Tiago Pires

    Department of Economics

    Research Interests: Industrial Organization, and Applied Microeconomics


Contact Information

Department of Economics 
University of North Carolina 
302 Gardner Hall 
Chapel Hill, NC 27599 



"Costly Search and Consideration Sets in Storable Goods Markets" (Online Appendix)

"Optimism and timing of market entry: how beliefs and information distortion create market leadership" (with Nuno Alvim)

"Measuring the Effects of Search Costs on Equilibrium Prices and Profits"

"Longer School Days, Better Outcomes?" (with Sergio Urzua)

"Ex-post Evaluation of Mergers in the Supermarket Industry" (with Andre Trindade) (Online Appendix)

"Overconfidence and timing of entry" (with Luis Santos-Pinto)

"Cash-Constrained Households and Product Size" (with Alberto Salvo)

"Time and the Relativity of Quality: A Store Choice Model" (with Guillermo Marshall)

"The Effect of the Internet on Search Behavior and Market Outcomes: Evidence from the Movie Theater Industry" (with Mahnaz Parsanasab)