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Fred and Beverly going west

In order to be able to drive Giulia from west to east she has to be driven from east to west first. Fred and partner Beverley will do so, along Lincoln Highway. They left Saturday, August 6th.

Lincoln Highway2 on a full size map

Stay updated with their trip here. See also the corresponding thread on the Alfa bulletin board.

Intoduction Giulia Super
 More about Giulia just before this trip.
And some background information on Lincoln Highway.

Lincoln Highway
Day 1:  Starting on Lincoln Highway.
Hampton Bays, NY - Bedford, PA.
More pics and stories.

Link of the day:
Lincoln Highway Association

Driver's view from Giulia
Day 2: From a graveyard to dead wildlife.
Bedford, PA - Hanoverton, OH.
See a XXXL teapot and read more about terrible beer.

Link of the day:
Joe's Bar and taxidermy emprorium

Brick paved part of old Lincoln Highway
Day 3: A nice bumpy ride
Hanoverton, OH - Van Wert, OH.
Fred confesses to love kitsch...

Link of the day:
Canton Classic Car museum

It is alFa!!!!!
Day 4: Small towns breathing ol'days atmosphere
Van Wert, OH - St. Charles, IL.
How Giulia met a fellow classic and mispelled beer.

Link of the day:
The brewers of Alpha King beer

Old gas station
Day 5: A perfect driving day with some Dutch heritage
St. Charles, OH - Grinnell, IA
About beautiful towns and clouds

Link of the day:
Windmill De Immigrant, Fulton

Corn alley
Day 6: Corn until you pop and more Dutch heritage
Grinnell, IA - Kearney, NE
Leaving LHW for Pella and Knoxville

Link of the day:
More about Pella

Alfa Romeo Giulia cross country trip USA
Day 7:  Giulia gets dirty, then shiny again
Kearney, NE - Boulder, CO
Back into the civilized world

Link of the day:
Ogallala with its Boot Hill cemetery

Up in the Rocky Mountains
Day 8
: 14,000 ft. alt., a real challenge for Giulia
Boulder, CO - Vernal, UT
Why caravans should be banned

Link of the day:
A 'shiny' hotel

Bonneville Salt Flats
Day 9: More classics on the Salt Flats
Vernal, UT - West Wendover, NV
From all colors to white only

Link of the day:
Bonneville Salt Flats

Giulia at the Salt Flats near Bonneville
Day 10: Salty heaven
West Wendover, NV - Auburn, CA
Speed freaks in their Speed week

Link of the day:
Southern California Timing Association

Giulia in front of the house of John Steinbeck
Day 11: A stop at John Steinbeck's home
Auburn, CA - Salinas, CA
The power is back

Link of the day:
Who is John Steinbeck?