Rabbits For Sale

 I only sell the best of my lines. If I do not feel the rabbit is good enough for me to put on the table with a reasonable expectation of competing for BOB I will not sell it.
The following rabbits are offered for sale at ARBA Convention in Wichita.
My sales policy is a rabbit is not sold until I recieve full payment.
To reserve a rabbit until Convention I must receive a 50% downpayment.
A rabbit will be marked as pending upon receipt of a verbal commitment.
All rabbits sold on a first come basis.  
TP 35 Three Pines Chet
Sr Blue Buck
DOB 10/23/10
This little guy just gets better all the time. So far this fall he has won one BIS (762 rabbits)and
 recieved honorable mention for Best in another show.
Has 37 legs including 8 BOB.
Small typey buck with great head and ears.
Black Sr Buck
DOB 03/25/12
Another small typey buck. Grand dam and grand sire are same dam and sire as the blue buck listed above.
He has done well on the table as a jr and has BOSV leg. 

Black Jr Buck
DOB 05/27/12  
Nice little jr buck with lots of depth and fullness to the table.
    Has already won a BOB as a jr.
REW Sr Buck
DOB 03/13/12
Grand dam and grand sire are same as the blue buck listed above.
Sire is a buck I purchased at 2011 Convention from Trevor Sypnieski.
Lots of depth and full down to the table.
Not many REWs in this area but he has recieved BOV at every show.
Was BOS on 09/30/12 at NY State Convention.
Did not want to pose so I did a separate shot of his head.
**If you are interested in any of the rabbits listed above, please send an email to baksan123@yahoo.com