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Harley Lynn

February 9, 1999 to April 14, 2008

Harley aka Har Har is our black cocker spaniel.  Damon, insists she has some Sneaky Pete in her bloodline.  I do know she's not the classic cocker spaniel, pretty as a picture and all that.  At this point, it doesn't really matter.  She has her health issues, but she is still well-loved and makes wonderful "yard art."  We call her that because she likes to park herself on the St. Augustine grass and nap all day.

Update on Harley

We lost our Harley yesterday.... April 14, 2008. 

We will all miss her so much.  Harley's health was deteriorating over the past two years. She had developed hypothyroidism, and it wore her body down. She also had hip problems. In spite of all that, she smiled and was always wagging her tail.  She refused to stay behind on our walks and was our shadow.  A slow one, but she never gave up. 

 She was Rudy's best friend, and took away his backyard loneliness. I remember the day we got her.  She was so tiny, and curled up in the corner asleep.  (That was always one of her favorite things to do.) My Bailey and I decided we wanted "that one."  We took her home, and she was our Har Har Harley Boo the rest of her life.  We love you, Harley Boo!

(I'll be adding some favorite Harley pics later because they have to be scanned.  We got her before the world of digital cameras.)


Ellie the Brush Pile Cat

Bailey dug her out of a brush pile in our front pasture. We all tried to find the kitty, but Bailey wouldn't give up on it.  She just kept digging and looking. Ellie sounded so pitiful and it just broke our heart that we might not be able to get to her.  Finally,  Ellie's little head popped up out of that dirt.  She was cold and covered in mud.  Bailey was in tears.  " See Momma.  I told you I'd get her!"  Bailey carried Ellie in to her new home, and she's been with us ever since.


Jimmy Jack Hollywood aka JJ

JJ joined our family last year.  Thank you, Damon for making my dream come true!  Gorgeous buckskin quarter horse and champion show horse descended from Doc Bar. He's pretty and has the ribbons to prove it! We bought him from my cousin.  Leah, I love you!  She was giving up the ranch life and wanted him to have a good home.   JJ can be a handful at times, but I just adore him. Very spirited and spoiled rotten.  He has quite the personality, and just loves to have his butt scratched.  He is really good with the younger kiddoes and reserves any testiness for me! 



A very special quarter horse that belongs to my father-in-law.  He stays with us so he can have a pasture buddy, and well...cause we all love him.  It's a lot more enjoyable to have  2 horses than one.  Double the fun!  Rowdy is gentle,  loving and follows us around the pasture like a puppy. He helps calm JJ down and isn't scared to take the lead across the metal bridge down the road.  My father-in-law raised him from a colt, and trained him so well they even became champions in the roping arena.  Team-penning pros!  He's got a saddle that says so! Rowdy has been roping since he was two, and will turn 15 this year.  He still loves the thrill of a fast run and prefers to take the lead.

How to describe Jake???  Hhhmmm my husband says, "He's a COOL cat."  I poke fun at my Damon, because Damon's never been a cat person and now he has his very own.  "Damon has a ca-at. Damon has a cat!"  Then I giggle.  I truly never thought I'd see this happen. Jake stretches out across the back of Damon's chair every evening.  Male bonding at it's best.

We got Jake from a friend, who thought Jake needed a country home. Jake likes to hunt outside, and due to increased traffic, he was worried Jake might get hit. We needed a cat and Jake needed a home. Perfect solution. He told us that Jake had brought him mice, snakes, possums, large rats, rabbits, and skunks. This is not your normal cat. Did I mention he swims? Yep, you read that right. He swims, and he LIKES it! 

Jake is a solid black Manx. I say solid black, but he does have one white spot about the size of a dime and various battle scars. He is big with huge fangs, and the site of him has scared quite a few of my kids' friends. LOL! He's been compared to a panther. My mom calls him gorgeous, but I'm not quite sure that's the right description. Striking, regal, fierce, intimidating....
He patrols our property diligently, and the feral tom that sometimes roams the area has been put on notice. ha ha! One of Jake's war wounds is a result of that encounter. Something tells me they don't like each other very much.

Our friend recently called and asked if he could borrow Jake back for awhile. Seems some skunks have taken up residence underneath his office. Funny....we haven't had a problem with them lately...

 Ruger the Heat-Seeking Missile

This bomb was dropped around Christmas.  Tia adopted again...sorry, honey!  Sorry to my other animals, too.  None of our furry critters want to be his friend.  I think he might be growing on Harley, but it may just be that she has accepted her fate as his target.   Ruger gets this wild look in his eyes like he has spied a T-bone steak. (See above)  The next thing ya know, one of the dogs is biting the dust.   He literally whomps them one and plows them right over.  Crazy.  We hope he'll grow out of that eventually.  He is friendly, loveable, and is learning fast.  Smart...that's a good thing in a puppy, especially when he's a heat-seeking missile.

I'll be adding kitty care tips later.....