Come Slip Thru Time's Portal With Me!

 Music of a mere urchin waif thru art and prose seeping thru Time's Looking Glass Portal inviting us to travel back to a simpler yester year!

I have entitled my art and poetry “Stepping through Time’s Looking Glass Portal.” The illustrations are digitally enhanced collages of photographs and other mixed media. The people central to their themes are or were very real people such as my mother and my grandmother.  
Since all life is composed of tones, in each person are reflected the shadows of tones of other lives. So in one’s life’s dance shadows are the shadows of others who have danced or who dance a similar dance. Thus a common thread links all of life from the beginning and throughout eternity. 
My art creates a new dimension allowing one to be transported into yesteryear as those from yesteryear are propelled forward. The two can then meet and voyage into realms of unimaginable beauty, adventure and fascination. 
Come now with me, slipping quietly and quickly through the hidden crystal portal of Time’s Looking Glass into the hammock corridors of water cypress and oaks clothed in minute algae, lichen, and moss and draped in scarfs of Spanish bromeliad, to meet these special people of yester year.

Now in Publish

Collection of Writings and Illustrations
from 1990-2016

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Collection of Poems by Milancie Harrison Hill

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