So what's up(dated)?

(December 14th 2011)
Cor has added his stories in Dutch to the first half of the Day by day section. The other half will follow soon)
(September 10th 2011)
Hans wrote his part of the epilogue.

(September 6th 2011)
- By now all day by day pages are filled with pictures, movies and stories. New stories and pictures and adjustments (like maps on some pages and links) may show up shortly.

(September 4th 2011)
- All back home (Fred and Giulia: Hampton Bays, Hans and Cor: Groningen)
- still working on updates for Sept 1st, 2nd and 3rd

(August 31st 2011)
- More about Holland

(August 26th - 30th 2011)
- Uploaded pictures and map from the day
- edited soms details and added extra infos on the past five days

(August 25th 2011)
- Itenary reworked
- 25th updated as well as some of the previous days like a second Tioga movie.

(August 24th 2011)
- Working on days 22nd to 24th, adding pictures, videos and stories.

(August 20th and 21st 2011)
- update for Saturday (Lemons and Races)
- update for Sunday (Pebble Beach)

(August 19th 2011)
- added last details of Giulia going west (day 11)
- added stories of August 18th
- August 19th: all about the Concorso Italiano

(August 18th 2011)
- Pics and movie from the 18th added.

(August 17/18th 2011)
- First update (at odd times...) in Day by day. Not much. Too tired, too sleepy ;-)

(August 16th 2011)
- Hans and Cor checked in online and are waiting for the transfer to Schiphol Airport. 9th day of Fred and Beverley's traveling west added.

(August 14th 2011)
- New episode in the journey to the west.

Blue Highways, a journey into America
(August 13th 2011)
Fred and Beverley past the 100th meridian on their 7th day, Hans got his eBay purchase in the mailbox in time and has added more events to his personal pages.

(click picture to enlarge)

More about this book can be found on Wikipedia.

(August 10th 2011)
Cor has added the story of his life (well, partially that is) to his own page. As the Dutch are always hunting for bargains, they've installed Skype on iPad and smartphone for cheap calling home.

(August 9th 2011)
Cor booked transfers for Hans and himself from their homes to Schiphol Airport.

(August 7th 2011)
Guestbook added plus some minor additions. Reports on Giulia travelling westbound.

(August 5th 2011)
Fred updated his personal page and added the map for "Where are they now?"

(August 3rd, 2011)
Hans uploaded his article on collecting Alfa Romeo scale models. Cor published a slideshow for his 2000 GTV.

(August 2nd, 2011)
Hans added a couple of slideshows to his personal Events-pages.

(August 1st, 2011)
Added provisional intenary map and some more links.

(July 30th, 2011)
Done some more work on this website; adding diary pages and a list of links.

Cor and Hans have selected their seats for both flights and have applied for the visa waivers through the ESTA site.