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Alfa Club SCARB

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I'm a member of the SCARB's Events Committee and also responsible for a part of the communication. Apart from that I take care of the SCARB's own YouTube channel: SCARBtube!

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Founded 1978, the SCARB is the largest and most active Alfa Romeo club in the Netherlands with around 3,800 members and more than 30 events a year. Technical workshops, gimmick rallies and most important of all: the Spettacolo Sportivo, a two day event on a racetrack, either in Zandvoort or Assen.
Dates for 2011 are September 17/18th.

Het Klaverblaadje Alfaclub magazine

Klaverblaadje (='little cloverleaf') is the quarterly club magazine, full color and at least 160 pages. The English car magazine Classic and Sportscar once described the Klaverblaadje as world's best car club magazine.

I'm one of the editors and write articles on Afa Romeo miniatures and the announcements for the events for it. Another task is managing our online announcements.