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Three Rivers Charter School


The Three Rivers Charter School operates as a public school of the Fort Bragg Unified School District  (“District”) for all special education purposes.  Accordingly, eligible students enrolled in the charter school shall receive special education services in accordance with their individualized education programs (“IEP”) and in the same manner as any other student enrolled in the District.  The District as the local education agency (“LEA”) for special education purposes offers a full continuum of special education instruction and related services to ensure that all students receive a free appropriate public education.  Not every service on the continuum of options is offered at the Three Rivers Charter School site.  Accordingly, a Three Rivers Charter School student requiring special education services may receive such services by the District at another site of the District or as otherwise arranged by the District in accordance with that student’s IEP and District and special education local plan area (“SELPA”) policy.  Special education placements and related services available on site at Three Rivers Charter School may include general education inclusion with accommodations and modifications to the curriculum and instructional methods, and consultation by resource specialists and speech and language therapists or other designated instructional services personnel.  The specific services available at the Three Rivers Charter School site, as is the case with other school sites throughout the District, will be determined annually by the number of students requiring such services.  Other special education placements and services are available off-site within the District where there is a concentration of students needing those services.


If you should have any questions regarding this topic, please contact the Three Rivers Charter School Director.

A helpful timeline for Special Education Assessment is linked below.

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