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The goal of this project is to write an artificial intelligence Scrabble player. As for now a dictionary for scrabble was implemented.


  • Lighting-fastsearch engine
  • Multilingual Support
  • Low memory consumption, it uses compressed dictionary format
  • Regular expression words filtering
  • Automatic boad detection on images. Under development.

Download page is at

How to use it

  • Load dictionary choosing Load dictionary from menu File. You can download dictionaries here.
  • Put some letters to the first text box, for example cuties, and press enter.
  • A list of words which can be made with these letters should appear immediately.
  • You can filter found words writting a regular expression in the second text box. If you need to find words with one letter between c and t put there c.t. If c should be at the begining of the word write ^c.t. If t should be at the end of the word write c.t$. Go to Basic Regular Expressions for more information.
  • You can create a dicionary for your language using a tool from the program menu. This feature works only under Linux. If you can't use this function ask for a dictionary at Forum.


Current version 0.3

Automatic board detection on images.
Development version