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September 2nd, Friday

Livingstone Manor to Middletown

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With the buzzing of the countless crickets as a perpetual lullaby I slept very well at Vic's. No shower for me today, a new plunge into the lake will do it.

The scenery is smooth and so different from what we have seen in California, Nevada, etc, more like what we are used to in Europe (not the Netherlands, still too hilly). In some way it even looks more peaceful than the first part of the trip.

We are heading for Middletown, CT, where Beverley lives. During a part of this trip getting in contact with Beverley was a bit troublesome. Hurricane Irene had caused damage to a lot of trees in the area and the power was down for to many days. We have seen innumerable trucks for power lines maintenance (example), at least over 500. But still: when we arrived in the afternoon at Bev's: no power. At least the beer was cold, as Bev had the fridge working, thanks to her neighbours who let her get some 'juice' by a long extension cable.

Udupi Bhavan, an Indian vegetarian restaurant was the venue for todays dinner. For the Dutch: 'Indian' refers to India, not the American natives (so 'Indiaas', not 'Indiaans'). From the picture you might think my paneer uthappam is some kind of pizza, but it is more like a pancake and the taste has nothing to do with the Italian kitchen. Delicious, and by far not as hot as the fish massala I had in the Indian restaurant in Madison.

Over to Eli Cannon's, a tap room that, as they say, is committed to diversity. I tried the Rogue Dead Guy Ale, that has a more friendly taste than its name suggest. During this cross country trip I had only one beer from the large companies; Coors (and yes, had a taste of Cor's beer too ;-) ), it has a very creamy taste and feeling in the mouth and starts to be a dull experience after the first pint.

Walking Fred and Beverley's dogs in the evening led us to an near derilict Giulia Sprint. When I went taking pictures the owner came out. He told he had the car for 23 years and that she was running well. I think he has to decide soon: sell it or start rightaway with the restoration. Sitting outside in this condition will ruin the car beyond repair, and parts like body panels and bumpers are hard to find.
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