This is our second project in the semester. This project is supposed to improve our researching abilities by developing internet searching skills. By developing internet searching, we are now more likely to find the sources we want. We had to learn to be more careful when searching for information because there are just as many unreliable sources as there are reliable and maybe even more. Not only did we have to provide evidence to our analysis of websites, we also had to look for any signs of propaganda used by the author in the website. In addition, we had to explain the relationship between copyright and reliable sources and copy-free and unreliable sources, though this relationship is not always true. This project would also test our abilities to learn by ourselves on how to use a new type of technology to share information and ideas with our group members – Dropbox. Finally, we had to collaborate among ourselves using different types of technology (Yahoo, gmail) to create a presentation and a sources table. I think we have now achieved this project's goals.   

    My group's topic was Israel be recognized as its own "sovereign" county by the Palestinians.

  • Standard 2d: Israel & Palestine Presentation
  • Standard 3b & 3c: Information Sources Table, Kony Letter to Invisible Letter
  • Standard 5b: Collaboration Screenshots
  • Standard 6d: Use of Dropbox