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August 25th, Thursday

Fallon to Burley

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There's a new map of our itenary (or a map of our new itenary). Great to see the responses in the guestbook and in the thread on AlfaBB (check out the artwork Jim did for Giulia on Lombard street!)

7am here now, today we will have to do a lot of miles. Breakfast: slice of leftover pizza from yesterday... yep, there's a microwave in the room.

Day 9, Fallon - Heyburn weergeven op een grotere kaart

OK, 9:50pm. After hours of nothing the first pictures:

Today was a day of nothing. We left Fallon after a visit to the washbox for Giulia and a coffee at The Daily Grind Coffee Lounge. Fallon is on the Lincoln Highway and was in the original plans of Fred and Beverley going west. Like a lot of places they saw it is struggling for survival and we saw too many shops closed down forever.

Some extra air for the tires and then we hit the road for a long day of driving. We really need to speed up, so we have skipped some parts of the original plan like the Salt Flats and the major part of our itenary through Canada.

To make as much miles as possible today we stuck to the highways. First highway 95 up north, then merging onto the I80 east. The roads are endless and the only events today were filling up gas and coffee. Cowboy Joe's in Elko was a nice spot to sit down and relax for a while. Temperatures went up to 97'F/39'C today.

From Wells we took the 93 further north and turned onto I84 at Twin Falls. Unlike Fred and Cor I liked being on endless highways trough the emptiness for a whole day. We arrived at 7:30pm at the Burley Inn Best Western Motel in Heyburn. Outdoor swimming pool and hot tub included an very welcome for recuperating.

We have to do at least 400 miles a day to arrive in Hampton Bays in time. Our next stop will be Yellowstone Park.


Dag 9, 25 augustus: Fallon – Burley (Idaho)

Ondertussen kregen we het steeds benauwder: de temperatuur liep op tot net onder de 40 graden Celsius en het schoot niet echt op...

Daarbij was de route van vandaag niet bijster interessant, de vele mijlen moesten op Interstate 80 worden gemaakt. Die lag er overigens zo strak als een biljartlaken bij! De teller tikte regelmatig de 140/145 aan... Door de warmte heb ik veel achterin liggen dommelen.

Onderweg (vanuit de auto), nog wel een paar fraaie delen van de Snake River gezien, leek soms op een mini Grand Canyon. En, nog leuker, ik heb een volwassen wolf gezien, yes!!

In Burley overnacht, prima hotel! Maar eerder op de dag troffen we, ergens beneden de Snake River, een armoedige bedoening aan. Ook hier weer: een land van uitersten...

't Juultje houdt zich ondertussen hartstikke goed! Onderweg niet veel duimen en minder verdraaide nekken (because of 'a nothing day')

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