Ti84 Basic programs

Welcome on the Ti-84 Basic Programs Website .

Here you programs which can help you with your math and engineering problems clearly explained step by step.

On this website programs for TI84 basic programs are explained. Each subject is explained on a separate page. Programs are focussed on mathematics and electrical engineering, mechatronics for High School and University students. Also for secundary school students the programs can be useful.

If you want a program you can send a mail to fa.boon@avans.nl

Links to General subjects

Safe reset of TI84

Important program to run the programs without getting run error problems. Further it resets your calculator without loosing programs and Applications

FAQ and problem solver for Ti84 and How to install your programs on your TI

Most common problems when you install or run programs on your TI can be solved if you read this page.

Links to Mathematics for TI-84 and TI83plus


The Math-Solve command : examples how to use this command for physics or maths

Complex linear equation solver (4 variables) : unique solver for 4 variables

Equation solvers with Polysmlt (Apps) : explanation of the poly rooth finder

Math: Analytical

Calculating limits : Program which calculates limits

Control of derived derivate df/dx or integral fx(dx) : Control your analytical derived derivates or integrals. Plot, add or substract (complex) vectors : graphical presentation of vectors

Vector Calculator 2 dimensional (inner product, cross product etc.)

Partial fraction decomposition : ( up to 4 fractions ) For integrals and Laplace Transformation

Math: Numerical

First order differential equation solver : (Euler or trapezoidal method )

Second order differential equations :(Euler or trapezoidal)

Signal builder for various programs : This program works as a function generator. The output can be used FOR EXAMPLE as input for the differential equation solvers and integrator.

Double integral : Calculate double integrals ( for example : calculate position from input parameter acceleration)

Links to Electrical Engineering programs for Ti84 and TI83plus

Complex help : assistent for quick calculations in complex network

Complex linear equation solver (4 variables) : Solve 4 complex equations for network theory

Network and Frequency analysis with the Y-editor : use the Y-editor for solving difficult problems (also serie and parallel resonance problems)

Filter design with Ti84 : Design methods for filters with Ti84

Power calculations one phase : Calculates real, blind, apperent power, and powerfactor

Delta wye, wye-delta transformation of a (complex ) network : Also for resistor network

Plot, add or substract (complex) vectors : graphic presentation of vectors

Electrical engineering: Three phases symmetric load

Three Phases Symmetric Load

Calculates line currents and apperent, blind, real power and powerfactor of three phase voltage system for a symmetric load

Electrical engineering: Three phases asymmetric load

Three Phases Asymmetric Load

Calculates line currents and apperent, blind, real power and powerfactor of three phase voltage system for assymetric load without and grounded (by Z0) load point,(including voltage loss in cables)

Electrical engineering: digital technics

digital technics (conversion programs) for TI84

decimal->binary-hexadecimal coversions forward and reverse etc. )

Electrical engineering : Signal Analyzers and Power Electronics

signal builder for various programs

Built your own periodic signal and use it for several programs like TRMS and AVERG calculator next

TRMS and AVERAGE value calculator for periodic signals : Input signal by function of with signal builder)

Triac light dimmer : Calculates current and voltage (TRMS) power, apperent power, powerfactor for every fire angle and source amplitude

Full bridge rectifier design : design your own rectifier (voltage, ripple, current etc.)

Fourier series with Ti84 : Calculate for all different periodic signals the spectrum

Electrical engineering : Transient Analysis

First order numerical / graphical differential equation solver : Transient analysis of RC or RL circuits

Second order differential equations : transients of RLC circuits

Control system programs

Nyquist diagram for Ti84 : controlling system stabilty by Nyquist (graphics'

Bode diagram with Ti84 : Bode diagram plot with Ti84

Eigenvalues : Calculating eigenvalues up to 4th order


Electromechanics : calculate shaft torque, power, rpm, omega

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