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Steer and Slide (Unity3D, C# Scripts, C++ Plugin) [Blog]

Game Description:
Steer and Slide is a game that delivers stunning motion-controlled tunnel exploring experience. In this game, player are sliding into an infinite long tunnel. In order to get higher score, players need to accelerate them up by stepping on those boosts and try to avoid the obstacles which will block them. Wave your body to steer your avatar and slide as fast as possible!

  • Highly Immerse Game Experience: Steer and Slide takes captured frames from a web-camera as its input. We allow players use body movement (leaning/waving left/right) to control the avatar, together with the first person camera to make players wholly immersed. The number of the players is not fixed, everyone can take participation in the game no matter there is a single player or group of audience.
  • Diverse items in the Game: There are various of items dynamically generated in the game which can either help players (accelerate them up or make them invulnerable) or make troubles (block their movements, reverse the control or distort the screen).

  • Dynamic Scenes: players can either choose fixed levels or dynamically generated level in Steer and Slide. Players will always get surprised when playing the game. 
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Game Demo:

Steer and Slide Demo