Why You Should Join THS

Treasure hunts have become a staple activity for many Malaysians during the weekend. THS aims to provide support for more Malaysians to be familiar with treasure hunts. As with all activities, enjoyment and achievements come from regular participation.

THS complements the open hunts by offering hunts that serve as educational tools as well as being competitive events. Hone your skills in the THS hunts and eventually you will perform better in open hunts.

For new hunters, THS offers a cost-competitive solution since the average fees per open hunt is about RM70-RM100.With that amount, THS offers a minimum of 4 hunts per annum.So, you can build up experience on the cheap.

Membership will also give you access to educational tools and resources at this website.

So do not wait. Download the form, fill it up and fax it in with proof of payment.



Become a member today, and get the below THS Clipboard as a souvenier gift.

Donate to THS Malaysia

THS Membership Fee

1) Annual Fee is RM 50
2) One-time Administration Fee is RM 20.

THS Membership Package

1) Eligible to participate in THS Hunt League. For more information, please click on Hunt League & FAQ ( under Navigation).

2) Eligible to participate in the annual  THS Motor Hunt at a discounted entrance fee.

3) Eligible to access  members-only pages of THS website for hunt resources and hunt education which includes:
- Latest & archive THS Tulip Newsletter
- all THS Hunts Q&A
- THS Armchair Hunt for members
- THS members forum
- and etc.