Updated Sept 9, 2016

My name is David I, along with my wife Leah, have been researching this line for several years. Most of the information gathered has been through family or the web. Some of the pictures, particularly those of headstones in and around Bowling Green, Ky were taken by us on a trip researching the cemeteries that have Tibbs.

What history of my line we do know, and relay on this site is from actual records. Notes are in orange and  where there is speculation, it is noted.

Although the majority of these pages contain my own Tibbs family research, other Tibbs lines may find some of the information useful in theirs. See the "Visiting Tibbs & Connections Pages" in the navigation bar to the left.

The goal is to not only help in me in my search, but to connect other Tibbs researchers and related connections.
Tibbs lines, at least mine, have lead to many mysteries and dead ends, people have not researched and documented this line as has been done with other family surnames. Hopefully, together,  we can place some of the pieces to the puzzle together.

Our philosophy on sharing family history:

Some people have a tendency to hold onto the research they have done and share it with as few people as possible. I do not hold to this theory, what good does it do to keep it all to yourself? Imagine if everyone felt the need to keep to themselves what they have or have found, only public records and what has been written in books would be available to most. How many stories would be lost if they were never passed on like they were to them?

My wife has an old family bible, she is currently scanning some of the pages and sharing them with other people. What if that bible were to become so deteriorated that it was no longer legible? What if it were to somehow be destroyed? The contents, no matter how much research someone did in the future, would be gone forever!

What if you were to leave this earth? Would all the family history go with you? If so, why are you doing all the hard work only to have it all be for nothing?

We do not own history, in order for there to be history it must be passed on, the good and bad. The exception is with the living, privacy must remain a top concern and should only be given with permission.

Sharing with others not only helps me, but you as well. And when you learn something new that helps, be sure to thank that person and give them credit if that's their wish.

Family history mistakes:

One pitfall in doing family history research is to take information from one site or family tree and import it into your own. We do use sites such as Ancestry.com and others to find information, but always look to see what records are actually attached to that individual to back up the claim.

So many family trees are imported and many with the same information, but nothing to back any of it up. Please, never import another tree into your own without doing your research first! This is how so much misinformation is passed on. It would be rare to find your entire families history at the easy click of a button as some of the commercials make it sound.


Allman, Allen, Beason/Beeson, Bolton, Braswell, Bratton, Brown, Bunch, Carter, Cockrell, Cole, Dunning, Edge, Ferrell, Foster, Gentry, Gipson, Grimes, Goode, Harris, Hendrick, Hickey, Honeycutt, Hoover, Howell, Hudson, Johnson, Jones, Justice, Kerley, LaFever, Loafman, Martin, Meeks, Mercer, Merritt, Poland, Roberson, Sailings, Taylor, Thacker, Thomas, Tibbs, Tillson, Vickers, Welch, Whitaker, Wilson, Wood, Woosley.

Some of these are known direct connections and some are on Tibbs that are presumed to be related, but their connection has not been confirmed. See "My Tibbs Line" in the navigation bar to the left for a more complete explanation.

Find A Grave: Here is the link to my Find A Grave member page.

We are now linked to the DeKalb & Smith County Surnames on TNGenWeb.
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