Q: Why did you establish Tian Hong foundation?

Tian Hong foundation was built upon the passion of the founders for the beautiful Chinese arts and culture, as well as their aspiration to promote cultural exchange and understanding among people from various ethnic and cultural background.

Q: What is unique about Tian Hong foundation?

Tian Hong foundation will be collaborating with various arts and cultural organizations to promote the unique Chinese dance, music and ancient literature and arts.  It will also be reaching out to various cultural groups from different parts of the world and facilitate cultural exchange in an un-biased way.

Q: What are the main events sponsored or organized by Tian Hong foundation?

Tian Hong foundation plans to launch and sponsor several key events every year:

1.  Free cultural seminars, which will feature reputed speakers and dancing performances from various cultural and arts groups in the bay area;

2.  Free performance shows, which will feature famous Chinese dance dramas and colorful ethnic and folk dances with official stage setting;

3.  Free performances for community based events, e.g. Cupertino Earth Day, De Anza Cultural Night, etc.

4.  Various art competition and appreciation events to promote arts and cultural exchange in the bay area.