Every seven seconds someone is being bullied.  Which means every time a ball goes up, 4.3 people have been bullied.

I am a thriteen year old boy at Udall Road Middle school in West Islip, NY.   My name is Patrick Kohlmann and I am a victim of bullying.  I am not afraid to stand up for what I believe in.  I have been called many names and have been abused by my peers more times than I can remember.(examples are: being called a gay fag, being thrown into lockers, pushed down stairs, etc.)

I am tired of letting the bullies get away with what they are doing!  I want this to end.  It will not be easy and I realize this, but I would like to help others hoping that no one else will have to go through the torture that not only me, but thousands, maybe even millions have gone through.

I  feel I am a  spokesperson for the rest of the victims too scared to speak out.  I used to be one of them, too scared to talk because i was afraid of getting hurt for "tattle-tailing".  Well you may be scared but you should never be scared to do the right thing.  You must try and stop this before the victims get hurt.  We also need to save the bullies from themselves. 

I have created  pages so you can see what goes on from three different perspectives.  They are under links.  When you email me you may write your name and age(optional).  If you don't I will put "Writen by: Anonymous  Age: Unknown"  Please send your stories to help the many too scared to stand up.

I am going to post a bullying statistic every week in my blogspot to the right.  Keep checking in to learn more.

I ran across an old article from June. This shows that adults can also be bullies not only to each other but to kids also. This person wrote an article about me without ever meeting me or talking to me. You can see the full article under "Adult Bullies"

*Update* Finally NY is trying to change the legislation on bullying!  I believe it was due to the tragic suicides occurring, because they are close in time.  I am sorry for the families having to go through that.  Parents, please stand up for your kids where ever you are.
The link: http://www.lohud.com/article/20100517/NEWS05/5170346/-1/newsfront/N.Y.-lawmakers-push-for-anti-bullying-legislation

Why are so many teens committing suicide?  The answer to that question may be here: