A woman's guide to personal safety by Fred Vogt.

The ultimate personal safety manual for women! 650 life-saving tips have been meticulously gathered into one indispensable book to show you how to protect yourself and those that you love. You will learn how to gain confidence in your ability to handle all kinds of confrontations, whether you’re at home, on the street, at your office, or in your car.

See Sally Kick Ass: A Woman’s Guide to Personal Safety is a vital guide to safety and crime prevention that takes on the individual safety challenges faced by all women, whether they are children, teens, college students, singles, parents, or seniors. This book especially focuses on how to handle an attack, utilizing over 130 pictures that illustrate highly effective techniques of how to defeat an attacker.

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David A. Camp, PhD and Deverie Rudd

Never Be Scammed by Boys Again!
Be in Control of Relationships!
Become a Human Lie Detector!

With This Book You Will Learn To:
  • Know if he's serious or if he's a player
  • Tell if he's trustworthy
  • Know when he's lying to you
  • Know what he REALLY means (regardless of what he says)
  • Recognize deception in any relationship
  • And MUCH MORE!
The Author
Dr. Camp has been a criminal justice professor and professional interviewer for over 17 years. An expert in deception, he has been interviewed by People magazine, the Kansas City Star, the St. Louis Post Dispatch and many other news agencies.