Dr. Tia Miceli

 Postdoctoral Scholar
New Mexico State University
Experimental High Energy Particle Physics

I am currently a postdoctoral scholar with New Mexico State University working on the MicroBooNE experiment. Currently I am leading efforts to improve our measurement of neutrino cross sections and oscillations by measuring and improving our understanding of our neutrino source, the Booster Neutrino Beam at Fermilab. Other efforts can be found in the links above!

I earned my Ph.D. in physics at UC Davis in 2013. For my dissertation I studied the rate at which Z bosons decay to neutrinos by selecting proton-proton collisions with a single initial state photon and missing transverse energy at the Large Hadron Collider using the Compact Muon Solenoid detector in Geneva, Switzerland. This monophoton signature is also used to limit a theory of extra spatial dimensions as well as to place limits on dark matter. As part of the experiments upgrades, I built and characterized a Gas Electron Multiplier chamber that will replace the Resistive Plate Chambers. 

I earned my M.S. in physics at UC Davis in 2009 as I continued on as a Ph.D. student.

I earned my B.S. with "Very High Honors" in physics also at UC Davis in 2006. I wrote an undergraduate thesis on the number density of brown dwarfs in our local cluster of stars.