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Encyclopedia of Laser Physics and Technology

NIST: Atomic Spectra Database

Animated Infra-Red Spectroscopy (AIRS) - A library of IR spectra linked to animations of the molecular vibrations giving rise to peaks.

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Encyclopedia of Life Sciences

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Yan Freng: very interesting Laser Blog 

Song: Ultrafast High Intensity Laser 

2Physics: a more general blog on different topics in Physics

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SCIRUS: search engine for scientific information only 

Science Blogs Search: maintained by Yan Freng 

Online Books

Quantum Mechanics in Chemistry, By Jack Simons and Jeff Nichols

Applied Radiation Chemistry: Radiation, By Robert J. Woods and Alexei K. Pikaev

Effects of Ion Radiation on Cells and Tissues, By M. Scholz

Virtual Textbook of Organic Chemistry By Prof. William Reusch, Michigan State University, Chemistry Department

A History of Elementary Mathematics By Florian Cajo

Books that I own (in .pdf)

I also have other books that I scanned myself (see below). If you need one, and if you swear that you are not going to sell it, or give it to someone else, eat or drink it, I can send it to you. 

Chemical Applications to Ultrafast Spectroscopy, By Graham R. Fleming (University of Chicago) 

Spectroscopie, cours et exercices, By J. Michael Hollas; translation from english by Daniel Simon

Optique non-lineaire cours et problemes, By Francoi Sanchez

Introduction to Laser Physics, By Koichi Shimoda (Second Edition)

Interaction Laser Molecule. Physique du Laser et optique non-lineaire moleculaire, By J.R. Lalanne, A Ducasse, and S. Kilich

Thermodynamics and the Kinetic Theory of Gases, Pauli Lectures on Physics, by Wolfgang Pauli

Statistical Thermodynamics, By Erwin Schrodinger

Introduction to Quantum Field Theory, By F. Mandl (University of Manchester)


To convert frequency, wavelength, and energy values use this calculator.