Waste Free Wednesdays

Waste Free Wednesdays is where we encourage students and staff to be waste free (reuse, compost or recycle) for a whole day in order to reduce our school’s amount of waste. This activity can take place anywhere, such as the classroom, the lunchroom, and home! Our outreach efforts will first target the lunch room. Students and staff will be encouraged to bring a waste free lunch every Wednesday. Those who bring a lunch will be entered in to a raffle for a monthly drawing. Each month there will be one winner from each lunch, winners will receive prizes such as gift cards and products from local stores.  Our school participation will ultimately save the school money, time, and energy as well as save the environment by reducing the amount of waste sent to the landfill and resources made for our consumption.


The landfills are filling up fast; so fast that Seattle has to ship its trash by train down to Oregon. Much of what is sent to the landfill is actually compostable or recyclable. As a result we are launching this campaign to educate Tahoma about this issue and give them the solutions to fix it. This is a district wide effort, so our waste reduction efforts will make a big impact on what’s going to the landfill and on our community. As our district leads the way in sustainability, other schools will follow our efforts and look to us for ways to implement sustainability in schools. 

     What are the Sustainability Ambassadors doing?

·       Providing students and teachers with resources to be more waste free

·       Selling Laptop Lunch boxes as a fundraiser to promote waste free lunches!

·       Providing other forms of recycling such as Styrofoam and bottle cap recycling

·       Work with green teams from the others schools in our district to

·       Out to our local community by encouraging businesses to reduce their waste

How can you get involved?

·       Start the habit of bringing a waste free lunch on Wednesdays and possibly win a prize

·       Encourage your friends to bring waste free lunches and bring your own everyday

·       Think about other ways to reduce your waste throughout the day

·       Join us in our outreach efforts, we meet on Wednesdays during tutorial and Mondays after school

Check out our tips and resources page for more information


Check out the school districts sustainability webpage to learn more about sustainability in our district!

Cassandra Houghton,
Jan 24, 2013, 4:52 PM