Working Papers

"Winning the Oil Lottery: The Impact of Natural Resource Extraction on Growth" (with D. da Mata and F. Toscani). Companion video with the geographic distribution of drilling activity in Brazil from 1940-2000:

"(Mis)Allocation Effects of an Overpaid Public Sector" (with Marcelo Santos)

"Intermediation Costs and Welfare under Consumer Bankruptcy(with  A. Antunes  and A. Villamil)

"Network Cohesion" (with C. Giannitsarou and C. Johnson).

Publication by Topics

Finance, Growth, and Development

"The Effects of Credit Subsidies on Development"  (with  A. Antunes  and A. Villamil).  Economic Theory, (2015), 58(1): 1-30. (Lead article). Note with results for the Brazilian calibration. Related article on Brazilian Newspaper Valor Econômico.

"The Welfare Gains of Financial Liberalization: Capital Accumulation and Heterogeneity(with  A. Antunes ). Journal of European Economic Association,  (2013), 11(6): 1348-1381.  Extended version with the computation method and some sensitivity analysis.
"Costly Intermediation & Consumption Smoothing(with  A. Antunes  and A. Villamil).   Economic Inquiry, (2013), 51 (1): 459-472.

"The Effect of Financial Repression & Enforcement on Entrepreneurship and Economic Development" (with  A. Antunes  and A. Villamil).  Journal of Monetary Economics, (2008), 55 (2): 278-297.

"Computing General Equilibrium Models with Occupational Choice and Financial Frictions" (with   A. Antunes   and A. P. Villamil). Journal of Mathematical Economics, (2008), 44 (7-8): 553-568.

"Start Up Costs, Limited Enforcement, and the Hidden Economy" (wtih  A. Antunes ), European Economic Review(2007), 57 (1): 203-224.

"Corruption, Credit Market Imperfections, and Economic Development" (with  A. Antunes ).   Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, (2003), 4 (43), 627-642.

Female Labor Participation, Policies, Growth and Development

"Assessing the "Engines of Liberation": Home Appliances and Female Labor Force Participation" (with J. Tavares).  Review of Economics and Statistics(2008)90 (1)81-88.

Inequality, Growth, and Development

"Cheap Home Goods and Persistent Inequality" (with J. Alexopoulos). Economic Theory, (2010), 45 (3): 417-451.

"Barriers to Skill Acquisition in Brazil: Public and Private School Students Performance in a Public University Entrance Exam" (with J. Guimarães and B. Sampaio). Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, (2010), 50 (4): 395-407.  (Lead article).

"Child Labor and School Policies" Revista Brasileira de Economia, (2003), 57 (4).

Policies, Growth, and Development

"Religion in Macroeconomics: A Quantitative Theory of Weber's Hypothesis" (with S. Parente and R. Zhao)Economic Theory, (2007), 32 (1): 105-123.

"Layoff Costs, Tenure, and the Labor Market"  Economics Letters, (2004), 84 (3): 383-390.

"The Optimal Inflation Tax and Structural Reform."(with A. P. Villamil)Macroeconomic Dynamics, (2003), 7 (3), 333-362.

"Institutions and Economic Development: How Strong Is the Relation?" (with Álvaro Novo). Empirical Economics, (2005), 30(2): 263-276. (Lead article) (It has appeared as the most downloaded paper in this journal in 2005). 

Growth, Development and Natural Resources

Growth, Development and Natural Resources: New Evidence Using a Heterogeneous Panel Analysiswith  K. Mohaddes and M. Raissi (2011). Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, 51(4): 305-318. (Lead article).

Does Oil Abundance Harm Growth? with K. Mohaddes and M. Raissi (2011).  Applied Economics Letters, (2011), 18 (1-2):1181-1184. 

Country Studies, and Miscellaneous Topics

"Cash Transfers and the Labor Market" (with M. Corrêa).  Revista Brasileira de Economia, (2010), 64 (2): 175-190.

"Is Brazil the land of happiness?" (with J. Guimarães and J. R. Nogueira) . Brazilian Review of Econometrics, (2009), 29 (1).

"Brazil's Lack of Growth" (with J. Bezerra). In: "Brazil under Lula", W. Baer and J. Love eds. Palgrave, (2009): 67-89.

"Institutions and Economic Development in Brazil"  (with A. Magalhães and J. Tavares).  Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, (2008), 48 (2): 412-432.

"Business Cycle and Level Accounting: The Case of Portugal".  Portuguese Economic Journal, (2007), 6 (1): 47-64.

"Economic Integration without Policy Coordination: The Case of Mercosur." (with Werner Baer and Peri Silva.)  Emerging Market Review (2002), 3: 269-291. (It has appeared on the most downloaded list of this journal in 2003). 

"Health in the Development Process: The Case of Brazil." (with Werner Baer and Antonio Campino.)  Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance (2001), 41(3): 405-426.