Who's who?

Let's start with the lady in this pack: Giulia
A car is just a piece of metal with plastic and rubber parts, right? Wrong! Like most Alfas Giulia has a soul of her own, she's almost human. And like human females she doesn't want to show her age. Don't worry Giulia, no one is going to tell. Only mention she was born in 1973 in Italy, had a good life in Holland before she moved to the States in 2009. After a couple of visits to the car doctor she is just as gorgeous as in her early youth. A lady to fall in love with.
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Here Cor will introduce himself shortly. Cor's color is blue throughout this site.
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Then there's Fred telling about himself what he likes to share with you. Since Fred is the owner of Giulia he writes in the color of her body. Sounds kind of sensual, doesn't it?
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About Hans. Hans does the green talk.
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