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Our courses for kids deal with a concept we like to call "Playground Survival". This concept allows children to live powerfully though learning focus, discipline, and nonviolent conflict resolution techniques.


This is especially important when kids are dealing with physical, psychological/ verbal, or social confrontations. As in our adult training, our Aiki-Kids program does not teach kicking, punching, or blocking systems. To the contrary, our Aiki-Kids program teaches the defensive tactics of not getting grabbed, not getting struck and not getting taken down to the ground.


Just as a good parent would not hand a child a loaded gun to go to school, we also believe that children should not be given tools of destruction. We empower and give children the tools of neutralization and peaceful resolution. We also emphasize the benefits of "deep calm" in even the most chaotic of situations, teaching kids to be in control of themselves regardless of the situation.

In Aikido, we learn there is a strength in softness. Aikido does not use much physical force. It is a technique of protecting oneself employing the least possible physical force, much less still than judo. It is an art which lends itself very well to women as well as men and to older people just as well as the young.

Parents may feel free to allow their Children to join our Saturday morning Aiki-Kids program at 10:00 AM for a free introductory class (Parents attendance required during this session).

Sunday              10:00am-12:00pm    Open Level Aiki-Kids

Monday              5:00pm-6:00pm       Advanced Aiki-Kids

Wednesday        5:00pm-6:00pm        Open Level Aiki-Kids

Thursday            5:00pm-6:00pm        Open Level Aiki-Kids

Saturday            10:00am-12:00pm    Open Level Aiki-Kids