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I think this pair of cardinals might have a nest in that brush pile.  Did you know they mate for life?  They sing and trill  constantly, and are so busy.  I love having them around our place.  I didn't see very many in suburbia, and I'm enjoying their company.

We have two resident Woodpeckers which I think are a mated pair. Please let me know if you can identify the type.  I love birds, but I suck at identification. Still learning! It's a hobby I intend to work on.  We got a book and binoculars just for that.  Here's a pic my hubby took .  They just love our pecan trees!

If  you can identify the woodpecker, please drop me an email at luvmibearboi@yahoo.com

Every year I wait for the arrival of our hummingbirds.  They are ruby-throated hummers, and I absolutely love watching them.   There is nothing better than sitting on the porch with a glass of tea and being entertained with the antics of hummingbirds.  I have even had a few hover right in front of my face. 


Here's one of them visiting our feeder.  This summer I had three feeders and they were draining them every day!

Damon caught this shot of the heron that hangs out on our place.  I think he's trying to "one up" me in the photography area.  All I  know is it's a good one and it goes on the site.  Ha ha!  Loves ya, honey! I think it's a Great Blue Heron.  What do ya'll think? 

Tia is on a mission.  We have a few roadrunners around here, and I have got to capture a photograph.  It's not going to be easy.  I never see them sitting still.  They're almost always crossing the road heading into the brush.  Wish me luck!  (So far...I haven't had any luck.)


Mrs. Killdeer

She's griping at me for getting too close to her nest.  I don't blame her.  Just look at what she's protecting...

They blend right in with the rocks on our driveway.  I'm just glad she laid them on the side and not in the middle.

I can't wait to see her babies.  We may end up with little Killdeers all over our place.


Baby Killdeer

Hatched April 2008

I wasn't home when the eggs finally hatched, but my daughter was. She called me all excited. "Mom, we've got baby birdies!!! You know the little bird by the driveway that we've been watching?? Her eggs hatched! One of them is all ready walking around, and another one is coming out of its egg!" I told her to go grab the camera and take some pictures for me. I think she did a great job, and what a wonderful thing for her to experience.  One of the four eggs didn't hatch, because it had a crack.  Sad, but things like that happen.


Make your own hummingbird nectar.  It's better for them and cheaper for you!

1 Part sugar to 3 parts water. Refrigerate unused nectar until needed. Do not add red food coloring.  It is not necessary and effects on hummers are not known.