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Concorso Italiano, August 19th, Laguna Seca Golf Course
Yosemity National Park
Bonneville Salt Flats
Yellowstone National Park
Badlands National Park
Bear Mountain State Park

Giulia's restoration diary pages
XXL photo collection of Giulia's restoration and rebuilding

Online guide to offbeat tourist attractions
Road maps and more
Cross-country adventures on America's two-lane highways
As for Hotel California, we will check out *and* leave...
The most complete source of brewery information worldwide
The beermapping project

SCARB, largest Alfa Owners club in the Netherlands
Annual two day Alfa Romeo event. 2011 dates: Sep 17/18th
SCARB's own youtube channel: SCARBtube!
New York Alfa Romeo Club website
New York chapter pages
Alfa Romeo Association Florida
Dutch Alfa Romeo link page

Hans' personal youtube channel: Alfas, miniatures and a cat

Europeans should not be speeding on US territory ;-)
Nothing to look at