You want a Virtual Ti84 on your Computer, Smartphone or Tablet?
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If you don’t have a TI84. No Problem because you can make a virtual
calculator on your PC, smartphone or tablet and run the Programs of this website.
The virtual calculator is the TI83 Plus Silver Edition.
This calculator has the same performance as the Ti84 plus.

Now we explain how to install this virtual calculator on your PC.  After this we explain

installation on your tablet or smartphone.

-Go to Texas Instruments website and read the instructions/agreements before you download
  and install TI-83plus Flash Debugger.(83psdk)


-After installation restart the computer.  

-Start  TI Flash debugger.

-Choose: File – New-Ti-83 Plus Silver Edition.

-Choose  Debug – Go : A calculator Ti83 plus (normal or Silver edition) appears on the screen
  and is ready   for use. With the mouse and your PC keyboard  you can use the calculator.

  Now you have your virtual Ti. Save it with a name (for example myti  ).

  You can use it each time you start TI-83plus Flash Debugger and open this file  myti

  and choose:  Debug -Go.

  However there are still no programs or applications on it yet. 


If you want to use or test programs then

-Download the program or application to a map or USB on your PC.

-Start Ti-83plus Flash Debugger.

-Choose File open and choose the saved calculator file (for. example: myti)

-Don't choose Debug-Go but choose Load Ram and load the program you saved in

  the map on your computer or USB-stick

-Now choose Debug-Go and the calculator appears and has the program(s) in its memory.

  The program is ready for use . If you strike the key : PGRM of the calculator you see the

  list of programs and striking the enter key starts the program.

  If a sub screen appears with name Disassembly then you may close this window.

- You can not resize the calculator


To prevent problems during or after running programs and to reset your calculator : Install also

the program ADEFAULT.8XP . Use this program if problems occur. 

Go to the page Safe reset of TI84 for more information and to download ADEFAULT.8XP



1 : If you want to save a screen : choose display window on the toolbar. By using a screen capture
program like Screen Hunter (free version) you can take a picture with jpeg format.
With a photo editor program like Photoshop you can make a black-white copy of it and 
paste it in your documents.

Ti83 plus for Smartphone or Tablet
Installation on your smartphone or tablet is very simple
Go to Google play and search for Andie Graph (info on website : 
Problem is to install your rom on your device  but if you are creative and look
around on internet you find the right information. Succes 

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