Slides of some of my recent talks (does not include any talks made at conferences to present technical papers):

  1. Panel talk on "Beyond 5G: Advanced Wireless Research and Testing" at Government-University-Industry Research Roundtable (GUIRR) Meeting, Washington, DC (June 2019)
  2. Keynote talk on "5G and 6G for Dummies: Hype and Reality", IEEE SECON 2019, Boston, MA (June 2019).
  3. Panel talk on "Internet of Things, 5G and Edge Computing: An opportunity for inclusion in a smart and connected community", Panel on IoT Government R&D Funding, World Forum on IoT (WF-IoT), Limerick, Ireland, April 2019.
  4. Talk on "The Race to 5G: How to look at the Bigger Picture", Panel on 5G, NITRD, Washington, DC (March 2019).
  5. Talk on "Enhancing Community Response to Aid First Responders", Workshop on 5G Technologies for Tactical and First Responder Networks, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, Laurel, MD (October 2018).
  6. Keynote talk on "Powering R&D in Wireless Communications", IEEE ICC 2018, Kansas City, MO (May 2018).
  7. Talk on "The Pitfalls of using Machine Learning in Wireless Research", ACM Mobicom TPC Meeting, Piscataway, NJ (May 2018).
  8. Keynote talk on "Platforms for Advanced Wireless Research" at Brooklyn 5G Summit, New York City, NY (April 2018). Video of speech here.
  9. Keynote talk on "Spurring Mobile Systems Research into the Next Decade" at ACM Mobicom, Snowbird, UT (October 2017). Video of speech here.
  10. Keynote talk on "Is Wireless Research Still Hot?" at ACM HotWireless Workshop, Snowbird, UT (October 2017).
  11. Keynote talk on "5G Wireless networks and the future of Wireless Communications Research" at IEEE Sarnoff Symposium, Newark, NJ (September 2017).
  12. Talk on "Rural Broadband: Reality, Challenges and Opportunities" at Connected Rural Communities Workshop, Charlottesville, VA (September 2017).
  13. Talk on "5G Wireless Networks: Reality underlying technology trends" at UBS Investor Meet, New York City, NY (April 2017).
  14. Talk on "Research Challenges and Funding Trends in IoT" at North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC (February 2017). Video of speech available.
  15. Keynote talk on "Key 5G Research projects to watch for" at HetNets Workshop, IEEE Globecom, Washington DC (December 2016).
  16. Talk on "Do Wireless-in-the-middle Network Architectures make sense?" at NSF Low Latency Networks workshop, Arlington, VA (November 2016).
  17. Talk on "Advanced wireless R&D initiatives across the federal government - trends and priorities" at Univ of Texas Wireless Day, Austin, TX (October 2016).
  18. Seminar on "Making Elephants Dance: Forcing rapid evolution in communication networks through academic research" at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (Sept 2016).
  19. Keynote talk on "Advancing wireless networking research - Seeking New Frontiers" at Brooklyn 5G Summit, New York City, NY (April 2016).
  20. Seminar on "Wireless Research@NSF: Current Investments and Emerging Priorities" at Berkeley Wireless Research Center, Univ of California, Berkeley (April 2016).
  21. Panel talk on "US Government Perspectives on Wireless Spectrum Research Directions" at IEEE Infocom in San Francisco, CA (April 2016).
  22. Panel talk on "Advanced Wireless Networking Research" at the FCC Spectrum Frontiers Workshop in Washington DC (March 2016)
  23. Talk on "Wireless Research @ NSF - 5G and beyond" at the Large Scale Networking working group of the NITRD, Arlington, VA (Jan 2016)
  24. Panel Discussion on "Driving Innovation in 5G" at Globecom, San Diego, CA (Dec 2015)
  25. Talk on "Academic Funding for 5G Wireless Research" at 5G North American Workshop in Asilomar, CA (November 2014)
  26. Panel on "Sensys in a Dozen: Lessons Learned and Directions to Set" at ACM Sensys 2014 in Memphis, TN  (November 2014)
  27. Dual talks: "Overview of the CISE Directorate" and "Interdisciplinary Research Programs at NSF" at the National Science Foundation Grants Conference, Rosslyn, VA (October 2014)
  28. Talk on "Mobile Networking/Computing Testbeds for the future" at ACM Mobisys 2014 in Bretton Woods, NH (June 2014)
  29. Workshop on "Future Directions in Wireless Networking" at Arlington, VA   (November 2013)
  30. Panel on "Big Data and Wireless Privacy" at IEEE SECON 2013 in New Orleans, LA  (June 2013)

In the News

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  9. Alumni Board honors thirteen ECE alumni with awards", Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 12 September 2016.
  10. "NSF and NRF announce agreement and the Institute of Cognitive Networking (iCON) between South Africa and the USA launched",  National Research Foundation, South Africa, 26 July 2016.
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