouragement:

Padampa Medicine Text:

Bön Bibliography:

The earliest public release of this work was at the Ligmincha website, but it was subsequently takn down.
The bibliography of the Bon religion exists right at Tibetological website (html), but once you get there, use the download links to get the Word and PDF versions:

It's introduced at this Tibeto-logic blog:

It is now (2020) to be found at a newly dedicated website named Bon Bibliography: