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September 3rd, Saturday

Middletown to Hampton Bays

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Today the very last part of this trip. Fred decided to take Nico, his dog that had stayed with Beverley the last week, with him. Nico likes car rides, preferably as close to the windscreen as possible. So he was sitting on my lap for quite some time.

The ride on the ferry from New London, CT to Orient Point on Long Island took about one hour and ten minutes. We passed Plum Island, source of controversy, as it houses a scientific animal disease center where also have been (and maybe still are) actitivies concerning biological warfare.

From Orient Point Harbour to Fred's place was one more hour, interrupted by a coffee stop at Aldo's.

Then arriving at Fred's this trip came to an end, at least for Giulia. She proved all who said it would be impossible to make such a journey in a 38 year old car to be totally wrong!

After a shower and a slice of pizza at a local shop Fred showed Cor and me around in the area. Giulia was granted a well deserved rest so we took the Fiat 500 'prima edizione', one of the first 500 sold in the USA. This car is quick and comfortable, but the seats in the back cannot beat those of Giulia!

A short walk on the beach (lot of objects blown over by Irene and the road just cleaned up after being covered by tons of sand) and then we went to the Southampton Pubick House for our last tast of micro brewery beer. Cor asked what beer I was having. 'It's a Secret' I said. He is still wondering but I only told him the truth ;-)

Sag Harbour is the place where John Steinbeck lived. He was born in Salinas, California, the starting point for this trip for Cor and me. The windmill that houses the tourist office turned out to be a replica. Anyway, it looked good, but inside there's only the beam from the blades and no other gear.

A better eaxample, the Shinnecock windmill, can be found on the campus grounds from Stony Brook College. We sneaked in to get closer but the all campus looked like it was and will be deserted for some time.

Time to go back to Hampton Bays for packing. We had the chance to fool around a little with 500. It's a very fast car indeed, able to hard cornering and braking very well.

Fred's mother took the three of us plus Fred's sister out dining and then we drove off to JFK. End of the adventure.

Fred, a big THANK YOU for making this possible and my compliments for rebuilding Giulia to such a reliable and well performing car. There has been no single moment I had my doubts about Giulia being able to accomplish this trip.

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