Our Uchideshi program is designed to create a concentrated time period to develop a high level of skill in any beginner, intermediate or advanced practitioner. The extended deshi program focuses on training the student to become a teacher in the Tenshin Aikido organization.
              • Applicants must be 18 years or older
              • Applicants must be healthy enough to train daily
              • Applicants must provide health insurance
              • Applicants must have at least high-school or equivalent education
              • Applicants must be able to financially support themselves
              • Any special needs must discussed with our Dojo-Cho prior to acceptance
              • TRA does not discriminate on the basis of Sex or Race
              • Applicants should send an email or speak to Sensei Freeman for admission.

There are extended periods that we recommend for the serious student that are no less than 6 months of commitment. Looking for a teaching degree within the Tenshin organization.

Gessha (tuition) is due prior to your arrival date and is non-refundable.

Living in the dojo: Spartan conditions, futon, shower, pillow, sheets provided. Bring own toiletries.

Restaurants are plentiful, grocery store in one block, cooking ability in dojo – minimal

As Deshi you are expected to attend all classes offered, including children and sword classes, unless permission is given by Dojo-cho.