---Important Notice:---
This project is managed and run through the Computer Fundamentals class. We only have one class of Computer Fundamentals this year. The class will only be held during second semester.  Please register anyway. The students in second semester will do their best to get in contact with you.

Registration is open!

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Thank you for supporting our Tahoma students and allowing them to learn real world skills.
Mike Jackson
 Computer Fundamentals instructor
Tahoma High School

At Tahoma High School, students can signup for Computer Fundamentals. Computer Fundamentals is a class that will give the students an opportunity to learn the basics of computer technology and become Microsoft certified.
We started a project called THS Bear Computers. A few students got together and came up with an idea to repair computers for the public. Then the idea came up to refurbish old computers and distribute them, at no charge, to families that live in the Tahoma School District. We also offer telephone helpline service on the computers that we refurbish. The phone number is 425-413-6239
We are a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher which means we have the license to install Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010 on the refurbished computers.
A special thank you to the Tahoma School District for working with the students on this huge project.

Other services that we offer:
Computer cleaning
Hardrive defragmentation
Computer upgrading
Computer troubleshooting
New computer builds
 If you would like to be involved, please contact Mike Jackson at mjackson@tahomasd.us