Well competition started and there are many teams who have awesome robots... Not only were they able to pick up many totes but their robots were strong! One team has been able to pick up 10 total totes and put them neatly in 2 stacks... then on top of that they put a bin with noodle inside! Isn't that crazy? We have learned so much so far... like there are many teams who just stay next to the loading station and then stack up the totes that come through the shoot... We never thought of that. 

  Our team has worked for weeks and we finally have a working robot... We don't have everything figured out like we don't have all the programming nailed down or how we will flip the totes to pick them up, but we do have a robot that will pick up the totes. The stop build day is in 5 days so we will work night and day to tweak our robot to perfection. We will not be able to do everything so I want to tell all of the participating teams that we cant wait to see what you have done and what we have to learn from you! See you at the competition!

    Team Thundercats was founded in 2008 and has participated in over  eight FIRST robotics competitions.  This year we hope to combine all of our resources and win this year. We will be traveling to Lubbock, TX and hope to be able to do well.

     Team Thundercats 2657 represents Deming High School. Deming is located in Luna County ( the  south western part of New Mexico). Deming has been named the Rock-hunters Paradise, I know very exciting. We do have some very awesome things that go on as well... The one and only Deming Duck Races! Yes we race ducks, not rubber ones either, real live ducks.

    Enough about ducks though, lets talk Robots! We have competed in many Robotics competitions.  One other program we  compete in  is B.E.S.T.  Robotics. This year we went to Dallas and got 5th. We saw the challenge but we came together and competed to our very B.E.S.T. potential.