About Us

We are a group of concerned citizens who have been meeting and talking about the need for affordable housing for a few years. Finally on February 23, 2018 we nominated a steering committee with the task of starting the non-profit corporation that would be able to do the work we had envisioned. We met almost weekly for 3 months and worked out the articles of incorporation and the bylaws. Our group was made of people with various skills and backgrounds but with one common goal: do something about housing costs in Thurston County that are going through the roof and making life difficult for everyone.

We look forward to expanding the group of active participants into a full board of Trustees at our June 9th meeting (see Events). Along with the Trustees, we hope to have other community members step up and participate in committees work. 

Finance Committee - working on tracking both the short-term financing for our operational startup costs as well as getting familiar with grant cycles related to housing. 

Outreach Committee - working on identifying potential donors who will put their lands into the trust and the potential lessees who will benefit from such housing.