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Tian Hong Foundation launch 2019 "Cross Cultural Appreciation" Art Competition for artists 21 or under! Online July 31, 2019  
Tian Hong Foundation hosted "The Multicultural Bay Area" art competition for artists with age from 6 to 18 Online June 30, 2018  
Tian Hong Foundation hosts free public seminar "Art Connects Cultures through Humanity We Share as Women" Cupertino Quinlan Center, Social Room December 16, 2017  
Tian Hong Foundation published English version book "The Pearls in Poems" on November 1, 2017  
Tian Hong Foundation sponsored and co-managed Fantasia annual performance featuring "The Ghost Buster Zhong Kui" Milpitas Chinese Cultural Center September 1, 2017  
Tian Hong Foundation performed Chinese ribbon dance - "The Cursive Calligraphy" at Oregon Shakespeare Festival Oregon July 6, 2017  
Tian Hong Foundation hosts free public seminar "Women's Self Care - body, mind and soul" Cupertino Quinlan Center, Social Room June 25, 2017 2pm 
Tian Hong Foundation hosts free public seminar 1, Live Life to the Fullest, bu How? 2, The Anxiety, Challenge and Science of Parenting" Cupertino Quinlan Center, Social Room March 26, 2017 2pm 
Tian Hong Foundation interviewed founder and art director of Yao Yong Dance - Mr Yao Yong   December 30, 2016  
Tian Hong Foundation publish English version of "Twelve Secrets to a Woman's Happiness" Amazon Kindle August 16, 2016  
Tian Hong Foundation publish Chinese version of the book "幸福女人 美好生活的十二秘诀“  May 19, 2015  
Fantasia 2014 Annual Performance Show De Anza VPAC November 15, 2014 7:30pm 
Tian Hong Foundation Cultural Seminar Series 1 - Connection between Chinese medicine and Chinese philosophy Cupertino Community Hall July 21, 2014 7pm 
De Anza Cultural Night Performance De Anza Visual Performing Arts Center May 23, 2014 6pm 
Cupertino Earth Day - Green Earth Dance Performance Cupertino library April 5, 2014 11am 
Fantasia 2013 Annual Performance De Anza Visual Performing Arts Center October 26, 2013 7pm 
De Anza Cultural Night - various cultural music and dances De Anza VPAC May 31, 2013 6pm 
Cupertino Earth Day - Chinese dance performance Cupertino library April 6, 2013 2pm 
Annual Performance Show Post Mortem Meeting Fremont September 23, 2012 2pm 
Fantasia 2012 Annual Performance Show San Jose September 15, 2012 7pm 
Foundation Board Meeting Cupertino Headquarter August 12, 2012 10am 
SF ArtMRKT Tour San Francisco May 20, 2012 11am 
Showing 22 items