September 27, 2019

  • Three Oaks Track-a-Thon fundraising home page
  • Copies of forms below
  • (Donation due date extended) All donations must be returned to school by Friday, October 4 in order to qualify for prizes
  • All students who register online will receive a Culvers token just for getting registered!
  • Cash and Checks should still be returned to the school with pledge sheets and the Track-a-thon envelopes.
    • If you register and create a donations page for you student. The Track-a-thon team will enter their cash and check donations on the page to help track their goals.
    • A small percent of online donations goes to fee associated with the site. You can can choose to help cover the fees if you like.
  • Attention All Parents: Follow the link on our home page to Register online!
  • Once registered, share via Facebook or other social media with just a few clicks
  • Our goal is for all parents to send 10-15 emails to family/friends