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Well, let me introduce myself.

I'm from the mid fifties, somewhat matured as Dinky Boy (Hans) mentioned...

 As a kid, in the sixties, I often saw an amazing car parked
 near the house where I used to live thosedays: an Alfa   
 Romeo Spider Duetto (the very same as the one in
 The Graduate). Between the common German, British and
 French cars, it was a pearl and a real eyecatcher!

 Later on, the early seventies, I saw some Bertones in the
 city of Groningen. For me the coupe was/is a more beautiful car than a Spider, sorry Spideristi.. So, the virus caught me inevitably: one day I'd drive such kind an Alfa Romeo!

Bertone no. 1

The first one was a Grigio 1750 GTV (1970) second series, which was bought late '76.
The car ran great and it took Corry and me in 1977, via England/Wales, to Ireland. And it was there, in The Burren, where we saw a white Spider facing us: the greeting was 'light' and clear'.
It was the one and only Alfa that we saw in Ireland...

Young and not fully aware of the typical 'lousy' Italian construction/rust protection, that car lasted just for one and a half years, due to the Dutch climate and salty winters...

Bertone no. 2

So we (I!), decided for a change: the silver 1750 GTVwas changed for a Rosso 2000 GTV (1972), in April of 1979. I bought it from my todays Vakgarage Homan close to the city of Groningen and which was his very first Alfa that he sold.. (he'd just started his company).

The Rosso Bertone took us during the holidays across Europe, from the North of Scotland till an approx. 5000 miles drive/holiday to the Peloponesse in Southern Greece without any problems, just some minor clutchproblems in Scotland. So, the virus kept on growing....
We've had that car for about 13 years. Unless an earlier resto, the car ended, late 90s, as a partscar... I've put the better parts (dash etc.), in Blue Bert :-)

Bertone no. 3

So, this Blue Bert 2000 GTV (which left the factory at the 2nd of January 1974), is the third one in a row and it should be a legacy i.e. normally I won't sell this car....
I bought this Bert on the 26th of April in 1997 and I'm the third owner. Original it was sold in Padova (Italia), and imported by the former owner in 1989. The car had a total respray in 2003 (minor welding), is optical close to original and in great shape. For example, it still has his original outer/middle and inner sills (and yes, for me Blue Bert is a 'he'..)

Shortly about my other hobby's: photography, cycling and I'm a (Pink) Floydian..

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