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This year our Field Day site is the same as last year.  contact information is below the map.  It's fairly simple.  See you there!


A New Resolution!

Looking for a new venture? A new hobby? Amateur radio is growing with more licensed radio operators than before, even with the growing technology. Lets face it. Once a catastrophe knocks out local cell towers, phone lines, power plants, what will you do? Study up and test for your technician licence! Learn more about amateur radio at www.w8ax.com or www.arrl.org. You are invited to the Thumb Amateur Radio Club meeting January 4th at 2pm to meet your local operators, and to learn about how learning a skill that will aid and assist you for years to come. There is no commitment. Learn about how you can talk to the space station, different countries, and locally with your local operators. There are contests worldwide you can join, and the sky is the limit!

Join us January 4th 2 pm at 138 Maple Valley Street Sandusky Michigan. Where the old Maple Valley Elementary School used to be. We would be glad to meet you!

Welcome to all amateurs and guests who have an interest in Amateur radio


Calendar of Events 
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Our Club

There are hundreds of radio clubs, each with a specific purpose or goal. There are many reasons why you should consider becoming part of our club. We hope to get our message out to the community and generate interest in Ham radio. There are so many exciting things to do utilizing radio and it has never been easier to get into the fun.

Our club is very active both in the community and with club activities. Our involvement with he 14th Annual Michigan's Original Country Christmas Lighted Farm Implement Parade was a huge success. We are excited to hopefully assist more communities with their upcoming festivities and events.

In addition to community service, the Thumb Amateur Radio Club is dedicated to improving emergency procedures. Weekly Nets provide a glimpse of the operating techniques used in an emergency situation, and annual training exersises are functional and fun!

Getting involved in Amateur Radio is as simple as taking a short test. Equipment for local use can be purchased for under $100, or you can get set up on the internet for free. The Thumb Amateur Radio Club provides testing after each meeting.

Please feel free to come out for a meeting and join in on the fun!