Welcome back Timberwolves!!
Here is a list of teachers for the upcoming school year...

Mrs. Bretzing (PE Fitness / Bootcamp Instructor / PACK Adviser / Soccer Coach)

Mr. Harris (Lifetime Sports / Advanced Weights / PE Fitness)

Mr. Bramall (PE Fitness / Weights / Athletic Director)

Physical Education Power Standards can be found at the following link:


School Address: 1450 North  200 East  Orem, UT 84057

School Phone: 801-610-8175 x.103

School Fax: 801-223-3134

Email: rbretzing@alpinedistrict.org


A1, A2: Fitness for Life (Small Gym)

A3: BootCamp (S1) / Fitness for Life (S2) (Small Gym)

A4: Athletics (Gym)

B1: Fitness for Life (Small Gym)

B2: PACK (Room 206)

B3: Prep

B4: Aerobics (Dance Room)



In the educational system today, we often forget how important personal health and wellness is for our students.  We concentrate our efforts in educating the mind, but forget to educate the body!   Without good health, quality of life deteriorates as we get older and we begin to realize the damaging effects of poor nutrition and lack of exercise.  I believe that intervention at an early age can stop the recent obesity trends and make our society a healthier and happier one.  My goal as a physical education teacher is to promote lifelong fitness and educate my students on how to set fitness goals and write personal fitness plans.  I want my students to strive to be the very best they can be both mentally, emotionally, and physically.  I believe in what I teach, I live what I teach, and I love those students who I teach!  We can make a difference in the lives of the students we teach...but we must first want to make a difference!

Eat Right, Get Fit...Work Hard, Never Quit!!