Who We Are

Tian Hong foundation was established in California in 2011.  Our mission is to help more people, especially the younger generations better understand and appreciate the beautiful artistic creations from various cultures and thus share the greater love among human society, which is above and beyond ethnic and political boundaries.

Our Current Work

In the near term, we will focus on promoting better understanding and appreciation of ancient Chinese culture, arts and philosophy in the US.  The foundation will be organizing / sponsoring free Chinese dancing performances, providing free seminars about ancient Chinese poems, calligraphy and arts.  

Our Future

Longer term, the foundation also intends to organize multi-cultural art events by inviting speakers and artists and expand the influence to broader community.

The Foundation also intends to provide educational resources to general public by way of establishing online web sites / blog about ancient Chinese culture, facilitating book sharing and small discussion groups to promote such mission.  We will also initiate close collaboration with other non-profit cultural organizations as needed to achieve the right mix of activities.