Critters 'N Wild Things 

My Country Life with Animal Yard Art Included

 This country girl got tired of the hectic city life, and the quiet rural world I ran from once has now become my sanctuary.

My family is my heart.  Damon and I were married in 1990.  Our family grew in 1992 with the birth of Caden Kirk.  He is our gift from God.  We were once again blessed with Bailey Kate in 1994.

I have a deep respect and love for the animal world.  Learning all that I can and sharing that information is my newest endeavor.

This household has 4 dogs, 2 cats, 2 horses and 3 fish.  Tia retains the option to update that at anytime because, as Damon says, no telling what I might drag home on any given day.

 We lost our Harley April 14th 2008

Do I know my dogs or what?

Rudy, my Brittany Spaniel, is 12 years old now.  He is the King around our house.  The ultimate expert in all things dog!  Just send your pooch to our house to learn all about counter surfing or trash patrol. Rudy has it covered. 

What is counter surfing?  Well....that's when your dog cruises through the kitchen after a meal checking to see if anything might be left in his reach.  Rudy has been known to sneak a pork chop or two off the plate that is sitting just in his reach.  He is the master of food theft, and counters are no obstacle.  Sometimes he doesn't wait until after the meal either.  Just any opportunity when Mom isn't paying quite the attention she needs to be! Rudy and Harley, our oldest Cocker, have been known to work in cahoots on this mission..  He knocks the desired delicacy to the floor and they share the spoils.  Ahhh....teamwork!


Bear!   aka  Boo or BearBoi....(Big Sigh)  I adore him....dang, he's a gorgeous Cocker!  I should have bred this one.  I don't know what I was thinking.  If I could clone him, I would.  Check out his picture and be jealous.  He only loves me! He will have to have a whole page for me to tell you what has gone on in this puppy's short life.  He's a tough little guy and is the one I call my "Heart Healer."  More on that later, I promise. 


My little man, Bear! He suffered spinal cord damage last spring and lost his ability to walk.  This is him a year later! Proof that God indeed works miracles.







Animals Rock My World